Atmos  01.04.06.


I look at what is happening on Earth and see matters proceeding in a predictable way. The power of the Light is breaking up the dark energies and it is increasing in the speed at which it is taking place. In certain circumstances it could have occurred even quicker, but that would have depended upon the rate at which the Human Consciousness grew. Even now there is an element of uncertainty as to when matters will come to a head, but we have the means to calculate it within a reasonable degree of accuracy. There is not a consistency that can be relied upon all over the world, and local events will sometimes cause quite a different outcome to elsewhere.


The important thing is that collectively you are progressing in the right direction, and it has been an exceptional period since the millennium. A feature of the present time is that more openness exists, and people are not sitting back anymore but becoming active. There are thousands of different groups that have been formed to deal specifically with the problems you have, and we see this as most useful and commendable. You keep chipping away at the establishment, and putting the pressure on those who are blocking your path to restoring your freedom.


The bigger issues such as your environment are now too large for you to make much impact, and this is where we are to come into action. As we have often told you, we have for some time closely monitored what is happening and have been allowed to stem the extent of pollution. In fact, we have been doing it for many years, as otherwise you may have already reached the point of no return. We have held the balance, knowing that at some future stage we could come openly to you and help overcome your problems. That time is now so near, and you deserve every credit for having stuck to your tasks. You have diligently worked to bring about a reversal of the trends that have been responsible for what has happened to your planet.


It is the physical issues that cause most concern, as we do not have to worry about your progress towards Ascension. This is a personal issue and an increasing number of you have shown the desire to follow this path. Many have been preparing themselves for such a quantum leap forward for a very long time. It is clearly going to help your collective efforts to lift yourselves up if around you there is a general move towards the same goal. Once we have arrived, so many of you will have the opportunity to express yourselves in ways that can help Mother Earth, and more souls will awaken with the understanding that we shall bring.


We have said previously that it is never too late for any soul to direct their energies and desire towards Ascension. It is sometimes a matter of identifying the drive that you have, and where you want it to lead to as not everyone has the same goal in mind. Some are apprehensive about spiritual progress and the idea of becoming One with the Light is a frightening prospect. The challenge is too much at this stage in their evolution, and it is therefore best that they continue in this present vibration until they are ready. You have all infinity to reach your goal, and there is no pressure upon you except that which you impose yourself.


First Contact and the return of the Masters are all linked together. As with all other benefits due to you as designated by NESARA, it is really one action that has been conveniently broken down for your better understanding. It really started to impact upon you in the latter part of the last century. As you know, there were great expectations of a major change with the coming of the millennium. Your disappointment was soon turned into one of even greater expectations, once you understood that the increase in your consciousness had allowed for a new path to be created. Ascension has always been your goal, but you have determined exactly as to how it was to be reached.


Now there is a specific plan laid down from which there will be little deviation, and we can talk in more positive terms of exactly what will take place. This year is the turning point, and life will be both exhilarating and hectic for many of you. The responsibility for the projects that you will participate in has been decided, but many of you still only have a fleeting glimpse of your part in it. Of necessity we have to keep you calm and allow you to concentrate on today’s issues. Very few of you have waking knowledge of meeting us during your sleep period, but this is the time we do most of our planning with you. Sometimes you take back ideas with you, and you wonder where they have suddenly come from without realizing the truth.


You will understand from my comments that we all work together much more than you are normally aware. However, when it is appropriate you shall learn of your connection to us. Many of you were already part of our teams, and you could be likened to an advance party who have set up the contacts for us. As soon as you meet your own space family you will have no doubt as to where you really belong. Bear in mind that you are the ones who have already ascended, and you have come back to help those you once left behind. Many E.T. groups have connections with you and Mother Earth, and it is time for you to learn the truth about your connection with us.


Quite a number of you have often felt out of place on Earth, and the reason is that it is not your true home. You have had to bring down your vibrations to work in the 3D, having come from the 5D for the purpose of serving others. It is a most loving and wonderful spiritual gesture, as you have deliberately cut yourself off from the higher dimensions to become one with those who need guidance. It is a service that is performed out of true love and the desire to lift others up. It has been very successful as you will eventually understand. Everyone involved grows through the experience and you will see that it is most rewarding.


I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and I come from Sirius, and like many of my family I feel a very strong link with you. It goes back eons of time even before your recorded history. In reality we are one great family within the Creators mind and energies that permeate everything That Is. The energy is of love, and all life has its origin within it and will forever continue to do so. We have a lot to discuss with you, and it will be a most exciting time for all of us. Until we meet we will continue to send our love to you, and support you in whatever ways we can.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.    

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