SaLuSa  23-January-2008


Let the memories of the past stay with you, but not in a way that you cannot release them. It serves no purpose to perpetuate those that have caused you sorrow and grief. The time has arrived to move on and fill your mind with your vision of the future. The day-to-day happenings are but signposts on the way to enlightenment, and the final leap forward that will leave the old behind.  


Now you can start to live in the expectations of your release from the misery inflicted upon you, by centuries of rule by oppression. History shows that you have been led to believe you are inferior, and accept the right of those who have usurped your freedom and sovereignty. It has been a long period of confrontation with the resultant high levels of death and destruction. That has to stop to allow you freedom of expression as peaceful and benign Beings. Your old paradigm created a soulless leadership, that connived to use you for their own ends, and you conceded your power and wealth to them.


It is time to re-claim what is yours by birth and your soul right. The circumstances on Earth are rapidly moving towards the manifestation of your freedom, and within the seeming chaos the Phoenix is rising once more from the ashes. Never have you been in such a position as now, when the dark forces have to relinquish their power over you. Duality has been a lesson that you have learnt well, and having run its course, it shall give way to the Light and Love. In your hearts you are peace loving, kind and considerate. It is just that you have been deceived into giving away your authority and power to others, who have perpetuated the idea of continual wars for the achievement of their own power and wealth. In the scheme of things the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few will change, and be re-distributed to all in a fair manner.


There is much that is “unfair” that holds Man back, and it has been a deliberate ploy of the Illuminati who have decided your fate to pursue their own agenda. However, the plan of the Creator decrees otherwise, and having created the opportunity for change you will now see positive movements towards a new world. Much is already in progress, and plans are being put into being that will bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the dark. Even now you can see how the old ways are falling apart, as they no longer fulfil the needs of those who aspire for a greater coming together of Mankind in peace and love.


There is a small voice within that is getting more attention, and it calls for your resolution to be part of the changes so that your thoughts and desires help manifest the new. Every one of you can contribute in this way, and you have yet to realise your full potential and power of thought when it is focussed in a positive way. We are with you, indeed beside you as you step onto the path that leads you out of the cycle of duality. Our Light and that of many other Beings is adding strength to your determination to rise up, and defeat the last attempts of the dark to retain control.


Together we are a formidable force for good, and no amount of interference will any longer prevent the victory that will remove the last cabal. From then onwards there will be joy and celebrations across the world, as their cohorts are removed from power wherever they are found. It will be a great period of cleansing, and no time will be lost in starting the massive projects to take you quickly into the New Age. You will once again find that long lost bond with others that has been extinguished by the dark forces. One that will enable you to link with your fellow man, and had almost been destroyed by playing on the differences between the races, bringing about a perpetual state of confrontation. You have much more in common with each other than you realise, and the barriers that have existed between you will be broken down.


The speed of communication and travel has opened your eyes to other civilisations, and once we have arrived we shall introduce even far more advanced methods. Unlike your present systems they will be harmless to you and your environment, and this will be our main consideration, as your Earth must be restored once again. You will be introduced to many new innovations to remove the labour intensive work that is associated with some industries. You are familiar with the idea of automation, but we shall advance it by leaps and bounds. As a result you will have much more leisure time to pursue your own interests.


There is an inherent desire within most people to help others, and it comes from the Light that links you together. We shall enable you quickly learn skills that would otherwise take some years by your present methods. If you have for example interest in healing with sound and colour, we can program your consciousness so that in short time you become efficient and able to serve others. Schooling in any subject will no longer take years at the time to master, and computers will also move up into another level. They will take over many of the menial tasks, and have a high level of consciousness that will interact with yours.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius just one of many star systems that are closely linked with Earth. With our arrival you will realise that the humanoid form is very common in this Universe, and that will tell you it is a creation for housing the soul. Many civilisations on Earth are now cosmopolitan and have an intermixing of the races. It has been no different elsewhere in the Universe, and genetic changes and interbreeding are not at all uncommon. They are however carefully planned, and their intent is to raise the suitability of the “body” for the environment in which they exist. You will therefore understand that we are much closer to you than you might have imagined.


It is essential that you view our coming with an open mind; as for too long you have been deliberately guided away from the truth of our relationship with you. We are truly your Brothers and Sisters who like you are Cosmic Beings, and we come in love and understanding to enlighten you as to your real selves.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.