St. Germain  06-Feb-06


When you reach a certain understanding you do not need to be told that the killing of another person is against spiritual law. You will know that life is sacred and you cannot take away that which has been given by the Creator. You may believe that there are circumstances in which the taking of life is acceptable or excused. You may plead self defense, but that does not mean that in so doing you take life. Also, the taking of life as punishment for one who has taken the life of another is not Godís way. In fact regardless of whatever act has been carried out that is against spiritual law, it is you who will decide how to make good such deeds. I talk not of euthanasia, which is assisted suicide, which is generally the case of one who is dying in great pain and discomfort, and beyond any form of medical help. If in these circumstances one of clear mind has decided to terminate their life and call upon a loved one to help, that can be seen as an act of mercy.


The subject I raise is one that for many of you is most emotive, and there are always some who will believe that there are special circumstances where punishment by death is permissible. This is the eye for an eye law, and takes no account of what is best to re-educate the offender and help them overcome their tendencies. You come to Earth to experience duality, and it is the dimension to remain in until your agreed time for transition. People can change if given time, encouragement and opportunity, but by dispatching them back to the lower realms it will almost certainly result in bitterness and hatred, and generally do more harm than good. Allowing them time to reflect on their deeds, is where they will begin to understand their motivation and see it for what it is.


I have touched upon some aspects that surround death, but bear in mind that in reality there is no such thing. Death is the shedding of the physical body, and the soul moves out and is drawn to its appropriate level. That in no way lessens the crime of taking life, but it shows that life is infinite. It does however tell you that whatever unresolved problems existed prior to death, they still remain. Let me project an observation that people who have found the Light do not support the taking of anotherís life. This has little to do with religious beliefs, as with few exceptions they accept the idea of war and the killing of your enemies. People of Light have evolved beyond such beliefs and accept the Oneness of all life.


Now where do my comments leave you, as I know some may be disturbed by them? Perhaps you have a courageous member of your family who is in the armed forces or police forces, and has joined out of the highest principles. Some are people who are patriotic and have a great sense of duty and law to protect others. How would they be viewed when they come to account for actions in their life? I will tell you that all is considered from the point of view as to what your motives were. As you will be aware, some members of the forces are nothing more than mercenaries, who will fight for any cause regardless of the credibility of it. Some fight for the sheer pleasure and thrill of killing.


I ask you, how do souls who are still held in the dark make headway in understanding the sanctity of life? The simple answer is that they carry on in their old ways, until they see beyond them. Everyone here on Earth is learning some lesson, that will lift them up higher on the path to evolution and full consciousness. If it were not for the closing of this cycle, Man would eventually reach that point where war and everything concerned with it would become unacceptable. It would cease to be part of Manís make up or desire.


I now come to the point of my message to tell you that First Contact will lead to world peace. However, that will be enforced by Divine Decree because the time has arrived for the activities of war to cease. What is the destiny of those who are still carrying the lower vibrations? They will come more under the influence of the higher vibrations, which are increasingly becoming stronger. In any event, the mere fact that peace will settle on Earth, will itself result in a great upsurge of love between people and that also will raise the vibrations exponentially.


Humankind does not really need much encouragement to change and become the loving souls that they really are. You are benign beings that in your natural state are completely of the Light and Love. Soon you will have the opportunity to draw the higher vibrations to you, as a new stage is entered on your path to Ascension. You will be able to go forward in leaps and bounds, and your old image and ways will become something of the past. For eons of time you have been fed false teaching, that have perpetuated the confrontational attitude and belief that you are separate from all else.


The time is here when the new energy can be grasped and carry you majestically into a Golden Age. Already there is a new mood and purpose amongst you and the realization is dawning that Man has to change. You are tired of continual wars, death and destruction, and you are of strong voice and persuasion and it is being heard. Those who ignore you have no place in the leadership of the future, and they shall rightly be removed. Even now, major changes are proceeding on a pathway that has been firmly established and they shall come to be.


Dear Ones I am St. Germain, and I judge no one but simply raise a subject that is for some painful to bear. However in the near future many shall sit down and think upon these matters, as death is the final barrier to be beaten. Never again shall you experience transition as you presently do upon Earth. In future it will be by choice, and with your full knowledge and conscious awareness. Your first experience will be when you are lifted up into the higher dimensions, and ascend with your physical body. You will have been fully prepared for that event, and it will be an exciting and unforgettable experience. All is carried out with great Love from all of those involved, and I shall be one.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  

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