Ag-agria  21-Jan-06


In our estimation, your rise in consciousness has been phenomenal. In the last 60 years you have made such wonderful progress, and today so many of you stand prepared to take those last steps towards Ascension. As each on of you pushes ahead, you also help to bring others up with you and the Light grows very rapidly.


There is no doubt that you are ready for return to full consciousness, as many are already in an awakened state. What we also see developing that would not have been commonplace too long ago, is the return of lost powers. More than ever before, you are finding that you have healing abilities, and some go on to do it on a regular basis. Having reached this point, we would suggest that you also remember to use them for self healing.


Learn to fully relax in a quiet environment, and through visualization see any part of your body that is out balance bathed in healing colors. If you understand the chakric system also focus on the chakras as these are the important seats of energy. If you have a particular health problem, it can often be traced back to a chakra that has become out of balance. They directly relate to particular glands that control important functions of the body, and some of you are sufficiently psychic to be able to see them.


However by being aware of the chakras you can heal the complete chakric system. You can easily learn about them from the numerous books that are available on the subject. When you can remember the different colors of them, you can then use the appropriate one that will effect the healing of any specific chakra. Bear in mind that your glands as well as under functioning, can also over function. A simple healing exercise would be to fill your aura with the white light, as it contains all colors. Your body would then draw to it the particular vibration that it needed.


You should take an interest in your body at all times, and if you look after it properly it will serve you well. It is a masterpiece of creation and extremely adaptable regardless of how it is treated. Your body cells have a consciousness and they respond to the way that they are treated. You can feel wonderfully well and energetic when you are in good health, but equally down cast when disease is present. Your body responds on a number of levels, and is most affected by your input of food and drink. In an age when fast food and fizzy or alcoholic drinks are the vogue, you are overloading your body with chemicals that will build up over time. Your pace of life is often stressful, and you allow little time to really unwind. Sleep is also often inadequate, and the total effect is leaving you open to serious illness.


I know that what I have just described is the typical life style of many people, and I have not even mentioned addictive habits. Although it is easy to say it, you must consider changing your ways and the most natural food intake is the best for you. You know for example how often you are warned about the excessive intake of salt and sugar. In just this one area alone, any reduction is going to be beneficial to your health. There are many symptoms that signal excesses, and where salt is concerned there will eventually be heart problems. In a coffee drinking nation such as yours, this is often another excess in which you indulge and again it can lead to heart trouble.


Most of which I have mentioned you know only too well. However, bad life styles will catch up with you and it is advisable to find a better one before it does. It generally follows that as you grow in your spiritual understanding, you become more aware of your responsibility to your body. It is not necessarily a moral issue, but one of realizing that your body is a temple that deserves your respect. It reflects an approach that understands the sanctity of life where you would not harm another, let alone yourself.


As you get more into the preparations for the end times, it is as well that you learn to love yourself. Love yourself in all respects for what you are and know that even if you have made mistakes, it is all part of the learning pattern. You are here to experience all that is, and you should now be approaching the end of your Karmic responsibilities. Start looking to the future and strive for the perfection that will come your way. Recognize that energies abound that are continually flowing to Earth, and as you cleanse your body so you will be able to draw more to you. Eventually, you will find beneficial changes taking place and you will feel a new sense of well being.


I am Ag-agria, and I have talked today more in my role as a Guide but I am also a member of the Galactic Federation. What you have started, we will help you to finish so that in short time all of your ills and concerns can be alleviated. In fact, our abilities are such that there is no problem that we cannot address or rectify. I have spoken about health issues, and I can tell you that you will eventually all be restored to a pristine condition. Nothing less than that which is perfect can be carried forward to Ascension.


It will not be too long before we arrive on Earth, and we envisage times of great co-operation and rapid progress. We have more to offer than you could possibly imagine, and we shall be delighted to help you leave all remnants of duality behind. It will extend into every conceivable area of your life. We feel so joyful that our time for reunion is so close, and we shall step onto your soil with great love to offer you.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey. 

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