SaLuSa  07-Feb-06


Our mighty fleets silently move through your solar system, ever ready to respond to the call that will bring us to alertness for the First Contact announcement. It would thrill us to be able to give you a firm idea as to when that might be, but for the time being we can only confirm that it will be this year. We know that the Light has progressed so far on Earth, that its march towards Ascension cannot be stopped. You will achieve the changes that will totally transform your society, and you will soon see the first signs of it.


How many times in your numerous lives upon Earth, have you dreamt of an everlasting peace yet been unable to secure it. This time it will come true, yet wildly exceed your greatest dreams. Deep down in your subconsciousness you carry memories of times when nothing but Light surrounded you, and you lived in a continual ecstasy without a care or worry. After such a long time in duality you now lift up again to head for those most exciting and wonderful times.


We can describe our existence as heavenly, and it is as much due to the coming together of like souls as any other factor. Our dimensions are in harmony and peace, and the lower vibrations have no place here with us. Can you yet imagine being able to trust and respect everyone you meet, and know that all convey their true thoughts and feelings to each other. You will see Beings that have glowing heart centers as their love shines out. Others who wear their spiritual robes that carry colors that represent the rays that they work on, and all can be seen for what they really are.


The Ashtar Command is very much involved with the plan for Earth, and their uniform dress carries the insignia of that command. You could quite easily see them as the ďAĒ team, and its memberís number in millions. They are in the way of Cosmic policeman and keep law and order according to spiritual edicts. Their missions traverse many dimensions and cross many Universes. Lord Ashtar is no stranger to Earth, and many have been contacted by him. He has been a leading advocate for bringing peace to Earth, and successfully campaigned to bring you out of turmoil and possible disaster, by preventing the use of nuclear weapons.


When we come it is to bridge the gap between us all, so that you may take your place alongside us. Firstly the Earth must be cleansed and restored, and secondly we must bring you all together as one Human Race. We will then devote time along with the Masters to directing your understanding, towards the truth about you and your reality. The conflicting views and opinions will disappear, and you shall find it a lot easier to put aside your differences. We will say you are equal and have served the same false reality, which is a product of your thinking and actions over millennia of time. Together we shall lead you to a new way of thinking that reflects who you really are, so that you may return to the higher levels.


At our level we share loving relationships with each other, but we still have those special ones with our Soul Mates. In the energy of Love we can become One, which is an _expression that none of you have experienced even in your most heart stopping moments. As you move higher in the dimensions so the Oneness embraces whole groups of Beings. Love is everything and everywhere flowing through All That Is.


On board our ships we have a wonderful camaraderie, and many of us have been together for hundreds of years. We do not experience boredom, as there are always tasks to be carried out and we never tire of exploring the vast space around us. It is full of life, and it holds us in awe of the magnificence of our Supreme Creator. Many of you will join us, and it will really be a coming home as you have been on our teams before. In the future your experience will allow for you to command your own missions, and many adventures await you. There will always be a home somewhere that you will return to, and for many that will be the new Terra.


Even now you are helping manifest your true reality, as the lower energies make way for the new. Your Earth will be re-created before your very eyes until like you it is ready to ascend. You look around you now and it is difficult to envisage the future Earth, but you shall see it start to take shape before very long. Do not worry if the cleansing seems destructive, as it is a precursor to bringing the new into being. Man has shaped the Earth his way, and now Mother Earth will take that responsibility back.


Dear Ones. I come to reveal a little more about us and how we relate to you. Many of us are friends of old and you will know this when we meet you. We are not intruders interfering with your lives; this time has been planned since you first took on the challenge of duality. We may be superior to you in advanced technology, but we come to you now with Love and a desire to join you as equals. It shall be so, for it is decreed to take place as this cycle ends. Prepare well as the time will shortly come when the final days are counted out.


I am SaLuSa and I bid you well as you apply yourselves to the tasks in hand. You have the Will and the power to bring in the changes that are taking shape, and we absolutely admire your determination to succeed. You are doing so well and we are with you all of the way. I leave you with love and blessings from your friends in Space, The Galactic Federation.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.   

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