St. Germain  01.12.06.


There is a place and time for everything, and at present it is time for you all to consider what it is you desire from life. Most have already set out on a path that will lead to Ascension, and know that it will not simply come to them. Everything you need is about you, and the knowledge is within. There are various teachings available to help you on your way, but it is you who decide how your approach will be made. Bear in mind that not everyone is doing so from exactly the same point. Some are more aware and have expanded their consciousness and understanding beyond that of others, who may have only just awakened.


Whatever your position, once you have made that decision to move on, you have immediately stepped on the path. You will be lead into opportunities that will show you what you need, and the right people will appear that can help you. Just be ready to go along with whatever is presented to you, and you will certainly find an expansion of your understanding. Growth does not happen overnight, and much patience is required particularly at the beginning. What you find is that your outlook on life will change, and instead of being pulled along with everyone else, you choose to become a distinct individual.


You will find yourself gravitating towards new interests and friends, which are more suited to your new found _expression of yourself. Once you start, providing you have the staying power and are not distracted you will recognize growth in your consciousness. You see the world from a different perspective, and a clear purpose for life becomes apparent to you. It is as though you never really understood your needs before, and it is wonderfully lifting and invigorating to become alive. It is as though you were previously in a fog, and now your vision has become clearer and you can see where you are going.


Now that you are grasping the reality of life on Earth, you also start to seek the answers to creation and the God force behind it. Understanding the mysteries comes with time, simply because you could not comprehend the whole truth without first laying down the foundations. The most important understanding is to realize that absolutely everything around you is the result of an act of creation. A creation that was first in the mind of God, and has been expressed by those who carry out Godís bidding. Do not be put off by the chaos on Earth caused by Man, and know that when the Earth was first seeded that it was a Garden of Eden.


Today many stand at the crossroads of their evolution, and the choice is to go forward and reclaim your sovereignty or continue in the illusion of this dimension. Some might say that they do not know what they want or what they need, and they will continue to stay in the lower dimensions until they do. In reality these are not decisions that have been left until this end time, as for sure you have all set a goal for yourselves many times previously. You will have mapped out a plan for your evolution over many lives, and the type of lives you have chosen reflects those decisions.


Nothing is by chance, and when you realize it you take more notice of what goes on around you. You no longer feel at the mercy of events that are outside of your control, and you can begin to direct your life. Your intuition becomes your most reliable guide if you will but take notice. Karma is something you will consider as a tool that determines the challenges that confront you. Try to understand the lessons in life, and know that you are not hard done by as you undertake exactly what you have agreed to experience.


As this cycle comes to a close, the vast majority of you are going to see it out and will not incarnate again on Earth. See therefore that you may have a busy life, clearing up old Karmic responsibilities that you cannot take with you. Rise to the challenge and do not allow yourself to become despondent regardless of what happens. The fact that you are on the path to Ascension does not mean that Karma no longer applies to you. Of all times because of your new found strength, you may be called upon to clear the most demanding Karmic debts. When you have found your Light, you can be more introspective and instead of allowing events in life to adversely affect you, can take them in your stride.


Look at how the Earth is now, and the decline in good public behavior, the uncaring attitudes and selfishness that abounds everywhere. You have Leaders who set bad examples, and create laws that imprison you on your own planet. It is enough to send you into depression, and many people do just that because they can see no way out. The Lighted Ones understand that as the Earth and its people are going through a cleansing period, there will be turmoil and upsets. This is a sign of the times as the old is swept away, but beyond this activity is a bright new dawn that is emerging. This is one time when the grass is really greener on the other side.


I am St. Germain and emphasize how necessary it is to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Many events are taking shape that will necessitate changes, and at first it will seem chaotic. However, be assured that Light Beings are already working behind the scenes, and so to say, out of the ashes the Phoenix of ages past will once more arise. You are destined to see the Earth restored to its original beauty, and memories of this are deep within your consciousness. You too will be re-birthed, as you prepare for the greatest evolutionary step you ever taken since you first took on the vibrations of this dimension.


Dear Ones, you are great Beings and we will keep telling you it so that it fully sinks in. You will reclaim your full DNA and reconnect with all of the higher energies that will restore you as the Angelic Beings that you really are. Begin to believe in your true status, you are not Earth Beings but come from the stars and to them you will return. All will be revealed in good time, and do not demean yourselves over any issue that is still unresolved or because of your mistakes. You came here to experience and your choice is not held against you, and eventually the slate will be cleaned off. There is a Creator who is All Love who desires you to return to your greatness, and it shall be so and you will be lifted up in that Light of Love that is all encompassing.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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