St. Germain  01.06.06.


If there is such a thing as an average person, then you have millions of them who have the potential to join the Ascension process.  These are ones who have found little assurance in helping them to understand creation. Most allude to some kind of God, but for a multitude of reasons find it difficult to accept a Being who is claimed to love you all, yet you suffer sometimes to the extreme. Many are open to the idea of a God who hands out favors and punishes the wayward. However, they cannot find it in their hearts to totally give themselves to it.

However much Man takes away your freewill, you will always have free thought. It has been used to allow for a review of the orthodox teachings that have come down through the ages. Consequently people have pulled back from outright acceptance, and have tried to make their own independent assessment. This has resulted in a move to more radical thinking, and many have moved towards the New Age Movements. It is the most natural urge to want to know the truth about your existence. Even more so as to whether there is life after death, and what that means to your future existence.

One of Man’s biggest concerns centers around death, and the elusive proof as to exactly what it means is hard to find. Certainly you have evidence that the soul can exist outside of the body, but that does not tell you what exactly it is. In the present time you hear of premature deaths occurring through a multitude of reasons, and you wonder where God fits into it. Some of you castigate God for allowing events such as the tsunami to occur, and it is understandable that you should feel great concern at the number of people that are affected.

What I have described are those who can be considered your “average person”. They are ready for the answers, but who will come forward and give them. Orthodox religion can only offer apologies death and pain, and has the greatest difficulty in putting forward an acceptable explanation. The problem partly lies in the assumption that the souls suffering early death have in some way brought it upon themselves. There is also a feeling that people are unworthy and should not expect much else. Clearly people will not find the true God of All Love if they perceive that in some ways God is vengeful and punishes wrongdoers.

Even when the truth is put forward there is still a question of Universal Law, but it must be understood that it is not used to punish people. Spiritual laws teach that you are responsible for your actions, but it is you who decide how you will make amendment for your wrongs. You hear of dark places described as Hell, and these do exist if not quite exactly to your usual concept. Realize that everything is about vibration, and matter will find its own level quite naturally. Hence you have some that are of a very low vibration where matter has difficulty in holding its shape. This results in the ugliness and the lack of color and light that are associated with these lower realms.

Wherever you go within the different dimensions you will find varying degrees of light. The more light the greater will be the clarity and purity, and you will experience the energies in such a way that it brings much happiness and joy. Harmony and balance are features of the highest dimensions of form. Eventually there is only Light and pure consciousness and it can be molded into any shape or form if so desired. Earth is a reflection of all of these dimensions, and it is your power of thought that determines which one is created upon it.

What is going to happen as you progress towards Ascension is a speeding up of the vibration. This will bring changes to Earth including all life forms, and those that cannot take the new energies into themselves will leave this cycle. As I have often said, there is no choosing by anyone other than yourselves. No one is left behind or ignored, but instead carry on with their evolution in a new environment. Now you see the actions of the caring God who loves all of creation and provides for every soul at all times. No one wishes you to fail, and all of the efforts of those from higher dimensions are to lift you up to their levels.

At a certain point in your understanding you will effortlessly move to your own center, and will find less need to consult others to find your truth. All knowledge is within although you will benefit from guidance, but in the ultimate it is up to you decide what your truth shall be. However, at anytime be ever ready to accept a greater truth and expand your consciousness. There has never been a time quite like now where you have the opportunity to grow at a faster rate than previously.

When the Masters return, there will an even greater exposure of the truth, and many long held beliefs will be clarified. Be ready to learn about yourselves and your illustrious past and how you came to Earth. Learn of the truth about spiritual matters that will affect your future, and above all understand that there is only the One Creator. You all have your beginning with the One and it will continue into infinity. You are only separate from others because you have chosen to be so, but this illusion will soon pass.

I am St. Germain and as you know, I shall be one who returns to Earth and not for the first time I shall take on my mantle as a Teacher to you all. My name is not in fact important, and you will know me by many different ones as your history will show. I have lovingly followed your progress for eons of time, and now we shall all stand in The Creators Light and take that great step forward that shall signal the end of duality at this level. I am but one of many that have been like a Father and Mother to you, and now it is time for you to become of age and accept your own responsibility. Dear Ones, my love will accompany you forever.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.     


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