St. Germain  16-Jan-01


Look around you and see the activity that is taking place to remove the last cabal. You cannot have failed to notice that more individuals are dissatisfied with the lawlessness of your Government. What you need at this time when the Middle East is in greater turmoil and uncertainty is a firm and trustworthy leadership. You have neither and events teeter on the edge of escalating out of control. We keep our eye on developments, and will influence our allies so that there is a measure of containment. However, we need action that will curtail the growth that is leading to a greater expansion of the Middle East War.


The cost of War is a massive drain on your resources, and everyone at home is having to make sacrifices to support it. The Human loss on both sides is unacceptable, and daily the figures grow. This is not of course a true war in defense of your country, and has been contrived to allow a larger foothold in the Middle East . As can be seen from history, the occupation of a country by invading forces is never accepted by the inhabitants, and you cannot forcefully impose yourself without retaliation.


I tell you nothing new, but wish you to reflect on where matters are today. Many are seriously worried about the outcome of the conflicts and swift action is required to be rid of your last cabal. We help in whatever way we can, but cannot take over your lives for you. You must continue to do all in your power to stop your leaders from making greater problems than already exist. It is you who are being pulled into the affray, and you are being denied your rights to peaceful demonstration by draconian laws.


All is not gloom, far from it as you would realize if you could see the overall picture. There are many brave souls and organized groups, who are doing their best in difficult circumstances to open peopleís eyes to what is taking place. These are the ones who need your support to build a united front against war. The current situation is certainly making people think very seriously about their reaction to events that are developing. Very few have the advantage of knowing the facts as to what is happening behind the scenes. However, their confidence and trust in your leaders is being sorely tested.


It undoubtedly seems strange to you that at time when we ask you to prepare for Ascension, that the news is focused upon other matters. Strange that as the vibrations are steadily increasing upon Earth, the degree of negativity seems also to be on the increase. Yet it is a sign that the Light is growing, and it is bringing the dark to the surface. What is happening is that the old negative vibrations have to be cleared away before the Light can be fully grounded. This causes imbalances and chaos until the negativity is fully transmuted.


In the midst of Earthly events it is not easy to see beyond the present problems, but everything is being set up for the final outcome. The Light will not be denied, and the dark cannot sustain their plan for much longer. Remember that Karma is at work in what is being played out, and where previously the dark have successfully imposed themselves upon you, this time they are to experience failure. This change in the course of events is all credit to the Lightworkers, who have been opposing the dark for a considerable time.


The Heavenly Forces have been behind every single person who has chosen to live in the Light. They have been guided to fulfill their desire to bring Light to the Earth, and peace to everyone. This is not something that has happened over night, and preparations for this particular time have been taking place for a long time. Often you are told nothing happens by chance, but within the parameters of your freewill your choices are your own. Once you elect to serve the Light, then we are able to stand along side you and give you every help. It may seem that you are alone, but we assure that it is far from the truth.


From the spiritual realms we are able to walk in your footsteps, and we whisper into your ear when you ask for our advice. We are very happy to guide you ever onwards and we serve you in this way as one great army of Light, and we are formidable. From the higher dimensions your Space Family carefully watch events upon Earth, and they carry out their role to aid Humanity. They also can come very close to you, and you will certainly have their protection when you carry out Godís work. Their visible presence in your skies should be reassuring to you as they help keep the balance upon Earth. They are authorized to shape events if necessary, so as to maintain restrictions upon the activities of the dark forces.


At present, the combined forces of Light are readying themselves for the final acts that will see a complete change of events. This is the year when the dark shall finally give way to the Light. They shall be removed from positions of power along with their minions, and the people of Earth will at last determine their own future. Their voices have been heard and shall be answered very soon. It has been a long hard path for most of you, but remember that it was chosen by you. You wanted to be part of this momentous time and have always known that it would result in victory for the Light.


I am St. Germain, and I tell you that your experiences through this period will enable you to rise up and enable others to benefit from them. Spiritual progress is about giving each other a helping hand, and those most able are the ones who have had the experience. You wanted to experience duality first hand, and this is what you have done. Now that period is almost over, and you will return to the higher dimensions a greater Being because of it. You will have learnt the true meaning of Love, and your understanding of Life in all of its forms will be formidable. You will become the teachers of the future, and serve others as you have been through this cycle.


I leave you with great Love and Blessings from the Hierarchy of Light, and know that you are doing the Fatherís bidding. You shall have rightly earnt your place in the Golden Age that is about to commence. You will have come through the most testing challenges, and with flying colors. Never again will you need to hide your Light and take on the mantle of duality, you are indeed great souls, yea great Gods.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.    

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