SaLuSa  18-Jan-06 .


We have as you might say, upped the stakes as our path becomes more clear and we have injected a greater degree of urgency. We do not want to see matters drawn out any longer than necessary, and we continually make adjustments to our plan. The time is rapidly approaching when the stage will be set for removal of the last cabal. In fact by insisting on proceeding with their plans they are playing into our allies hands.


We wait for that opportune moment to move our great forces into place for the final act. Our action is meticulously planned to alleviate any adverse response, and it is you the people that are our principle concern. Your Government cares little about the loss of human life, and at the same time as they are removed we will block any last minute attempt to cause chaos. Be assured that we cannot be taken by surprise, as we have a continual flow of information as to what is happening upon Earth. We are totally ready to manifest our plan that will ensure a quick removal of the last cabal in conjunction with First Contact.


As strange as it may seem to you, we bear no malice or hatred of the members of the last cabal. Our handling of their removal will be dignified, and in accordance with our higher understanding of the roles they play in your evolution. It is not our place to make judgement, but to release you from the dark and ensure that you can move on to the next part of the plan. Again, looking ahead you will realize that you must quickly move forward, and leave the present regime to their fate. It is not intended that years of your precious time are spent mulling over their crimes. We do not use the cumbersome methods you use to put your criminals on trial. There is a higher tribunal that is already set up to handle such grave crimes against humanity.


We want you to apply yourselves to the tasks in hand without the distraction of the fate of your last cabal. You have so much to do of a general manner, and your own evolution is a top priority. Events that impinge upon Earth mean that you must soon become aware of what is expected from you. You must learn the truth about yourselves, and understand the final preparations necessary to take you through to Ascension. We know that you will throw yourselves wholeheartedly into what is required of you, and we shall support you all of the way.


Your Earth is receiving powerful energies that are breaking down the old ones, and your consciousness is opening up and growing quicker than ever. As you lift up into these higher energies, so you are experiencing a great change within yourself. It is by no means unpleasant, quite the contrary as you will find a greater peace and Love within you. Yes, sometimes the physical changes within your body do cause strange feelings bordering on sickness. But you must remember that you are cleansing your body and it is inevitable that you will have some measure of awareness as it is taking place.


As your vibrations increase you will reach a point where you will be at ease both within and without. You will enjoy a new found freedom from the ills that normally assail the human body. This is all part of the changes that will continue to carry you forward until you have the new crystalline cell based body. Nothing of the old 3D vibrations will carry forward to Ascension, it must be transmuted or removed. Look forward to a new feeling of Oneness and harmony that will come your way. Meantime live your Love, and do your bit to personally bring in the changes, and enjoy your expanding consciousness.


We as your Elders are already where you are heading, and we can understand your difficulties. This is why we ask you to call upon us for our help as we hear your prayers. In fact, each one of you has several Guides that are close to you who would be delighted to sit with you in your quiet moments. Your Guides know you well, and are familiar with your life plan and will do all they can to further your aspirations. They cannot interfere with Karmic lessons, but can help you understand what the purpose is so that you can move on.


Your last cabal relish the idea of keeping you in fear, and the current political situation is such an example. Try to be an observer and not allow yourself to be emotionally involved. Remember that whatever happens, events will not be allowed to get out of control, and know it will not affect the greater plan for Mankind. Your future is assured and as this year unfolds you will see remarkable changes come into being. Mother Earth is anxious to carry out her cleansing, and the sooner we can come to you the quicker we can lessen the affects upon you. We see the whole panorama and know where the greater danger threatens, and we will move people out of those areas when it becomes necessary.


Dear Ones, we are here by Divine Decree and we shall fulfill our tasks, and failure is not a word we know. Everything is ready, and we are sufficiently advanced both in out technology and consciousness to know the outcome. In spite of your concerns which we fully understand, you can rest peacefully, as your future is in safe hands. God has decreed the outcome for this sector of the Universe, and so shall it be, Amen.


I am SaLuSa and carry much Love for my Brothers upon Earth. I bow in front of you out of respect for the great Beings you are, and give of our joy and happiness that we are soon to become One again. We are ever near to you all, and our protection enfolds you as you open up your consciousness to your true selves. Let us all look forward to our reunion and celebrations that will mark your release from duality.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.   


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