SaLuSa  9-January-2008


The political arena of life is where the first stirrings of a change in the peoples consciousness is being registered. You are seeing first hand a movement away from the old paradigm, and the manifestation of a new one that is breaking the mould that has held you back. Against your normal experiences of political manoeuvring and the backing given to the Illuminati’s choice, what you are seeing is nothing short of miraculous and has sent shock waves through their dark supporters. There is a long way to go yet, but the signs for a dramatic change of direction are there. It will as usual get nasty, when all attempts are made to stop the success you are currently enjoying. Beware of the character assassination that will inevitably take place, but will not alter the eventual outcome.


Dear Ones, you are at last making your opinions count where they make a vast difference, by your choice of candidate. The media have been aware of your discontent for quite some time, but have deliberately ignored or played down your reactions. With or without them, you are starting a momentum that will escalate into a mountain slide of demands for change. The publicity that the media have denied you has not prevented people worldwide noticing what is taking place. They too are going to be supportive of those who seek change for the people of your planet, and that will bring fear to governments elsewhere who cannot hide their own dark deeds or agendas.


Your government has always been aware that people power would in the end decide their fate, and their panic is reaching new levels as they seek to prevent your ultimate success. Now is the time for much care and attention to their moves to bring a halt to the election process, as they will resort to any covert operation that will do so. You have called for change for a long time, and peace across the world is high up in your expectations once the old regime and its policies are removed. For our part we are allowed to intervene, inasmuch we can protect you from attempts to create an incident that would lead to Martial Law. We are monitoring all of those who would unleash such draconian measures upon you, and are well aware as to what is planned.


Our orders are twofold, and first and foremost it is to ensure that this time your elections do finally result in an honest and true outcome. Secondly we keep you on track so that regardless of what happens, there is no lasting effect to your progress where Ascension is concerned. We represent the highest office and councils that oversee the destiny of the people of Earth, and we are not going to let you down. We experience no doubt whatsoever as to the outcome, and fear has no place in our thinking or actions. We know that you have already achieved the victory you seek, and it simply remains to await its manifestation.


You are spiritual Beings that wield a mighty power if you did but know it and use it. These are times when your concentrated efforts to visualise success will immensely help achieve it. Carry those who represent your aspirations in your thoughts, and see them surrounded in the powerful white light. Send them your love and it will truly make a difference. It will help deflect the dark energies and negativity that will thrown at them. These courageous souls that have stepped forward in the Light will become the focal point of much discussion, and you will need to cut through the rhetoric and lies that will be levelled against them. As always be intuitive and do not allow others to muddy they waters of truth.


The world is going to be in a state of chaos for a while, as the ramifications of what is taking place becomes apparent. Those in power never give it up easily, but see that the spreading changes are inevitable and that their positions will become untenable. People are waking up at an unprecedented rate, and initially as you have already seen they are not always prepared to wait for democratic and orderly change. The direction of Man is not readily understood by the vast majority, but that will not prevent the New Age from coming into your lives. The choice is stark, as it is one of utter destruction unless this opportunity is grasped to lead Man onto a new path of Light. The leaders that are up to this task are ready and waiting for their call, and it is up to you to ensure they are appointed.


The Galactic Federation has specific orders that still allow for your freewill to determine your individual future, and nothing will prevent the pathway opening up for those who desire to complete their time in this cycle of duality. You have worked diligently and kept your focus on your goal, and you will not be denied your success in these end-times. In the greatness of the Love of the Creator for all mankind and life of all types, provision has been made for their continuing evolution. Some species are already leaving Earth, and many souls have also contracted to do so as their lives have provided the experiences they needed. There comes a point when it no longer serves any purpose to overstay your time, and you are released from your bonds to Earth.


Do not be worried or unduly concerned about the effect of the changes, as they cannot avoid some degree of instability and uncertainty. For many they see no further than what is before their eyes, and much love and kindness is needed to assure them of the future. The voice of those who are enlightened is essential to balance the fear, that is being created by those who expect a violent and disastrous end to this cycle. You are in a completely different phase to that which was visualised over the last century, and you have lifted up to a new level that has overcome the path of the apocalypse. It is you have who changed your destiny through your awakening to the Light.


I am SaLuSa and have come again at such a critical time where everything is in the balance, yet is heading for a victory for the Light. See beyond the daily happenings, and note the move towards a new expression of life that leaves the old ways behind. Freedom and peace beckon and that is what your thoughts should be upon. The months will pass as quickly as ever, and you will be in for a roller coaster of a ride, and we shall be forever with you. Be assured there can ultimately only be one outcome – your unmitigated success and upliftment in Love and Light.


Thank you SaLuSa,

 Mike Quinsey.