Diane  08-Feb-06


The mere fact that so many channels have been opened in recent times should tell you that you are in a very special time. Some wish that they too could channel messages, and I tell you that you are receiving information from higher sources all of the time. Providing you are prepared to put aside sufficient time to contact your Higher Self, you will get personal messages directed to you. For example, when you ask for help you can get your guidance from above, and in times to come it will be a normal feature of your daily life.  This is beginning to happen now, and it only requires awareness of your potential to do so to bring it into focus.


Each and every one of you has a link to your Higher Self, and Beings of the higher dimensions. It is part of your natural function as a Human Being and on a soul level, as you are connected to every other life form. There is a continual interplay of energies between you all, and this is how you draw from each other and create your own reality. What you have been doing through higher guidance is acknowledging your ability to create, and place your focus on the changes that you desire. You are co-creators where your reality is concerned, and we have prepared the ground and direct your attention to Ascension. With that, we encourage you to visualize Ascension as already manifest, and with such a positive approach you will be helping to anchor those energies that will bring it about.


There has never been a time when you have had so many sources channeling New Age information. The difficulty for you is that you cannot always determine which are from the higher dimensions. Our advice to you is to be discerning and be guided by your intuition. Also bear in mind that most messages are influenced in style and language by the channel, unless there is a direct overshadowing. You will almost certainly be drawn to those that you feel comfortable with, and are on a similar vibration to yours. Bear in mind, that messages from a spiritual source are gentle, positive and promote Love and Light.


Some of you are still uncertain as to what your Higher Self really is, so let me tell you in simple terms that it is your Godself. It is that part of you that oversees your life, and is the source of your intuition. It is the totality of you in all aspects of yourself, as you have a number of them that are also experiencing elsewhere. These may not necessarily be on Earth, but could even be in another Universe. You will find that life is so much more than you have ever envisaged, as each soul presses on to gain experience in dimensions that all allow varying degrees of freewill.


As you progress upwards you will find less need to exercise freewill, as there is a coming together of like minds and if forms a Group Consciousness. Furthermore, you will put aside your personal desires and prefer to carry out the Will of God. It may for some be a difficult concept, but even carrying out Gods Will you have freedom of choice; it does not mean that you loose your personal identity. In your coming period before Ascension you will almost certainly have lifted up out of duality. In so doing you will find that your thoughts are focused less on I and more on the We as you will fully understand that Oneness of All.


Think of The Galactic Federation that is a supreme example of the coming together of those who acknowledge God, and carry out Gods bidding. There are many Councils and Groups of like minds, and many of you will have heard of The White Brotherhood. All of these work on different rays of energy and compliment the whole, and behind them are even greater Beings. Once you put Self aside and aspire to live your life in Love and Light, many Beings will join you and support you in that decision.


Earth is in turmoil at present and learning many lessons that have become necessary to clear the negative energies of the past. This is where Lightworkers are invaluable to us, as they bring through positive energies to help transmute them and prepare the way for greater changes that are to come. Everyone can contribute, and you do not necessarily have to go anywhere particular to do so. In your own space you can maintain a centered and focused view of all that is going on around you, and send it your Loving energy. Visualize the best outcome for all, and you along with millions like you will change the world.


Anyone who has any degree of sensitivity will note how the energies are changing. When you can keep centered, there is a calmness all around you that is uplifting, and for some reason you cannot explain it will make you feel joyful. Dear Ones, you have been grounding the love energies upon Earth, and you can tune into them. They are here to stay and they are growing stronger every day. Nothing can resist such a powerful energy, and it is lifting all up with it. What is not of the Light will soon disappear, as it will have no place in the coming period. Eventually only Truth shall remain, and then you shall know your true Self as the Angelic Being you really are.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation, and I feel privileged to address you at such an important time in your evolution. We give

you our full support and we look forward to meeting you all at long last. Through our communications we have got to know each

   other quite well. You may feel that you have already known us, and for many that is true as we have been together in the past. We Are One now, and this will forever be so.


   Thank You Diane.


   Mike Quinsey.



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