Ag-agria  01.11.06.


You must realize that your Government is going through a very shaky period. They are being assailed from all sides and there is also discontent amongst their own party. The corruption that has become endemic is bringing about their downfall, and they cannot withstand the charges against them. Therefore changes of great importance are in sight, and these will go to the heart of matters and finally be instrumental in removing the last cabal.


The approaching time can be considered as most appropriate, as already many different governments throughout the world are unstable. There is a need for the opportunity to install people that are our allies, and will be prepared to work with us for the good of all. Wars and unrest continue unabated, and there must come changes that end all of it once and for all. The people themselves are by a large majority in favor of peaceful negotiations, to ensure that world wide peace is the result.


Peace can only be achieved if ages old disputes and differences are put aside, even at the expense of letting go your pride. It cannot be decided on the basis of who owns the riches of the Earth, as these are Mother Earth’s. She will as always allow you to share these according to your needs. In the future they will not be treated as a commodity from which to make profit. Sharing will take the place of instead of a limited few controlling the wealth of the world. In fact, as new technology replaces your old methods, you will have less and less requirement to remove the Earth’s resources.


Peace will bring much re-deployment of labor forces that are presently employed in work that will cease to be necessary. The war machine and all of its trappings will be dismantled, and this will immediately remove one area of extreme waste of energy, manpower and other resources. In all areas of commerce changes will come in, and the large conglomerates will be made into more easily managed units. With the new methods of transport and communications, many of your perceived problems will be eliminated very quickly. New methods of production will be totally efficient without being wasteful, and pollution will become a thing of the past.


Fossil fuels will have no place or necessity in the new ways of working, or for private use. Heating and Lighting will have their source from free energy that is all around you. Indeed, all of your energy needs will be thus covered, and you will never again experience shortage or lack as with your present methods. Just think for a moment how your Earth’s supplies of petroleum are running out, and how they are manipulated to maintain a high market price. Currently some of you are experiencing problems with gas supplies, and all in all it is you the people that are suffering. This happens at a time when many of you are in your coldest periods of the year, and these types of occurrences will be eliminated when the changes have been implemented.


Dear Ones, you are entitled to a decent standard of life and be protected from the elements, and have unlimited heating and lighting. Food production will be the next area for modification, and you will be shown far better and more efficient ways of producing sufficient for all of your needs. Hunger must be eliminated fast, and you only have to look at your area of Africa to see the extent to which poverty has grown through neglect. The people there are not responsible for adverse droughts, the lack of clean water and shelter. The problem is so large that with the best will in the world it is an impossible situation for you to overcome.


Can you honestly say that adequate medical supplies, and other essentials that are in short supply in areas of need are being catered for? Is there a world wide organization that is really getting to grips with these problems? I regret to say the answer is no, and in consequence thousands of deaths will occur, and a large percentage will be children. These are the type of reasons that your Governments must change, and in their place must come people who have the love and compassion that is needed. Oh yes, I do know that many individuals have no hesitation in putting themselves forward to give help. There are also many organizations that do their best with inadequate resources, but the size of the task is just too large.


You can see how much work and dedication is going to be needed to address the problems mentioned. We must come to you soon and alleviate the hardships and threats to life, before it becomes too late for many more dear souls. You are one Humanity, and part of a greater consciousness that has its origin in the beginning of time. Can the right hand not feel for the left hand, do you not recognize or know your connection with All.


I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation and believe in the goodness and love that is within you all. I know that given the opportunity to express yourselves, you will selflessly help your fellow man. That chance will come as quick as we can arrange it, and we yearn to help in ways that will immediately address all of the problems. However, we await that most opportune time that is yet to come along, but fortunately it is nearly here. Meanwhile you should apply yourself to the problems and help in whatever way you can. There are many avenues of _expression, and one that will produce results is to keep the pressure on your Government to bring your troops back from the Middle East .


As ever keep your goals in sight, and do not be sidetracked by events that are momentarily designed to mislead you. You are winning the battle, and on another level it is already won. It is a matter of taking opportunities to further your own cause and never losing heart. Ask for help if you need it, and within certain parameters it will be given, but not always exactly as you envisage. Leave it to us to decide what is necessary, and know all of our actions are taken in your best interests and with much Love and consideration. We are ready to make our move as soon as conditions are favorable, and we shall choose our time very carefully.


Thank you Ag-agria


Mike Quinsey.