Ag-agria  09-Feb-06


For those who are still doubtful that changes are occurring, we would refer to the speeding up of time. If you give it a thought, there are very few of you that at times have not felt that you have insufficient time to get things done. This is for you an odd sensation, as from the outer signs nothing appears to have changed. You still have your 24 hour day, and yet your perception tells you time is going twice as fast as before. As the vibrations increase, so time continues to race by that little bit faster. You are in the transition period that is taking you out of linear time, and it will eventually bring you into the Now.


When you are able to understand the “Now” your thinking about time will drastically change. You will have no need for time as you presently use it. When you can move at will into the past or the future, it will no longer be necessary or applicable. Everything just “Is” and there is no measure that can be applied to it. Those of you who are beginning to grasp these concepts are finding that as you let go of a life regimented by time, so your thinking becomes compressed into a state similar to the Now. You will become forgetful and lose track of time, and those markers such as the days of the week become less important. These are signs of the changes you are experiencing and there is no need to concern yourself at the affect it is having upon you.


Time is not constant, and I tell you nothing new by making that statement. However, since this can be proven it does help to confirm that it is not all you have been led to believe. How many of you have been lifted up into our craft, and experienced time with us only to find that it has passed at a different rate to your earthly time. If you follow such happenings you will have undoubtedly read of such experiences. It is a strange subject to put to you whilst you are still in linear time, it is almost intangible.


One of your problems regarding time is that so many of you do not allow sufficient for your daily requirements. You are left with the impression that there is insufficient time to do everything you wish. You are continually in a race against time, and you are unable to relax and many become seriously stressed. Some of you become very much regimented in how you allocate your time to the various things you need to do. This deters you from being able to be spontaneous, and you will tell yourself that you do not have the time to do other things.


This is all very unnatural, as you should be able to lead your life in a more relaxed manner. You should be the master of time, and not the reverse so that you can follow the promptings of your heart. Even after First Contact you will find your circumstances beginning to change where time is concerned, as many of you will be released from the daily necessity to work full hours as you do now. When you are receiving abundance you will no longer have those worries that plague many people. Stress will gradually disappear and you will feel at liberty to do as you wish, rather than at present when you are bound by the need to work.


Because you are trapped in time you find it difficult to know what it is like to be free. That will increasingly change as you move more into the future, and your vibrations are increased. Jumping ahead to Ascension, you will already have changed considerably to what you are now. It will be easy for you to take your place in the higher dimensions, as these are your real home and they will be quite familiar to you. I remind you that Earth is not your true reality, it is the object of your own creation that now bears little semblance to the truth. We smile at your childish delight when you are passing through the fairground haunted house, but are these not more like your experiences now?


Dear Ones, we know that you forever worry about your well being, and it is not easy to adopt a different approach. However, it would help you immensely if you could lessen your dependence upon time. Try to be more relaxed, and if you believe you do not have enough time to do what you wish, let it go and come back to it when you can. Over a long period of time you have gradually been acknowledging that changes are necessary in the way that you use time. One example that comes to mind is the more flexible working hours rather than fixed times. Although your free time has increased over the years, it is still inadequate to allow you to fully follow other pursuits. You were not meant to work to such an extent that you had insufficient time to follow them.


All of these things will change in due course, and it will be a much happier period in your life. You will move into more natural circumstances that allow for your free _expression of your talents. You collectively have so much to offer each other, and more of you will be working together. Indeed, you will work with us and we know already that so many of you are eagerly waiting that opportunity. It will come very soon and of that you can be sure.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and hope you are relaxed and happy about the coming changes. They are ultimately for the good of Humanity, as you must conclude your time in this cycle as it is closing to make way for the new. Glorious and wonderful times are ahead and you do not need to worry about Earth changes, as these will only involve those who have already agreed to be part of them. Focus on the outcome, which will be a fully cleansed and restored Earth, and a renewed Humanity. Love and Light will abound everywhere and the dark shall disappear forever.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.  

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