SaLuSa  01.13.06.

As your world faces an escalation of the troubles in the Middle East , you might reflect on how easily they could start another World War. I make this point not to engender fear amongst you, but that you should see how once again a big power is prepared to go that far to enforce its views. Some nations will never accept the imposition of anotherís point of view, and are likely to re-act by force. Thereby you have a potentially dangerous problem which begs the intervention of neutral peacemakers.


It is regrettable that the Middle East is seen as an opportunity for the covert agenda of the Illuminati to be further advanced. Quite open threats have been made against Iran , and ponder what would happen if they were attacked. The rest of the world is ready to polarize itself, and already you have two other major powers of Russia and China , ready to back Iran . Can you see where it is all leading, and how it has the potential to get out of hand?


As we see it, you face the last stern test as to whether you sincerely seek World peace. How do you stop the headlong rush into yet another extension of the Middle East war, because the citizens of the world are not asked their views. From our perspective we gauge that by far the majority of people are praying that matters are not deliberately made worse. Where are your John F Kennedyís who had the ability to broker peace deals, and where are the people in high places who can question what is happening and carry the authority to stop the war?  There are some of course, but against the intent of the last cabal, their voices make little impression.


We shall call upon you as individuals to focus your attention on the Middle East . See that whole area bathed in a beautiful violet/indigo flame and send it with all of the love you can muster. In this region are negative energies that have existed there for thousands of years and they need to be transmuted. Also send love and peace to those leaders who are directly involved in the talks that are taking place. You do have the potential power of thought to make a substantial difference, and clearly this is a time when your help is much needed. You can always exert your influence in this way, and as you know in your world there is already a great expression of peaceful intent that we have noted.


You might wonder why we do not just intervene on your behalf. However as we have informed you quite often, we cannot do that unless we are authorized to do so by those who oversee our actions. We can help indirectly and hold the balance, and allow for time that will enable changes to occur. We have an optimum date by which we shall review the position, when we could exercise permission already granted to us to bring a total halt to the proceedings. The hope is that you yourselves can help achieve such an outcome without our direct intervention.


You have a saying about everything being in the melting pot, and at present that is a perfect description of what is happening. There are so many players who can affect the course of events, and it changes almost by the minute. We can see the potential outcome, and we are hastening the work of our allies upon Earth so that your last cabal can be removed. This way the actions in the Middle East can be halted, and we will arrive to help you work towards World peace. So many of you are projecting positive energies to bring peace, and at this time it needs a really concerted effort so that it will have an appreciable effect.


There is something of a race against time to bring a halt to the intentions of the dark. We will not allow it to get out of hand, and we certainly will prevent the introduction of nuclear weapons. You only have to look at the repercussions of using such weapons to realize how such decisions are inhumane and destructive to all forms of life. You are seeing yet again the warped thinking of those who should lead you to peace, but see only conflict and destruction as a path to achieving their aims.


What your dark forces ignore is our intent to keep them in their place, and allow the Light to continue growing upon Earth. We work to keep you on course for Ascension and we will ensure that it remains in your sight. The last thrust of the dark is threatening, but it shall have only a short life before their collapse. We are going to ensure that the last obstacles are removed that are preventing our open contact, and our success is assured. On the one hand we can ask you not to fear or worry about the future, but we still need your input to continue bringing light to Earth. These are strange times for you, as you know that vast changes are soon to come yet you cannot see how they will take place.


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation, and we wish you to see beyond the events that capture your attention. No matter what happens do not doubt the outcome, and know that we are here by divine decree. The forces of Heaven are not to be denied the final subduing of the dark and the ceasing of their activities. This cycle was planned to end in your successful lifting up to enable Ascension. Thus it shall be, and no mortal can stop that which is the plan of God. I say go about your work with full confidence that you shall yet see the great changes commence. That time has arrived and the signs are there for all to see.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.     

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