You see straight ahead and time stretches out before you, and this year is tantalizing for you as it is one that carries the fulfillment of the promises that have been made to you. We see also from above and all appears to us as in the Now, and therefore we can say with absolute certainty, that it is manifesting the great changes that shall see the old die away and the new come into being.


Do not be distracted by the happenings that shall precede the announcement of our coming. There will be a number of events that will appear as obstacles to the changes, but these will in no way delay the outcome of our activities and those of our Allies on Earth. They have their plan which we have endorsed for them, and we are fully behind them. Your future cannot and will not be left to the prevarications of the Illuminati, and their rule is ending.


In your dimension it is almost impossible to grasp what the future means to you. You will partake in the greatest upliftment you have ever experienced. We are helping you change in readiness, but you must do your part by cleansing your body and increase your level of consciousness. You cannot enter the higher vibrations unless your own match them, and this is Law. Many of you have applied yourselves in such a dedicated way, and you can already look back and know that you are succeeding.


Some of you worry that your efforts may not be adequate, and wonder if you are progressing at all. I say to you that if you are of a mind to see Ascension as your goal, and apply yourself to the task of getting there, it shall happen for you. The fact that you have the awareness of your greater potential, and belief that you can achieve it is your guarantee. You will as it were, have realized that much guidance will come from within, and this is your very own personal guide. Outside of yourself by exercising a discerning nature you will find more guidance, and you will be inexplicably drawn to that which suits your needs.


Have you not wondered why there are many versions of exactly what form Ascension will take? They all eventually lead along the same path and shall come together in a common cause in the final reckoning. Meantime many will run this way and that, never quite sure where they are heading but resolute with their idea of what the end times represent. There is no need to worry, as the coming of your Space Family and Masters will bring things together in a common purpose. There will be more than adequate advice given so that you understand your role and necessary action over these last years.


Your greatest challenge is to fully embrace Unconditional Love, as it embodies all else that you will need to prepare yourself. The Ones who can reach this level are the proof that Masterhood can be attained whilst upon Earth. In trying to measure up to such a high vibration you will have to leave the old ways behind, as there is no place for bigotry, judgement or condemnation of any kind. Love cannot exist where there is aggression, hatred or anger and you will be called upon to overcome such negative traits. These are human reactions that can only occur in duality, and they have been fed by powerful thought forms created over millennia of time.


We know the task is daunting, but you will never have to tackle it without support.  Be prepared to take it a few steps at the time and note how your efforts are rewarded. Leave time in your life to sit in quietness and speak with you Higher Self, you are on this journey together. No one else can do it for you, but each and every one of you has the potential to do it at such an opportunistic time as now. You are not being asked to achieve something new, but simply to find your way back to your earlier exalted state. It is not strange to you, but very natural and your true reality.


Evolution is continually taking place, in fact it never stops and all life aspires to go higher and higher. It is a marvel of the mind of the Creator that has empowered All with the infinite energy that drives them ever onwards. You have fallen back many times in the course of your experiences in duality, but you have always risen up again to take you place in the Light. It cannot be extinguished, although many have all but a glimmer left, but nevertheless these Dear Ones will one day also fully return to the Light.


Try to be the one who brings peace where there is turmoil. Even your thoughts can project calming energies without the spoken word. Discuss problems without allowing emotions to arise that place it on the level of arguments. Think before you act as often a move in haste is not always the best one. Your test is to stay within your center of peace and calmness when others are trying to embroil you in confrontation. Walk away from such attempts if necessary, there is no gain in staying within negative energies that are assaulting your own body. Most important of all, cast Love on troubled waters and visualize a lifting up that will change the situation.


I am Ag-agria and have helped Michael to aspire to these higher levels of being. I am also with The Galactic Federation and some of our groups will be solely concerned in helping you with your personal growth. In the coming years we will encourage and guide you to enable you to achieve your goals. It will become easier as the negativity is cleared from Earth, and the higher energies are grounded in their place. Already many of you are well on the way to Ascension, and your dedication to preparing yourselves has been admirable in times where there has been so much to distract you. We shall bring peace and Love, and freedom from the bonds that have held you in the lower vibrations for eons of time.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.  

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