St. Germain  20-Jan-06


The outworking of the future events depends very much on how the Middle East Crisis is handled. Whatever happens it must be brought to a conclusion before you can move on. There are at present a number of options open to those hoping to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but the specter of war hovers around. Be assured that from our side, we are trying to wield our influence so that there is satisfactory outcome. We try to keep the hotheads calm so that any hasty and regrettable moves are not made.


There is something of a race taking place to remove the last cabal before matters get out of hand. The rhetoric and threats do not help, but sanctions if proceeded with can buy time. We know that your leaders prefer more direct action, and it is this which we will endeavor to contain. Exactly when we might exercise our prerogative to take action through the Galactic Federation remains to be seen. Matters will certainly not drag on for many months, as we are very near to completing our own action to draw matters to a conclusion. We must ask you to have faith in our decisions, and know that together we will be victorious.


Leaving these matters aside, know that the preparations for Ascension proceed according to plan. Most of what is taking place is out of your sight, and the incoming energies that are raising the vibrations upon Earth are ever increasing. Time is being further compressed, and we know that you are registering this change. You of the Light are becoming more powerful, and your use of it is most certainly helping to transmute the dark more quickly. This is another factor affecting what is taking place on Earth, and you are sensing your increased ability to bring change through your power of thought. We tell you that you are creating all of the time.


As you are aware, the fear factor works against the Light, and at this time those areas of darkness need to be bathed in it. The Middle East as a total area of upheaval should be visualized as covered in healing rays. You do make a vast difference, and much of your work is a matter of faith because the results are not instantaneous. However, we know you understand and we are uplifted by your dedication to your chosen tasks. What has been happening over the centuries has come to rest in this time, and you elected to be here for that reason.


The Light is formidable and powerful in its ability to bring change, and for some time now groups of you have traveled Earth for the sole purpose of healing particular spots. Some also specialize in opening the Stargates, work that few people are aware of although they will know that these are points of entry for powerful energies. The Earth is being prepared for its own Ascension, and you are very much involved in the outcome. You are working together as partners who have been together for eons of time, and you will continue to do so as you enter the Golden Age.


Of necessity we cannot always tell you of our plans, but we can confirm success. We understand your impatience and frustration after so long, but you are at the end of your journey. Matters must move on a little further before the final outcome is apparent. Even so, the actions being taken all round should inspire your confidence, as you must be able to see how matters are developing. The net is closing in on the dark and they fully well know it.


Dear Ones, whatever your problems the answers are not far away, and we are aware that so many of you are in desperate need of help. By taking on the responsibility of those roles at this time, you are highlighting all that has gone wrong in society. Someone has to play these out but they will not go on for too much longer. Try to see the positive outcome, and know that all of the benefits you have been promised will become yours. It is not intended that you should carry your burdens for much longer and you will soon be released from that responsibility. What you are experiencing now is the final breaking up of the old and it is an uncomfortable time for you.


The next few weeks are so important to the outcome of the Middle East problems, and the whole world waits as it holds its breath. The focus is on the West but as you must see, it really will have repercussions everywhere else. We work for an outcome that will herald changes that will prove beneficial all round. We are here for Humanity as a whole, and the Light has no restrictions as to where it will manifest. I remind you that you are One Race and soon peace shall bring you closer together.


I am St. Germain, and I stand at the helm and oversee the events on Earth. I say again be assured that you shall have your day, and all of the battles concerned with duality shall become a thing of the past. Peace beckons, and all of the joy and happiness that will release you from the oppression of the dark forces. A new day dawns, and we shall all help it manifest so that you can put all of your cares and worries behind you for once and for all. As always a great Love is accompanying you as the old is being replaced by the new.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.    


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