St. Germain  21-January-2008


 My Dear Ones you are the most precious souls, awakening to your magnificence as the energies lift you up to those levels that you rightly belong. You are at last beginning to remember the truth of your being as your consciousness expands. It has been a gradual awakening that has opened your eyes to what is beyond your physical existence, and you are becoming en-Light-ened. No longer are you at the mercy of those who have hidden the truth, and it is about to emerge in a manner that you are quite unaccustomed to experiencing.


The beautiful energies that are playing upon Earth are becoming increasingly powerful, and revealing all that does not resonate with them. What cannot be carried forward with the Light, will be left behind to follow its own path created in your old reality. All must change to complete the cycle of duality, and thus clear the way for the Golden Age to commence. It is by the Divine Decree of the Creator that the cycle is closed to allow another great step upwards into the Higher Realms.


The energies rise and as the darkness is lifted it brings about a change that weakens the hold it has upon you. Some souls are already moving into the Light and breaking free. As they reflect upon their position they feel a great urge to purge themselves of the negativity that they have attracted. It brings a change of heart, and a desire to bring their misdeeds into the open as part of their cleansing. You will therefore hear open admissions from the dark ones and their involvement in crimes against Humanity. These will add to the evidence that already exists, and serve to expose those at the heart of it.


This is to be an exceptional year, and we ask you to sit tight and enjoy the breaking of the bonds that have held you for eons of time. At the same time the Light will stream around the world so that the truth becomes known, and many who have come to Earth for this very time will awaken. More of you will realise that you have a direct link to the Lighted Realms, and bring through the truth of your Higher Self. In the expanding consciousness of Man such links are vital, and help lift you up even higher than previously. The Lightworkers are carrying out an important role at this time, bringing Light to the masses.


So what is this Light of Truth, this Light of Love that we talk so much about, let me tell you Dear Ones it is the essence of All That Is, it is the most powerful force in the Universe to which All is being inextricably drawn. As it grows, so the lower vibrations fall away until they too are transmuted. The dark must therefore concede its place to the Light.


From your personal point of view you are like a mini-universe exchanging energies with all around you, and these are helping raise the vibration of your physical body and your consciousness. Like everything else it is changing, and with its new crystalline based cells your refined physical bodies will carry you forward to Ascension. The Heavens assemble to witness this grand and momentous event that is seen as a unique occasion.


So many different civilisations follow your progress and you are revered and loved amongst the stars, for your sacrifice in allowing your Light to be veiled to experience duality. It has its reward, as never again will you be called upon to serve in this manner. Furthermore your evolution will have taken a giant step forward, returning you in quick time to those levels of Being where the Angelic Realms are to be found. There will be new paths to travel, new challenges to accept, and a Cosmos that will welcome the return of the Lighted Ones.


God has been your companion through your many lifetimes in duality, although very few have accepted that God can be so close to them. God is but a whisper away, and as you evolve through the final years of duality, more of you will open up that link once again. Oh yes, God talks with you, except that many do not recognise the voice. Sit quietly and many will come to you, and talk with them as you would any friend and be ready to accept advice. If you know names use them, including my own as I hear every message that is sent my way. I perhaps more than many others, have linked with you numerous times in your ancient history right up to modern times. You know me by many names and I will answer to them all.


It is so important that you grasp the great opportunity that is before you, as it comes but once over eons of time. Earn it by lifting your hearts up and filling them with love that you willingly share with all others. Ascension is a joint effort between us of the higher realms, and every soul upon Earth. Beyond us all are the Beings that have no form but are pure Light, and their majesty and power are beyond your comprehension. They hold the Cosmos in their hands, yet focus upon this tiny blue orb because it is if such importance to the Plan of the Creator. No wonder you are confidently informed of a victorious end to this cycle, as the Creator is not mocked by the dark forces.


The Light is All-Important and it should be the centre of your attention, and no time or energy spent chasing the dark shadows. Let them fade away as they will, and that space will be filled with Light and Love. Nothing else matters at this time as your reality moves into the manifestation of the Golden Age. Envision all that is of the highest perfection that you would associate with the Creator, and you will be helping bring it into being. Do not the birds and animals talk with you, the flowers and trees listen to your words, is not Nature coming alive before your very eyes. Dear Ones it is alive with a consciousness that has its own form of expression, and like all others responds to your loving words and embrace.


You are you All One, and as time proceeds you will experience Oneness more than any previous time. Take care of Earth as her appointed Guardians and see the vibrant life forms all around you. Nourish them and protect them from the ravages of those who do not understand. Know also that there will come a time when those who lack love and understanding, will move to another Earth to finish their evolution. Be gracious and understanding, as they are but children in the nursery of life, and need your love and compassion.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.