Ker-On  01.07.06


If you have any doubts about what is happening, look around you and listen to what people are saying. Even those who do not avidly follow the channelled messages are calling for changes, and many wish to dismantle the war machine. Just in your lifetimes you have seen so much death and destruction, and you know there must be a better way to live on this planet. You look to your leaders, but by and large they are of the old school who use power and might to have their own way. For millennia of time the power of force has been used against weaker countries. Policies are introduced that “keep them in their place” with little intention of helping to advance their standards of living or education.


Karma has played a big part in these matters and bear in mind that individuals apart, every country has its own path mapped out. The rise and fall of great civilizations shows you that every one has an allotted time span. It will also tell you that not one is invincible, and that those who rise up against others will eventually fall themselves. The Roman Empire is one such example, although it cannot be denied that they made a big impact upon the world.


Now we come to the present day and the circumstances are quite different, as the balance of power now lies with the sophisticated weaponry. Armies of foot soldiers are no longer the deciding factor, but how advanced your weaponry is compared to others. With it comes the potential of mass destruction on a scale hitherto unseen on your Earth. Now you will understand why the Higher Forces cannot allow matters to get out of hand, as the potential has always been the total destruction of Earth. Karma will not allow this path to be opened, but you have seen the threat before you and your response has been to demand an end to war.


Your leaders turn a deaf ear to your pleading, and only their vision of complete world control occupies their minds. They are arrogant enough to believe it can be achieved by coercion, but are also prepared to unleash the mighty arsenals of weapons to get their way. They can no longer invent the scenario that makes their proposed actions appear justified. People are much wiser and able to see through their subterfuge and covert schemes that are used to back their aims.


The picture is now one where two opposing forces of Light and dark are testing each other for supremacy. The light that is upon Earth is increasing exponentially, and as it grows more rapidly and is a serious energy that is bringing about changes. However, we from the Galactic Federation are supporting our allies upon Earth, and it is no longer a one-sided battle. If it was simply a matter of whose technology was the most superior, we would consider that ours would win hands down. However, confrontation is not our way, and neither is interference in the affairs of others. We act in accordance with Universal Law and have a great respect for the sanctity of all life.


Even those who are of the dark are still misguided souls of Light, and we are not out to destroy them. We will however ensure that they comply with the edicts of the Higher Councils. When our sound reasoning and pleading fails we shall enforce our orders to free Humanity from the clutches of the Illuminati. This time approaches very rapidly, but we first await the outcome of other events that are taking shape upon Earth. One way or the other we will remove the last cabal, and then we can go forging ahead with the long promised changes. We wish you as far as possible to be the ones whose actions bring this matter to a conclusion, as it is preferable that these are seen to initially come through you and not us.


Once the first move is made by you, we can back you up and we know that when we can come openly there will be no difficulty in convincing you all of our peaceful intentions. We have mentioned many times about the fear that some feel about our intentions, but it will be seen that we are not aggressive and do not use physical force. In the main we are accepted because our craft have been with you for almost seventy years, and in that time have become an accepted part of your lives. Your Government has of course been developing space craft and hiding their activities behind our presence. Along with the Greys, they have been responsible for most incidents that have taken place.


As ever, we closely follow every move that takes place upon Earth, and you need have no concern about our ability to contain what is happening. In time you will learn exactly what our role has been, and will be quite surprised at the degree to which we have helped you avoid catastrophes both on and off your world. Without us you would have been doomed a long time ago, and we have held everything in balance so that the end times can unfold in accordance with the greater plan.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and our vibration is somewhat different from others and we work very much on the feminine Love Ray. As you evolve some of you will choose to spend time with us for the very reason of the intensity of these energies. Of course, we live in a higher dimension and not on the surface that you normally see. We have physical bodies of a very refined vibration and we live in surroundings of absolute beauty and splendor. It is constant, and we are perpetually bathed in the most delicate light of scintillating colors. There is no decay or aging such as you know, and if we wish to change our environment we can use the power of thought. You would not find our buildings that unusual, but they have a smoothness and roundness that makes them more pleasing to the eye. They are also created in the perfection of the original thought.


We continue to evolve through studies and actual experience, and we are ever in acknowledgment of The Creator. We too look upwards and through our greater understanding have a constant communion with higher souls. They will come down to our level of vibration and we converse in our special Temples of Learning. You can no doubt see how much of what you have on Earth is a reflection of what is above. When you ascend, you too shall be in such levels of creation and you will soon adapt. I leave you with these thoughts until one day soon we can share our experiences. I send you loving wishes, with the energies of Venus to carry you ever forwards.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.      


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