SaLuSa  01.09.06.


The actions of various groups intent upon bringing change are being spurred on by encouraging circumstances upon Earth. Even as slowly as it moves the political solution is becoming clear, and legal action to remove the last cabal is falling into place. The problem of course is that your laws are a minefield of sometimes untested interpretations, and this can be a source of constant delay when challenged. Furthermore you have a President who gives himself the power to change your laws if he does not approve of them, and if they are used against him and his minions.


Because of the constant opposition to the efforts of those who wish to actively bring changes about, there is an ultimate time beyond which we will hasten proceedings. We have the authority to intervene and if necessary we shall certainly use it. The potential for change has never been stronger, and each day more people are adding their voices to those that are already calling for action. There is an energy that has built up that cannot be ignored, and it will in one way or another give _expression to itself.


Many teachings try to convey to you the concept of everything being in the Now. That is not so easy when you are in a 3D linear time situation, but you are beginning to learn of how fluid everything is and how it can change from one second to the next. At the moment the potential exists for direct action by us, but if it goes ahead it will not be too overwhelming. As much as we would like to declare our presence to everyone, there is a correct moment to be chosen which is yet undecided.


However, those who are sensitive are picking up the potential action we may take, and that an exceptional display of our craft has very much been in our minds. One of course that will get our message to the people of our presence in your skies, and more importantly that we come in peace. As you might imagine, we hold a number of options at any given time and we will adjust accordingly. Changes to our plans are instantaneous, and we have no difficulty in our re-organization as the responsibility is taken up by our sophisticated computerized programs. We are not restricted in ways that would encumber you upon Earth, and our levels of command are well tried and tested.


As you may see it, possibilities to take action will come and go for reasons that you will be unaware. The potential will however remain, and you find the some opportunities simply altered for the chance of creating a better outcome. There may be talk of a Star Wars program to repel us, but that would not affect us in view of our superior and most advanced technologies. We can neutralize any weapons you have now or presently dream of, and they would not deter us from our responsibility to release you from the last cabal. Our understanding is that any Star Wars program that is developed is more for the command of space, so that it can be used to monitor Earth and its peoples. It would also have the potential to be turned against countries that were in the way of global expansion.


Many times we have reassured you that we will not allow weapons of mass destruction into space, and that is still our brief. Your scientists have many times ignored our warnings, and we have had to remove or destroy weaponry. We cannot be fooled by devious attempts to get around our warnings, and we know what is planned. We often take appropriate action to stop some of your developments before they can go too far. Your Government has invented the most hideous and destructive weaponry, and biological weapons are amongst them. You may rest easy knowing that we closely follow every move that is made.


I would say to you that everything is under control, and whatever changes have to be considered they will be with a view to bringing about the desired outcome. Of that you can be assured and we will do whatever is necessary to bring it about. As you know, there is a point beyond which our actions will become more open, and we will effectively move things on to their conclusion. Let me remind you that the Galactic Federation has millions of craft at its disposal, and protecting you until we can openly meet you presents us with absolutely no problems.


We know that you wish us to arrive and enforce the changes, but that is not our way and there is a chain of command that goes back to the Supreme Creator. It is a concept that would be difficult to explain, but it is a pyramid system of responsibility that is activated by the power of thought. Perhaps by being likened to an automatic telephone system would be more easily understood by you. It may sound complex, but it is in fact very efficient and even you are part of it. For this reason, not even we as individuals necessarily know exactly what is planned, but we have our own part to play for which we are well prepared.


Dear Ones, we know how much excitement is generated by our actions, and you are intended to pick up our thoughts so that you too may play a part in manifesting them. We need you to focus on what is taking place, and help bring events to a conclusion in the manner in which it will achieve the outcome predicted. Sometimes you get involved in the minute details when it would be better to focus on the desired outcome.


I am SaLuSa and I tell you that we will soon be openly landing on Earth, but a few preliminary arrangements must first be concluded. This is the year for positive action, and you are all near to seeing the first step towards the official announcement of our coming. Do not be impatient after having come so far, as there is nothing that will happen upon Earth that will prevent our appearance.


Be happy and enjoy the coming months of activity that will show you beyond doubt the direction in which everything is going. Do not give energy to the dark by allowing them to upset you or make you fearful, simply be on the outside looking in and you will be safe from their presence. This is a time more than ever when you will need every ounce of control over your emotions. Much is due to happen as the truth begins to unfold about those who have led you down the path to destruction.


I give you the blessings of all those involved on this momentous mission that signals the final end of the old ways. You are deservedly about to embark on a journey that will see you rise up, and reclaim your freedom. With that will come all of the changes necessary to achieve Ascension. Great Love and Light is manifesting upon Earth and it is your assurance of victory.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.          

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