Ag-agria  14-January-2008


Dear Ones matters proceed well and we bide our time, until the affairs upon Earth present us with the opportunity we seek to reveal our hand. As they are now there is every reason to believe that our day is not too far away. Events are developing on a number of fronts that are promising to push the dark forces into a corner. It is not unrealistic to expect a major revelation before many more months have passed. It augurs well for our aim to have announced First Contact before the end of this year.


Speaking for the Galactic Federation, I will say that just of late details of our contact with you have become more widely publicised, and there is an increasing amount of proof of the presence of our craft in your skies. Any soul who searches for such evidence has only to look on your Internet to find it. It is intentional on our part that we are seen more frequently in all parts of your world. It shall continue, and more of you will find the proof you seek which goes back well into your ancient history. We have always had a hand in your development, and the best is yet to come.


All that is happening is for the evolution of your soul, and we serve you in that capacity. It is ongoing and you have reached a great high point where you choose the next path you are to take. There is choice and freewill dictates that it is honoured by all who are involved with you. Provisions have already been made so that you can proceed accordingly. Many are ready to ascend whilst others do not feel ready, and all will be set on the path they desire. God does not impose any particular one upon you, but desires that you continue to evolve, and that you tread the path back to the Source. Assistance is always available to show you the direction in which to go, and you are never entirely left to find your own way.


There are a host of enlightened Beings that travel with you on your journey, and in time they will be able to make contact with you openly. Instead of working in the background, they will show themselves to you and you shall work together in a loving bond of friendship. Many such Beings have been with you for eons of time, and it will be a reunion of souls that are of the Light. By this time the dark forces will have been expelled from the Earth, and will no longer be able to influence your lives. The dark cannot impose themselves upon you once you have uplifted, as the vibrations will not accommodate them. Their time is virtually over and their influence is now waning.


We know of your tiredness and frustration at the delays in witnessing our coming, but we assure you that it will all be worthwhile. You sense that the end of the present cabal is near, and seek those signs that indicate their power is being removed. I can tell you that it has been curtailed for quite some time now. We have stepped into many situations that had the potential to cause a major incident, and we shall continue to do so. The dark can see that they are losing the battle to hold onto their power, and it is causing friction within their own organisation. They are becoming the instigators of their own demise, and are becoming desperate.


You have been well prepared for the end times, and by and large nothing that happens now will find you unprepared for the outcome. Even those amongst you who have little knowledge of what is taking place, have an inner feeling of the need for change and will welcome the events that are approaching. Spiritually all of you are growing, and there is no sense of failure connected to those who are only just awakening. All happens in its own good time and every small advancement is met with joy by us, and brings the mass consciousness to a higher level. Needless to say, it is the spiritual side of your lives that is so important, and the material side is simply a means of giving you the experiences you need.


As you move higher within the Light, you will not view your possessions quite the same. You will create what you desire, and re-create when you need to change it. There is no ownership such as you now experience, and as you will have the powers to create exactly what you desire, there is no feeling of envy or need for greed. On Earth you need possessions to exist, but due to materialism and the seeking of wealth, a culture exists that never seems to know or recognise when they have sufficient for their needs. That is an important area that will receive our prompt attention once we arrive, and as we often tell you the wealth of the world will be re-distributed.


You may wonder why if you are to ascend you need to concern yourself about restoring the Earth, and putting right the imbalances that are part of your materialistic society. It is an essential part of your understanding, and links to the final cleansing of the Earth in readiness for your upliftment into the Golden Age. Your consciousness will benefit from being party to the changes that will move you into the New Age. It is the manifestation of your higher concepts, and helps your understanding of your role as an ascended spiritual Being. You will find no difficulty in accepting a different one for yourself. In fact you will have a profound feeling of having found your true Self, as a Lighted Being.


It is always wise to focus on the end times, and see that all else that happens in between is only a means to an end. Nothing can stop your continuing growth in consciousness, and you will experience a great expansion as it moves into super-consciousness. You will be All-Knowing and have the power of co-creators with God. That is a great leap forward, but will take place with your upliftment through Ascension. It is the most natural development in your evolution, and one you have already experienced. You will regain your memory of those times, as the veils of forgetfulness are removed.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and bring the blessings and greetings of my colleagues to you. We have waited long for the great events that are slowly opening up in your lives, and wish to come amongst you and tell you of our relationship as souls from the Source of the One. We are One in all we do, and we see you for what you really are as great Beings of Light. Never limit yourself as far as your ambitions, as there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Let Love and Light accompany you in everything you do.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.