SaLuSa  30-Jan-06


To the majority of people we are considered to be a modern day phenomenon. Yet as we have informed you previously, we have been with you for eons of time. At different times even in your recent history we have had more than a casual contact with you. Our love for you has meant that we have carried out our service to you with unstinting attention. We have always monitored your progress, and also acted as overseers for Mother Earth. Our function has been to guide you as a civilization that has always had a predetermined path to follow.


Behind our association with you is a relationship born of our Oneness, and creation from the same source. All through creation we have followed different paths, and yours by choice has led you into the cycle of duality. You entered it with your eyes wide open, and were joyful at the opportunity given to serve the Light. The idea of experiencing freedom of choice knowing that whatever the outcome your cycle would end in Ascension, was your assurance that you would rise up once again. No matter to whatever depths you plunged, you were aware that your soul was indestructible, and could be resurrected.


Against this background you have had the most varied experiences, and in this cycle alone have had hundreds of different lives. Your direction has been guided the whole time, and you have advanced your knowledge in many countries. Your present period started after the Great Flood some 10,000 years ago, and many of you came from the great continent of Atlantis. Some of you went down when the final land mass sank, but with prior warning of the impending disaster a large number of you left beforehand. You were taken to new lands all over your world to start anew, and even now your trail can be traced.


We overshadowed your progress, as it was essential that your knowledge was passed on to a newly rising civilization. Some traces of these events are still apparent, as you moved through South America and Europe and left artifacts and evidence of your skills behind you. The most prodigious development was in the country now known as Egypt , and this reflected in many ways the Atlantean influence, as they once had a colony there. The Pyramid complex of Giza was an early development, which was part of a worldwide system that held the Earth in balance. It had a stabilizing affect as a massive generator of energy, and also a vortex through which existed a passage to and from the stars.


The pyramids are an example of the advanced technology used by both the Atlanteans and the Space Beings. Prior to their coming, Egypt was a small colony that already boasted of having the Sphinx, in which was deposited a copy of the records of Atlantis. This is protected along with other relics of a time long gone, and it will be opened soon after the advent of the first mass landings. Coming out of your sleep of ages, you will need the proof that such records can give you. The legacy of Atlantis is still with you now, and in your subconsciousness you have memories of that time. Because of it some are fearful of the time you are in now, as it raises possibilities of destruction similar to what you then experienced. The are many negative vibrations on Earth at present, and they would not augur well for Humanity if they were allowed to go unchecked. Be assured however they are in our control at all times.


Remember, that the larger percentage of your Earth population have little if any knowledge of our intended arrival upon Earth. However, they do have that inner feeling of foreboding that comes from experiences of the last major destruction of Earth. It will take us some time to make these particular people feel at ease, as we will not be immediately accepted as the peaceful forces that we are. Furthermore, some lack the spiritual perception that would indicate to them our true purpose. We are prepared for tackling these problems, and our every action will show the peaceful nature of our Fleets and their personnel.


All over you world there is evidence of our presence, and you will have seen many cave drawings that are now recognized as depicting our craft. There are also drawings of us and of our humanoid groups, and all are recognizable as the same Beings that have been visiting you in recent times. There are undisclosed and undiscovered bases inside Earth that we shall reveal to you, some of which are still active. We also have safe bases on your sea beds, which is why you sometimes see our craft entering or leaving the seas. Outside of Earth we have kept a watch on your activities from the Moon, and keep our sites out of sight of prying eyes. Your Astronauts and NASA are aware of these, but keep their distance at our request.


We are literally all around you yet so many are unaware of our presence, but some blame for this rests with those who cover it up. It is not that we have considered forcing the issue, as that would be interfering with the affairs of Earth. However, we have been quite happy that you see our craft in your skies, and sometimes briefly upon your land. Now it can be confusing as we are no longer the only craft you will see. You have those of the Greys who have been working with your government for many years now, and they themselves have in the meantime also developed their own space craft similar to ours.


Whatever happens in your skies, we ask you to remember that we do not attack other craft or threaten Earth itself. Where there was no alternative we would if forced to defend ourselves, but hasten to point out that there would be no loss of life. We can easily remove people first and either they stay with us, or we return them to Earth with their memory blanked out. Beware that as the time for First Contact gets nearer, you may find confusing events taking place that are calculated to show us in a bad light.


Dear Ones, we are excited at the prospect of openly meeting you, because apart from anything else it will mean at last you will have removed the last cabal. Peace will then descend upon Earth and a whole new era will commence, and how quickly you will adapt to your new found freedom. It will be a glorious time, and a great coming together of all different groups upon Earth. You have not tasted freedom such as beckons, and it will spread all around. Man in his natural state is a benign peace loving soul who has never really lost touch with his Higher Self, and will readily return to it.


I am SaLuSa and bring you great Love from all members of The Galactic Federation. We welcome you to join us in the wonderful venture that is ahead of us all. Have no doubt that our promises to you will soon be fulfilled.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey. 


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