St. Germain  01.10.06.


Heady days beckon, and the activity continues to heighten. You look around and read many messages from which it is apparent that much inspiration is in abundance. It is clear that there is a new energy urging everyone forward and the awakening continues to move on quite quickly. Some are still held in the old energies, but they too will be given every chance to break out of them. In the ultimate it will be seen that no one has been denied the opportunity to lift up, that is your choice alone.


We see a distinct growth of Light that is raising the vibrations quite rapidly, and with this increase is your protection from any attempt of the dark to reverse the trend. It has in fact quite the opposite affect to what they hope for, as the power of the Light is transmuting the dark. When you hear that events will be chaotic perhaps you will understand that this is inevitable as the changes occur. Just now you are probably more concerned with the physical changes upon Earth, and although these are unavoidable, Mother Earth in her wisdom will make them in a controlled manner. That you are here to experience the changes first hand is another opportunity to understand how these processes operate.


Remember that you take these experiences with you, and for the same reason many of you have deep subconscious memories of being in similar situations. As has often been said, every experience is part of your growth and it will always add something positive to your understanding. Consider for a moment what will be learnt by those in the role of the dark forces. Where they tread almost every single one of you have been before, and you have learnt so much from those experiences. They make you what you are today, as you certainly do not acquire your inner beliefs from anyone else. You will find that you fit easily into groups that reflect your present understanding, and that is how people fine tune those beliefs.


You are learning the whole time, and more often than not you are hardly aware of the subtle changes that take place within you. It is when you look back that you find evidence of a new approach to life and other people. The greatest beneficial movement comes in conjunction with being able to control you ego. Yet you will be tested again and again, and this is how you reach a level of total confidence in your ability to control your own life. Given free reign, your ego will take over your life, and inevitably it leads to continual conflict. Ego wants everything for self, and ego wants respect and looking up to, and woe betide anyone who does not respond that way.


When you have overcome the demands of your ego, you demand nothing at all and respect is something you earn because you are not egotistical. When you are able to be at One with All, the emphasis of “I” becomes one of recognizing “We” and unity and harmony comes with the love that is present. It begs the question as to whether you can put others before self, and you must be able to do that if you desire to return to the higher dimensions. The vibration is one of Universal Love and it is not so difficult to achieve as you might imagine.


Make a start by trying to understand how all is irrevocably connected, and see that you are part of a body of mass consciousness that every one else also belongs to, therefore you are All One. Separation is a feature of experience in the duality of the energies you are still within. It has been compounded for many different reasons that have benefited the dark. Now however it is your opportunity to break that cycle, and there has never been such a time to do it as now. It means withdrawing from some earthly activities and even pleasures if you are to raise your vibrations. When you have found a strong belief in what you are doing to raise yourself up, that will not be so hard to do.


Respecting yourself as well as others is essential, and treating your body as the temple that it is. Your body is a reflection of the Universe and should be looked upon as a magnificent creation. You know little about how your body truly functions, and of how its consciousness rivals your own. Too often bodies are continually abused and their ability to support you becomes impossible. Look after your body and it will look after you, and there is no reason why you should suffer continual illness. I hasten to add that for genetic reasons you will be prone to certain weaknesses, but even this has its roots in self abuse.


It will not be long before many of you notice the quality of life improving, and for some it is already apparent. It must happen because of the incoming vibrations that are beginning to lift you up. This will intensify very quickly the nearer you get to the final stages of Ascension. There will be a reversal of the aging process and you will clearly experience it slowing down. Clarity in thought will become normal, whereas in older age you normally have your lapses of memory. Tiredness will gradually be replaced by a new energetic you, that feels totally resurgent and vibrant.


Dear Ones think positive and create the future now, it is there for you. Use your power of thought to overcome your old way of accepting the aging process and you too can help reverse it. Do not try to do too much too soon, but as your body is a unit of consciousness it will respond to you and help bring about the changes. Try it and see what success you can achieve by reversing the normal expectancy of aging and illness, and put that spark back into your life.


I am St. Germain, and I know there is a flurry of excitement at the prospect of a more positive presence of the Space Beings. Certainly they are prepared for the giving of more outright evidence of their ability to come into your atmosphere. You can expect a more bold approach, but for the moment I will allow the outcome to speak for itself. It will be interesting to the Galactic Federation to measure your response at the thought of the day of First Contact drawing nearer. Know that all of these activities are carried out with loving consideration, and still the timing is paramount to success.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  

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