St. Germain 04-Feb-06

Dear Ones, we are playing the waiting game, and it requires much patience on your part. You know that you are so near to witnessing the first action that shall bring all else into being. It is the “not knowing“ that tends to make time drag, although in reality you must admit it is flowing faster and faster. Because of where we are in our proceedings there is a great sense of anticipation on your part. This is fine, and we wish you to focus on the outcome as though it had already manifested. This will help bring it into being that bit quicker as you will be helping create that reality.

We are coming back to your power of thought, and believe me you have always had a big influence on the outcome. Do not allow it to falter at such a critical time, and be ready to have your resolve sorely tested. There will be signs of wonderful advancement, and then you experience a downturn and your focus is momentarily lost. You have been stalwarts for so long and dedicated to your tasks and this is how we would like it to stay. You are the main players in these end times, because the cycle closing is one that has been energized by your thoughts and deeds. It is so to say, your problem and Karmic Law requires you to put it right.

However, the Hierarchy of Heaven is all loving and has guided you for eons of time, and is now closer than ever to you. Our desire is to see as many of you as possible raise your consciousness to the Ascension level. No one has been given more opportunity than another, and through many lifetimes you have chosen your own path. We are always there for your guidance but we do not impose our ideas upon you. This is a planet of Freewill and you have been allowed to experience exactly as you wished. Once you have incarnated there are no ways of circumventing your soul contract. You may avoid the challenge you came to face, but you will not be allowed to override the conditions set for your experience. In other words, you cannot “buy” your way out of it.

If you are one who feels a lack, ask yourself what lessons are being presented to you. Do not envy others in a secure position because you do not know their life history, or indeed where there lives are leading. I give you a simple example of someone who never seems to have enough money, even if they live a frugal life. One who has to scrimp and save and watch spending very closely. Let us assume that they have had their share of abundance in an earlier life, but not satisfied with sufficient gathered more to themselves at other peoples expense. Would it not seem likely that they learn from lack to appreciate the value of what they have?

Money is still many peoples god and they will literally do anything to acquire it. Do you not have an _expression that “money is the root of all evil” and is it not fairly accurate? Of course it would be too simplistic to say it applied all round, but handling wealth is not as easy as some believe. Money for some is the route to self aggrandizement, for others it enables them to be over indulgent in all of the pleasures. Some may gamble away their fortune in pursuance of more, and if they lost all, what lesson would be learnt. Those bound by the material life rarely give time for their spiritual learning, but see it happens regardless.

Now let me speak of an idyllic time soon to come, when abundance will be for everyone. Imagine not having to want for anything at all, and being able to create according to your hearts desire. I tell that if you reach this point, you will already know that possessions are not important and you will not set out to gain more. Everything necessary for your existence is there for you and your enjoyment. Your mind will be on greater achievements as you move towards the higher realms. Spiritual growth and evolution are what is important to you and nothing else. You will grow out of love and service to others, as it is the giving and not receiving that is important.

On Earth many of you live a totally introverted life, and never seek opportunities to share and get to know others. In the higher realms comradeship and sharing are normal, and those of a similar vibration are drawn together and meet in great friendship and love. Although you are a free spirit you will always seek those who follow the higher path, as all ever moves upwards. What value there is in being able to trust those you meet and being able to identify their place in the Spiritual Hierarchy, as there are no secrets and all is in the open.

Coming straight from Earth into the higher realms will be an overwhelming but exhilarating experience. It will be no dream, and beyond words to describe the ecstasy and peace that awaits you. Words do little justice to levels that abound in Light, and ranges of color you have not yet seen, and celestial music that charms and vibrates upon your heart strings. When the going gets tough upon Earth, just give a thought to the wonders that await you, and know that your perseverance will have been well worthwhile.

I am St. Germain and try to give you an idea of what Ascension means. You have worked a long time for this very moment, so I say be prepared and keep within your own space so that you can keep centered at all times. Let the world pass by but help it on its way, and that does not mean you ignore it, but do not be pulled away by outside distractions. Most of all, do not allow fear to manifest within you, and know that your Love is your impenetrable shield. I know well the higher realms, and I sweep you up so that we may visit them together. The Creator has given you the power of visualization, use it well and wisely as tomorrow your creation will become part of your reality. Think and act Love and you will not falter, and you can do that now if you put your mind to it. I leave you with much Love and Light that streams down to Earth in a never ending flow.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.

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