Atmos  07-January-2008


In the whole context of this cycle that now draws to a close, it is but in the blink of the eye and you will suddenly find you are finally able to leave it behind. It will have served you well, and at last you will have risen above the darkness of duality to find your place in the Light. It will be the start of a new dispensation that will restore you to the higher dimensions that are your true home.


The physical aspects of your present life are being softened by the incoming Light, that will allow for the establishment of harmony and balance. Already many are living within it, and finding the strength to throw off the lower energies that move around them. It is through discernment and the desiring of nothing but the best for your self. It is in the making of a clear link with your Higher Self and bringing the higher concepts into your life, that filter out those energies that are no longer desirable. It is as you might say, a state of mind where you set your goals for the betterment of Self and the good of all.


Very few people believe that life has no real purpose, but finding their reason for being here becomes more apparent when they listen to their intuitive self. Rushing headlong through life without consideration for your goals and the upliftment of Self, are bound to leave you feeling unfulfilled. It is in the realisation that you are more than simply a physical Being, which opens your eyes to your greater potential. All have the same opportunity to discover their true Self, and often it takes a major catastrophe to do so. It is but one way to arrive at the understanding that there is more to life than its outward appearance.


People look for the reasons when life seems to deal them a rough hand, not realising that they are the instigators of their own experiences. You can talk of bad or good luck, but nothing that has an important bearing on your life including those around you happens by pure chance. It takes comprehension that is beyond most people to understand the way in which Spirit works, but it does in fact co-operate with you by bringing the needed experiences into your life. If you learn from them, you would not normally be presented with the same lesson again.


Life by your definition can be harsh, yet you have agreed beforehand to experience certain lessons that will take you further along the road of understanding. At present there has never been such a wonderful opportunity to move forward in leaps and bounds. The higher energies are able to lift up your consciousness as part of the awakening process, and that will reveal to you your Higher Self. Once you decide to organise your life differently and bring the Light into it, all manner of higher Beings will come to your assistance. You open the door to them and they will guide you onto a new pathway that fulfils your desires.


The Light is like a breath of fresh air running through your body, and it is your strength enabling you to shed off the old energies that have held you back. Once you commence to arrange your life to reflect your new understanding, a peace settles upon you that cannot be affected by anything that happens around you. You realise that you are in charge of your life, and how you re-act to what is happening around. You quickly learn that negative actions harm you more than anyone else, and that anger is a poison to you body. Indeed, as you become more of the Light, any relapse will tell upon you immediately. You learn from such experiences that you cannot abuse your body without suffering the consequences. It responds not only to your actions but also your words and thoughts, and when you look at the positive aspects it is not too difficult to see how you can self heal. Sound is powerful, and in a society that is often obsessed with it and assaults your senses with a raucous noise called music, it is no wonder it creates stress.


The most melodic and pure sounds are beneficial to your well-being, and more likely to be found in your classical music. Many experiments have taken place with not just humans that prove this point, but also with animals that are noted to become more content and at peace. There are two aspects to most things in your lives, and sound can be either destructive or healing. Sadly your dark forces have exploited this area as one to produce weapons that are lethal. When we come as part of First Contact, such weaponry will be disabled and destroyed, and instead we will introduce you to healing methods where sound removes imbalances in your body.


Healing is an area that will receive much attention from us, so as to remove your dependence from drugs. Surgical methods such as you know them will also dramatically change, so that cutting into your bodies will become unnecessary. You have to remember that our technology is by far way ahead of yours, and we shall give you the advantage of our knowledge. That will apply wherever you need our help, and particularly where your ecology is concerned. There are so many parts of your Earth that have become poisoned, and they will be cleared and your natural habitat restored. It shall be a joint venture so that you may learn from us, as in the Galactic Federation we share all of our knowledge with each other.


On Earth so much knowledge is hidden away for ulterior or selfish reasons, but that will change very quickly. We would ask you, where do you think your inspiration comes from as although it seems a product of your own mind, it is implanted there by Higher Beings. Knowledge is meant to be shared and used for the good of all, and not for the exclusive use of those who see it as a profitable source of income. Certainly, in the near future it will not be allowed to be used for the development of weaponry, but only peaceful means.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and you will understand we come to lift you up, not perpetuate the old ways. There will be no place for selfishness or self-aggrandisement, and we will help you set up one society that shares equally and governs with love and consideration for all Beings. We are the representatives of the One God, who desires to see all treated fairly and with loving care. It shall be so as ordained and no one shall say otherwise.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.