Atmos  03.Feb.06.


In all of your time, you have not approached an event of the importance as the one now happening. It is the beginning of a whole series of events that conclude with your Ascension. What will eventually occur is unique to this particular cycle, as none of you have previously ascended in your bodily form. The Creator has given this dispensation so that you can go forward to a glorious future.


When you consider what lies ahead, is it no wonder that much effort is being made to enlighten you all. There is a general feeling amongst you that something has to change, but many have no idea as to how it will be achieved and in what form it would take. Your present government is no longer viable, and has ceased to serve the people the way it should. We are pressing our allies to push ahead with their plans, that should see the capitulation of those who are leading your country.


It will give us immense pleasure when we are able to announce the time of our coming, and you will know it is imminent when your last cabal is removed. We are aware of your eagerness to be part of the new Renaissance, and be assured you are included in our plans. The changes that are to take place will involve our joint efforts, and you are very much in our minds. We know what your individual skills and expertise are and they will be applied to achieve the best results all round.


Events that are just coming to your knowledge will show that the noose is tightening around those who are to be removed. Through our allies the most damning evidence is being found, and made public for all to see the way in which the illegal war on Iraq was planned. This along with masses of earlier evidence is making the position of those involved untenable. Soon there will be enormous pressure for those involved to be removed, and moves taken to obtain their resignation.


We now intensely watch these developments to see what reactions there are, and expect some diversion to be created to place the focus elsewhere. We have our instructions and authority to remove the last cabal, and we shall exercise it if matters are not concluded within a certain time frame. As we often inform you, we do know the moves that are planned by them and they will be unable to escape justice. Again, we would prefer to see you take the lead and be in the forefront of any action taken to achieve a conclusion.


If necessary we can penetrate any base that the cabal try to use to avoid detection. We freely walk exactly where we wish without any risk of detection, and in our cloak of invisibility are quite safe. At the appropriate time we shall reveal ourselves directly to those who head your government, and they shall be told what is expected of them. If they refuse to obey the higher authorities, they will be removed there and then and taken to a secure location. We will apply no force of any kind, but we will receive their resignation in writing. Once this becomes public knowledge, the rest of our plans can go forward.


No matter how the changes are achieved, speed will be of the essence. Clearly we have to show in no uncertain way that our actions are totally for your benefit. After all you have been through we consider that task to be one that we can successfully complete in short time. What we look to contain is any backlash against your authorities, as we do not come to cause more trouble. Ours is a peaceful mission and our intent in this direction will become crystal clear.


Dear Ones, it must be increasingly evident to you that your Government leaders are living on borrowed time. They certainly know this to be the case but press on in their misguided fashion, believing that they can somehow escape the ultimate collapse of their regime. Sometimes you see them only going through the motions of governance, as they have completely lost their way. By their very actions they compound the evidence against them, and lies and subterfuge will not serve their purpose any longer. People are seeing through their acts of pretence, and you have a War President only in name, as we might well ask you where is the war.


We call time on those who pursue their own agenda, and a different one that will bring peace waits to be announced. Do not forget our actions will restore your freedom, sovereignty and justice, all of which are sadly lacking at this time. We come for the people that pray for intervention and a return to those principles that you once held dear. You are a great nation that has been pushed into decadence, and borders on collapse as a result. We shall reverse that trend and appoint new leaders that will ensure it is so, and they shall not be corrupted in any way. We mean what we say, and soon matters must come to a head.


I am Atmos, and I will confirm that we of The Galactic Federation stand at the ready to implement our plan, to restore you and the Earth to its rightful place. No one shall cause our plan to be blocked or altered. It is as we remind you often, a Divine Decree that no earthly force can interfere with or stop in its manifestation. Heaven will not be mocked or held back from the path that is lighted and put before you. It is your opportunity to move on from this cycle, and the new one beckons and waits for you to join it. We shall ensure that it is so, and we shall surround you in the love that we bring. We are part of the plan, and it shall succeed because it is the unalterable path to your future. What joy and happiness awaits you, and peace shall be reclaimed for once and all.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.   


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