St. Germain  25-Jan-06


Those of you who daily look for your message from this source and others, may wonder why it is set up this way. Firstly, it is a cause that is aimed at bringing you assistance at a time when you are being urged to prepare for Ascension. You cannot have too much help, and you need to know the manner in which the path is laid out before you. Much knowledge is within, but there are occasions when you benefit from practical advice and guidance. Hitherto, many of you have had but little knowledge of Ascension, and certainly very little understanding of the part to be played by members of The Galactic Federation.


There is an intent to open your eyes, and awaken you to the truth so that you may expand your consciousness. The truth has been elusive because of the many interpretations that exist, and the denial of it by many who are held in the lower vibrations. Messages are given that will implant an idea in your consciousness, that will hopefully find a place in your interpretation of the truth. As the bricks of truth fall into place, so you experience expansion and there is a greater truth revealed to you.


We cannot rush you into levels of understanding that are currently beyond you, yet by the same token there are many who are already ahead of the teachings. This happens when you have grown sufficiently to have the confidence to search for your own truth, and no longer feel reliant on others. What we try to break are old habits that tie you to outworn ideas, as you must start to widen your scope and at least listen to what is being told. It does not matter that you find difficulty in accepting what confronts you today, as tomorrow you may find another missing link and all becomes clear.


The hardest part for people with orthodox beliefs, is to allow themselves to speculate on the value of new ideas. Sometimes this is because it will take them out of their comfortable position within a circle or group that holds them captive. I say this not in any unkind way, as some are held for fear of going against what they have been given to understand as truth. I will simply say that if you have a mind to expand your thinking in other directions, do not allow another to take away your right to do so.


These times that you are in are so important to your evolution, and you must follow your intuition rather than that of someone else. You will be guided once you make that decision to question your cherished beliefs, and it may bring other people into your life. Believe that such events have a meaning for you, and do not dismiss such opportunities out of hand. As you open up, your vibrations change and you will be drawn to those who can help you along the way.


I have often said that there are many realities that exist at the same time, and that still remains as truth. So do not be concerned if your particular understanding is different to others. If you are on the right path, there will always be a common thread of truth that will ensure you continue to grow in consciousness. No one can lay down exactly how you should do that, and you will come into it in your own good time. However, this is the time to take advantage of so much help that is offered to those who aspire to prepare for Ascension.


There is a starting point that is basically simple and requires belief in the Supreme Creator. Providing you believe that everything That Is comes from the Creators mind and therefore is of that essence, you should have no problem in developing that understanding into the Greater Truth. It is also essential that you accept that the Creator Is All Love and every act of creation is conceived in this energy. You cannot attribute the negativity of this cycle to the Creator, it is one wherein you have been given total freewill to experience as you will. Energies other than those of Love are the result of Manís misuse of them.


Your freedom operates within Universal Laws, and you have to answer to these if you violate them. This is not in any way a punishment, but an adjustment to your thinking and understanding so that you are aware of the consequences. You came into duality as a Master prepared to lose your identity in the lower energies. You undertook this task so as to take your sum experience with you as you returned to the higher realms, and returned to Masterhood.


Now is the time to learn your truth about All That Is, and particularly about yourself. You are beloved soul, a spark of God that has infinite life and you are about to start your sojourn back to the Godhead. You will regain your identity, and even when your consciousness expands and you meld with other souls of your vibration, you will still retain the knowledge of who you really are. The Creators Kingdom disappears into infinity, in multitudinous dimensions that are never ending as the Creator continues to dream even more into existence. The wonders and marvels of Heaven stretch out ahead of you, and Ascension is your doorway to it all.


I am St. Germain, and soon you shall begin the last stage of your journey home. All of the effort, the heartache and disappointment  will have been worthwhile.  It will pale into insignificance against the Great Shift that is approaching, and will lift you into the Golden Age. Your dreams will be fulfilled a hundred times over, and you will look back at this cycle and it will seem to be but a blink of the eye. The Heavens applaud your achievements, and acknowledge your loving dedication to your task. You are loved beyond measure.


Thank you St.Germain.


Mike Quinsey

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