St. Germain  26-Jan-06


In the depths of your mind are memories of wonderful times that you experienced when you were present in ages where a spiritual peak was reached. However, in duality your moments of sheer joy are overshadowed by the lesser Beings who create opposition. It is not necessarily that they set out to do so, but you have two realities running along side each other that compete for Manís soul.


At times the Light is in ascendancy and others the dark. The Light is always the dominant force because it will transmute the dark by its mere presence. The dark having no allegiance to the truth and their source of creation, use any means possible to overcome the Light. Those of the Light will try to reflect the principles of Universal Law, and the others will be lawless to uphold their own place in society. In these circumstances, the Light as a whole cannot achieve the ultimate success it seeks whilst upon Earth and in duality. The exception is that individuals can reach a level of understanding that can carry them beyond the darks influence. Your history will show that illumined souls have overcome the challenge of the dark, and have ascended.


You have an added problem, inasmuch that some groups will consider themselves to be of the Light and try to impose their beliefs on others. That will never be successful, because in duality there will always be opposition to those who would create a reality to suit their purposes. At any given time many different factions are competing for superiority, and confrontation is inevitable. The true Light Beings do not set out to impose themselves upon others in any way, but attract those who are drawn to their gentleness and love. They not only understand Universal Law but to the best of their ability also live by it.


What I have described is the position you now find yourselves in, and the Light continues to grow regardless of the attempts of the dark to stop it. You are reaching a peak whereby the dark will have to exceed their ability to contain the Light, and then shall their empire collapse. The dark are the destroyers, and the Light the builders who have the force of Heaven behind them. The negative energies of eons of time have become entrenched in the Earth, and everywhere you have what you may call high spots and low spots of that energy. In the low spots the dark are at home and live their reality as they choose, and these areas are easily identified.


The cleansing of Earth is changing the balance between Light and dark, and by attraction even more Light is being grounded in your dimension. You of the Light act as channels for these energies and are instrumental in doing this work. As much as the dark would like to curtail your success, they only have one weapon, and that is fear. Those of the Light know by now, that it can only affect them if they allow it to be so. However, there are many others who have not found that inner peace, and are held down by the lower vibrations.


At higher levels everything possible is done to lift you up, and great energies are constantly directed to Earth. If you can but recognize how you are kept in a state of fear, you would be able to draw away from such energies. You would then find the way to center yourself and break the bonds that have held you in their grip. Once having done this, you create your own space and the peace that knows no end. You will become aware of your Higher Self, and time set aside to make that contact is so important.


Think of your peacemakers such as Gandhi, those advanced souls who came to Earth fully aware of their divinity. They never lost touch with their Higher Self, never lost sight of their mission and successfully carried it out. They were masterful because Masters they were indeed, and that level of realization is placed before you now. You are not necessarily here to perform miracles, but this is the time to find and recognize your True Self. Everyone is on a path back to greatness to reclaim their sovereignty and godliness.


The end of this cycle is your golden opportunity to leave the old behind, but you need to first recognize that this is your destiny. Take the help and advice that is offered, and seize the chance that is being offered to you. Even now you can rise up out of your demise and many helping hands are there to help you do so. Trust in Spirit and allow them to show the way for you. Be positive and see your vision in your minds eye, and be assured that it is you who choose your path.


I come today to inspire you with confidence, as many feel they face an impossible task. Many also doubt that they are worthy to consider themselves as one who could rise up out of the lower levels. It is intention and desire to make good that will bring the opportunity to you that will lift you up. Some have a low opinion of themselves and feel that they are beyond redemption. I tell you that no one has ever fallen that low, and all of the time you have your spark of Light you can be enlightened once again, if you so desire. Do not worry that you feel unable to do it by yourself, as once you make that decision to change your direction, many helpers will be with you.


Dear Ones, we of the Heavenly Dimensions see you all as wonderful Beings of Light with such a great potential. We know who and what you were before you dropped down in to the lower levels. We will do everything possible to assist you back up, and the plan for your Ascension continues to manifest unabated.


I am St. Germain and one of many who shall be the first to return to Earth. That time is not far away, and many great changes are taking shape that shall quickly carry you forward. The mysteries of life shall be explained, and together we shall see a new Sun shining its Light upon Earth. We shall also see a new Light upon Earth, and it shall signal your readiness for Ascension. Hold fast to your vision and let nothing distract you from your path. The Love and Light is anchoring itself upon Earth, and it tells of your readiness for the next phase in your evolution. It will be one of wonderful beauty, great joy and continual happiness, in the full vibration of Godís Love for Godís creations.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.   

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