Atmos  24-Jan-06


As large areas of your world experience their cold spells, you no doubt look forward to warmer and more pleasant times. We observe you sometimes in sub zero temperatures doing your best to keep the cold out, and it is amazing to us how you cope with such extremes. Human Beings seem to be very strong minded when they face any type of challenge. When you push yourself deliberately to find out how far you can go, it is indeed remarkable how determined you can be. It seems to be part of your make up and holds well when your life is threatened.


For many of us such experiences are unknown, although we visit such planets as yours which can be quite hostile. At a higher level we are in command and control all features of our home planets conditions. When you have received visitors like us upon  your Earth, you have been told about the conditions they live in, and you may recall that they are ideal and in balance with all else. The idea of weather control should not be new to you, but that is what takes place and even your scientists have learnt about it, but unfortunately it is used for the wrong purposes.


Our dimensions are such that everything that is needed for our quality of life is brought into being quite easily. As you will know by now, we can use our power of thought to change or bring things into manifestation. We also have the technology to control planetary functions and we set up conditions to suit our own requirements. The power of thought is not that strange to you as it is also used at your level. It is just that you do not often see an immediate response, and healing is an example of what you are capable of doing.


When you leave Earth through bodily transition, many of you go straight to what some of you call the Summerland. The name quite obviously tells you what it is like there, and it is a reflection of even higher dimensions. The light is constant and there are no conditions of change in your surroundings, which are perfect and not subject to decay. Colors are strong and there is a vibrant energy all around that you can feel and is very uplifting.


The power of thought can be used to materialize your personal needs, as for example your clothes, drinks and nourishment. These are in fact hardly necessary as your body is no longer of a density that you need physical sustenance. However, if you want coffee and biscuits they will appear in response to your desires, but they are not as you would expect. They are not manufactured; therefore they do not contain the substances of Earth. However, until you no longer find a need for such things, you can continue playing at being on Earth. I say it in this manner because you will find that you need little in the way of drink and foodstuffs. This is because your body is much less physical, and to a certain degree can absorb the energy around it.


It is likely that you have all experienced the Summerland hundreds of times as you spent your time there in between incarnations. The experiences lie within your subconsciousness, so the idea of such levels of being is not really new to you. In fact, you will almost certainly find it somewhat familiar, and have no problem in accepting it. As you are beginning to realize, the Earth vibration is quite heavy, although as you have become used to it you hardly notice. For us to come fully into it is a shock to our system, and I believe it has been likened to trying to move in molasses.


Conversely, when you come into the higher vibrations it is like a load has been taken off your back. You feel a lightness and freedom of movement you do not normally experience. I would say you feel really alive and energetic once you get out of your cloying vibration. On board our ships we replicate such conditions, so you would enjoy your time with us.  Eons of time ago you were quite familiar with such conditions, as you have all come from the higher dimensions. Can you wonder that you had to leave those memories behind to concentrate on your earthly existence? You gradually dropped down into what is your present vibration, cut off from memories of your real self.


Now you are moving up again and it is appropriate and necessary that you learn about your true self. You are leaving all of the old energies behind, and they are fast being replaced by the new ones. You must be prepared for that quantum leap forward, and this is why I and many others make regular contact with you. We are as it were the advance party before we can openly visit you and your planet. We have been with you for a long time and because we have exceptionally long lives, measured in hundreds of years we can claim to know your different civilizations quite well. There has not really been a time when we have left you to your own devices, and in the main our help has been discreet and unknown to you.


I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about yourselves. In the very near future we shall tell you and show you so much more, and it will come alive through our holographic illustrations. You will soon understand why we hold you in such high esteem and will greet you as an equal. You are us, and we are you as you will get to understand. Try not to see us as alien to you, as we are so much like you were previously and will be again. Our bond goes back to the times of creation, and we all acknowledge the Supreme Creator. We are all of the same soul essence, We Are One.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey        

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