Atmos  17-Jan-06


Every day we look at what is happening, but in our reporting cannot always do justice to the amount of activity that is taking place on our side and our Allies. Over the years since we were first given our “rescue plan” your support has grown immensely. You play a very important part that ensures our progress upon Earth. We can influence events but we need our foot soldiers carry out those functions we cannot do.  As your understanding of the times you are in has grown, so has the Light and this is so necessary to contain the activities of the dark, and allow you to progress.


As the intensity of the Light increases so people everywhere are beginning to feel the changes taking affect. Even those who are more engrossed in their 3D existence sense them, and it can be unsettling for they do not know the explanation. However, the incoming energies must and will intensify until they reach the optimum, and the stage is set for Ascension. It will come like a bolt out of the blue as critical mass is reached. Come it will, and all that remains to get it within your sights is a move that will plant your feet firmly on its path.


At present you have a foot in both worlds, and your consciousness is pulled this way and that. At times you wonder about your reality as it changes so quickly, but there is thread that keeps it on course. Lightworkers have an understanding that allows them to stand aside and calmly assess what is taking place. They know the plan and are able to see a little further forward than most other people. The importance of their presence cannot be sufficiently stressed, as they project a calming influence that is so necessary.


It does not take much imagination to realize that you are in a most vital period. The potential for change has never been greater, and your input into matters will have a great bearing on how they develop. You have the collective power to influence matters for the good, particularly as important decisions are about to be made. It is not that you will be pulled back from the progress you have already made, but a kind of stalemate exists at present. We would like to see the Light absolutely surrounding and transmuting the dark energies, thereby allowing matters to move on and away from the potential confrontation in the Middle East .


It would seem to us that political pressure will convince Iran that they should put a hold on their intention to develop nuclear technology. This will take the heat out of the situation, and allow talks to be resumed from which it should be possible to find a peaceful solution. The Middle East has been a hotbed of activity for so long and it has always had the potential to break out into war. There are conditions that would allow peace to be brokered, but there is so much mistrust of the West that stands in the way.


Our conclusion is that many of the problems cannot be fully addressed until we come as part of First Contact. By then the political situation should have changed, and our brief to put an end to world war will be carried out. Our presence will give the assurance that total peace is viable and that their will no longer be the threat of a return to warlike ways. We can impose it if we need to, but in a way that will take preventative action, and not be confrontational. We shall show our ability to be aware of any covert operations that are taking place and they shall be peacefully brought to a halt.


Our set up monitors not just events and people, but also consciousness and the intentions of those who lead your various countries. We see a picture that you cannot possibly be aware of with your present technology, and this enables us to be in control yet you will not find us directly involved. As we have already told you, we direct events and only take action if there is no other course open to us. We can give you the example of our ability to neutralize and disarm nuclear weapons, which we have been forced to do on several occasions. You will know by know that the use of such weapons will no longer be allowed.


This has come about through a decision made by Councils that reside in the higher dimensions, and represent the interests and

safety of this Universe. It has also acted in your protection, and has prevented Earth from being taken over by other Beings who have had their eyes on your resources. We are the eyes and ears of the Universal Councils that oversee the mighty Universe and we act on their instructions. You have to realize that you have been vulnerable over eons of time, as a fledgling civilization that has only recently moved out of its primitive ways. We have guarded you as parents would protect little children, and now you have grown up and about to take your place with us.


Dear Ones, the importance of this time cannot be sufficiently impressed upon you. You stand at the threshold of a great leap forward, a shift into the higher dimensions enabling you to at last leave duality behind. You are coming of age and will stand tall amongst us who are your true family. The Quantum leap forward will advance your understanding and leave the old ways behind. You have already come a long way from your caveman days at the start of this last cycle, but you have always had the potential to rise up. You are not new to the higher dimensions, as these have been your home in ages past. You will take to them quite naturally and you will receive every help to make that peaceful transition.


I am Atmos a Sirian, and a member of The Galactic Federation that are soon to be with you. Meantime we watch events with great interest, and know that you are soon to be released from the shackles that have bound you to Earth. Already many of you have loosened the chains and stand in your own Light. We are there with you and will help you where we can, listen for our words of encouragement, and feel our loving presence.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.

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