Ag-agria  01.05.06.


As you say, time marches on because indeed time waits for no one. There is an edict that affects you and your Universe, and it will bring events into line so that the shift will be accomplished accordingly. From where we operate it makes no difference as to how you individually respond, the energies will continue to be sent to Earth and the vibrations will steadily be raised up. With them you will achieve your own progress and upliftment, and all will be ready for the final step called Ascension.


So as not to cause confusion, when I say all will be ready I mean that in the context of the choice each individual has made. As you know, some will choose to remain in the lower vibrations. Whatever choice it is, it will be fulfilled by the time this cycle of duality is brought to a close. This is why the dark cannot succeed, as it is not written that this shall be their time for victory. You see quite clearly how they are fragmenting and the complete break up is not too far away.


At this stage it is best to concentrate on your own evolution, and remember that you cannot sit back and expect it to happen of its own accord. Perhaps now more than ever you need to apply yourself to what it is you require from life, and where you are going. The truth is that so many of you already have a long standing commitment, that has directed your lives in such a way that you could not really fail. Subconsciously you have known of the path you designated for yourselves eons of time ago, and now you are becoming aware of what it was.


The chaos you perceive around you is the result of the final cleansing of Earth. It is unavoidable, but there will come a period when as you might say, the loose ends will be tied up. You have many unseen helpers on your side in addition to The Galactic Federation, and these come from the higher dimensions of Earth. These are in the role of Guides and they are more concerned with you as an individual, rather than the whole of Humankind. Failure therefore is not an option, and you have no need to worry about your future or as to whether you will reach your goal.


What is most essential is that you are true to yourself, and you must do your best now to bring the higher teachings into manifestation into your life. Once you have avowed to achieve success in your aims, be assured that you will. This is a very special time for you all, and never before has so much attention been given to you. Keep an open mind at all times as so much new information is circulating, and be guided by your intuition. There is not necessarily an attempt to give blatant misinformation, but sometimes it is coming from unreliable sources. In fact where outright false information is given, you will find it will not stand up against the more recognized and accepted sources.


Fear is still the energy that is most dangerous, and when you hear of the attempts of the dark to perpetuate this way of holding you in their grips, just let it pass you by. This is the time when a firm line is being formed between the Light and dark, and you can decide on which side to be, and it is your decision and no one else’s. However, most of you already have clear ideas of where you are going and what you want from life. We know you will achieve your goals, and we are proud to be associated with you all.


You are somewhat modest about your climb back out of the dark. It has been a phenomenal achievement from a situation that not too long ago gave cause for concern. You were in your slumbers and being pulled into the activities of the dark without realizing what was happening. Have no doubt, that when we say you are great Beings that is absolutely true. Start to believe it and know it is not meant to be a sop for your ego, it is a recognition of the grand awakening of your soul and the degree to which you have brought the Light back into your lives. Hold your head up high and know that your experiences in duality were intended to lift you up higher than ever before, not to bring you down and sentence you to imprisonment in the dark.


Realize that what you see happening around you is because of the last throes of the dark. They know not how to graciously bow out and leave the scene of their crimes, and in their blinkered way cannot see the defeat that stares them in the face. They too will be helped to play their part to bring the end times closer, but in essence their roles are already over. If I can be flippant, I think you will agree that they have been fine actors. If you can view their actions in this way, I believe they will have less affect on you, and therefore present no threat.


I am Ag-agria come once again on behalf of The Galactic Federation to appraise the situation. You cannot have too much information as to what is happening, but of necessity certain moves must be kept secret. It is sufficient at this stage that you know there is really nothing to concern yourselves about, all proceeds very well and you shall see the outcome in the very near future. This year is one that will carry you forward with a quantum leap that will enable you to detach yourselves from the old energies. You are already breaking those bonds now and they can no longer hold your progress back.


Dear Ones, grasp the beauty of the moment; take the opportunities to help ground the Light that pours onto Earth. You and Mother Earth are also One, and you can lessen the impact of the physical changes that are yet to occur. We are with you all of the way, and we are part of the team that is supported by the Councils of the Heavens that are formed out of a wonderful love for all life. There is great power in the works of the Light, and it is reclaiming and cleansing Earth. I wish you a most wonderful year and I know it will bring absolute joy and happiness, and a release from all of those restrictions that have held you back.


Thank you Ag-agria


Mike Quinsey.       


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