Diane  23-Jan-06


We are not idle while we wait for our call into action, and as you know we monitor Earth and its people. We do what you cannot, and that is to get inside the minds of the Illuminati. In this way we know what is planned and what to expect, and it enables us to work closer with our allies and guide their activities. Bear in mind that there are thousands upon thousands of Lightworkers that who are contributing in various ways. Many work very much with the guidance of their Higher Selves, and are capable of carrying out their undertaking without our prompting. However, we watch over them and they have our protection.


As we position our craft ready for First Contact, you will have seen a lot more activity in your skies. We show ourselves more openly and that will have been noted by many of you. Unlike some years ago, we know longer allow casual extraterrestrial visitors to come into the Earth’s atmosphere or land on your soil. The whole set up is now tightly controlled and we protect Earth from any possible harm or interference from outside. This is not just from other ET groups, but space is full of other dangers such as asteroids, meteorites and great explosions of energy that could affect you.


A more developed civilization would be able to protect themselves, so we have for eons of time been your protectors. Energy fields are placed at strategic points around Earth for this purpose. We also patrol this sector and are aware of any activity in your solar system. There is more taking place than you are generally aware, as there is much life within it. You have for example on occasions been visited by Beings from Pluto, an orb that has attracted your interest just of late. It has life forms quite like your own, and their level of evolution is not unlike yours as it is at present. Once you can travel to other planets you would normally look to trade with the inhabitants, and this is what they do.


Your way of working is not so far removed from Solar Trading as money is not used but a system of bartering and exchange. For example, on your Earth you have some minerals that are more abundant than elsewhere. Yet you are also totally devoid of others that would enable your sciences to move forward. Gold is for many reasons a treasured metal and has many properties that make it so efficient for many different applications. It is noted for its heat efficiency as a conductor, and of course it is the one that does not tarnish or decay and it is so versatile. Its use in your modern technology has increased considerably, particularly in your Space equipment and computers.


However, you are destined to join us on a higher level than present, and you will so to say, leapfrog some of the developments that you might otherwise have naturally reached. We shall make advanced technology available to you, and you will learn the secrets behind them. We will have nothing to hide from you once we come together, by which time those who would misuse the knowledge will have been removed in one way or another. Higher knowledge has been kept back from Earthman while there is a chance it would be used for the wrong purposes. Of course, you have been allowed to learn of certain advanced knowledge, mainly through your interaction with the Greys. We needed you to be at a particular point of understanding so that you would take easily to the technology we will be introducing to you.


You can see that we have been quite close to you for eons of time. We are not at all strangers to you, but your Brothers and Sisters. Everything has progressed exactly as intended, and your people are by and large primed ready for our arrival. Those of you who are unable to make that step upwards will be lovingly cared for, and their consciousness will develop in another cycle already planned. As is clear from your own understanding and experience, the concepts that we bring are just too much for many of you. Some have not had the opportunity to expand their consciousness to encompass or understand the magnitude of what is about to happen upon Earth.


As you can see by looking around you, intelligence does not mean that you can automatically understand spiritual concepts. The two do not go necessarily hand in hand. An expanded consciousness comes from experience, and having learnt the lessons of life. It also comes from having a desire to evolve and not every one shares the same ambition. As there is no time laid down for your progress, you will understand why your people hold such a different collection of views and opinions. Having now reached a point whereby you can experience a great upliftment through Ascension, there comes a sorting out. Quite naturally you will gravitate to those groups of souls that also have a similar vibration, and as a result your evolution will rapidly increase.


Know that absolutely no one is forced or coerced to move in any direction unless they wish to do so. At the level these decisions are made, your Higher Self will have much influence as always. Many of you find it difficult to accept the fact that existing families are not necessarily going to stay together. This idea is not in fact new to you, as many times in the past you will have incarnated with different souls so that needs of all are catered for at any time. Progress is not constant from one person to another; it therefore means that your various lives will bring you into touch with a myriad of different souls. However, some family members do forge strong links with each other and are likely to stay together for some time.


Remember that the energy of love is the one that binds you together, and that can never be broken. You must allow for even your loved ones to choose their own path as you are all unique. Some will travel together and that decision will have already been made. You have a tendency to cling together and be reliant on each other, but when you are free from the restrictions of Earth, you will enjoy your new found freedom.


I am Diane from The Galactic Federation, and tell you that your evolution is one of a loving and understanding application of Universal Laws. They are directions from the throne of Heaven that ensures all events are couched in Unconditional Love. As your consciousness opens up more fully, you will understand the gentleness and graciousness with which your changes are made. We will come soon and you will learn first hand from us. We joyously wait for our coming together as One in All That Is.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.   

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