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The waiting game becomes a little tense, as those who follow events through the medium of these and other messages know how near we are to the final acts. What you will undoubtedly realize is that this is the year that has been given to us as one in which failing all else, we shall exercise our authority to bring matters to a close. The changes cannot be held back any longer, and the present situation suggests that we may not in any event have to intervene.


If you look around the world, you will see that in politics there is so much going on. The Middle East looks more unstable, and the temperature is raised by your President, who has stated that he will not speak with the new democratically elected Hamas party in Palestine . We are carefully watching developments in this area, as it may yet hold the key to when the changes are commenced by us. Whatever appears possible as an outcome, be assured that we are intently measuring the situation.


We reflect on the fact that the Divine Plan was conceived with an awareness of the final acts of the dark. Our prominence in the Plan came with your acceptance as full members of The Galactic Federation, which occurred in 1993. Your evolution has been guided for eons of time, but clearly these last few years are the most important of all. Ascension will come along regardless of any events upon Earth. Come it will, and you will be fully prepared by that time.


The new Earth that is called Terra is ready to manifest, and some of you have had glimpses of it already. It is a higher manifestation of what you already have, but free of Manís interference and influence. An Earth that is clear of any structures or changes that are unnatural and not in harmony with all else. You have heard of our home planets that abound with beauty and color, and yours shall be similar. The energy as a whole will be uplifting and invigorating and nothing will carry the slightest blemish. Perfection is the way of the higher dimensions, together with peace and harmony amongst the people of all Nations.


Those who are not ready cannot rise up, and that is in accordance with Universal Law. The opportunity is open to everyone, but you will have had to lift your vibration to the higher level to take your place in it. This is why you have seen an increase in the number of channels working both on and off Earth. The last hundred years or so have been intensely active to bring peoples consciousness into a higher level of understanding. Again this has all been part of a very carefully laid down plan to prepare you.


Once you have started on the right track, the emphasis becomes one of encouraging you to go within for your truth. It is there within and only appears absent because you have been veiled from it. A great amount of help has been sent to Earth and continues to do so, and is gently raising the vibrations and loosening the old ones that have tied you down. It is a marvelous time of awakening to your true Self, and we for our part are also actively helping you along. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see the collective consciousness of mankind lifting up.


Once we can all come together, the increases in consciousness will speed along. Much of which still remains as obstacles will be quickly removed, and their will be a greater emphasis on personal growth. This is the beauty of the present time as you do not have to go anywhere at all for your knowledge and understanding, you already have it. For you, we shall be the living proof of what it means to ascend into the higher dimensions. We are each and every one aware of our place in the Cosmos, but also aware of our undisputed connection to each other. When we tell you that we are your family, we really mean it and you will have no hesitation in joining us.


 All of the Galactic members have moved into the Light, and all recognize the existence of the Supreme Creator. That we all come from the same source confirms our connection to each other. Understand that the God's that carry out the bidding of the Creator are not physical and we too are Light Beings although we do appear physically solid to you. However, where some of you have had contact with us, you will have felt or even seen our light emanations that surround our bodies. We are as you will be in the very near future, as the heavy physical body will no longer be suitable for the higher dimensions.


I am Ker-on and my home planet is Venus, the one that you correctly associate with Love. In days gone by some of you have spent time on Venus, and as you progress you will again be able to visit us or other planets of your choice. There are no barriers imposed, and in a great feeling of Brotherhood and unity we share a common purpose in furthering our evolution. Earth has hardened you, but soon you shall find your true self. We all look forward to your lifting up when we shall truly become One again.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.  


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