Atmos  27-Feb-06


There are three main objectives in the daily messages that come through Michael. When they started it was seen that information was needed that would be circulated amongst people and groups, that would bring out an awareness of Ascension. To know of it is one thing, but each and every person who aspires to be part of Ascension must not lose sight of the fact that they have to continually work towards that goal, so that they are fully prepared. This event will take place regardless of any action by Man, as it is part of a greater plan that involves the whole Universe. Our desire is that as many of you as possible achieve Ascension, but bear in mind there will be some who will exercise their freewill to stay in the 3D vibration.


The second objective is to prepare people for the advent of First Contact which has also been decreed by the Hierarchy who oversee the evolution of Humanity. Without our help you would be ill prepared for such an event, and it is vitally important that the purpose of our coming is fully understood. We clearly cannot arrive on Earth without first having made our intentions crystal clear. In fact we have been gradually gaining the confidence of Man for a very long time. These are not matters that can be rushed, but we are now satisfied that there are sufficient of you who understand the necessity for our arrival. Our approach has been patient, and at all times we have shown our peaceful intentions.


Thirdly, there are many actions taking place on Earth that must be allowed to work out. Some are Karmic, and some are the present re-actions to the frantic efforts of the last cabal to hang on to power. We are allowed to work behind the scenes as we have done for a very long time. However, we must not interfere with your own endeavors to remove those individuals that stand in the way of change. Indeed, we have encouraged you to set up the scenario that has the potential to achieve that degree of success. In the eyes of many people, the removal of the last cabal would look better as a result of your own efforts. What we have told you often, is that there is an ultimate date by which time we are authorized to bring matters to a conclusion. If the dark are successful in preventing you from having them removed, then we shall intervene and ensure it takes place. We have planned for the event which one way or the other will take place this year.


With daily messages it is possible to find statements that appear to convey a different impression, but be assured that this is because of the number of contacts involved. They come with an idea in mind, and as you might say cannot give verse and chapter every time. It is necessary to see the overall picture, and hold that in mind when you read these and messages from other sources. The end times and the path towards them are complicated inasmuch that there are a number of realities being played out. The left hand does not always know what the right is doing, and it is quite possible that some confusion will result.


We use our opportunity to speak to you, to keep your eyes on the immediate problems whilst not losing sight of the ultimate goal. We do not want you to ease up on your efforts to remove the dark.  Because we have informed you that the changes will come this year, there is always a chance that some will sit back and wait for that event to occur. You the Lightworkers are an important team that have undertaken to be here at this special time. We want to encourage you, and see you achieve what you came here to do as part of your life contract. Every day you place another brick in the wall that is isolating the dark, and it will not be long before the energy for change that you are creating will show results.


 Let me state that IF necessary, the last cabal will be removed by us if such a result has not been achieved through your own endeavors. The criterion for such action is the date by which the Hierarchy desire it to have taken place. Then and only then, can peace be declared and our arrival on Earth commence. Do not be concerned at the amount of activity that will need to follow. We have a meticulous plan, and with our advanced technology will achieve in short time all of the changes that we have previously  told you about. In a human time frame we cannot expect you to full understand our ability to effect the changes quickly, but see that our resources are inexhaustible and we have millions of craft and personnel at our disposal.


Be assured that those of you who have already committed yourselves to go forward with Ascension will do so. You will be fully informed as to what it entails, and be totally ready when it is time for your lifting up. This is not an entirely new venture for us, and The Galactic Federation has previously served others who have also reached this point in their evolution. Do not forget that in bringing the changes to your planet, we also serve Mother Earth who will go forward with you into the higher dimensions. Mother Earth has given herself to you for the precise purpose of allowing you to experience in the 3D, and like you she will do whatever is required for her own preparation. However, we are here to help you all and you will see that our actions do exactly that.


Matters progress slowly upon Earth and you must be patient, but know that all will work out well. Your last cabal will be forcibly removed if they deny the process of Law. No one is a law unto themselves, and we have already made that clear to them. Yes, we do as we have stated, work behind the scenes but it has to be done our way and in accordance with the authority we have been given. You are in safe hands, and our allies are working hard to bring a result very soon. You are in even safer hands as the Creator has given the command that will release you from this cycle of duality.


I am Atmos, and I come to make clear the position that we are at, so as to remove any misconception about our present activities as related to your own input. We are closely working together with you, even if we do not reveal details to you. There is nothing that happens without our foreknowledge, and we have the means of predicting the most likely outcome of any actions taken on Earth. Remember however that there is always that additional factor as you might call it, the X factor of freewill.


I hope you are re-assured as to where matters rest at present, and know that we shall continue to work closely with you. When the time for change arrives you shall all be made aware of it, but meantime we exercise some measure of secrecy for the protection of those whom we work with upon Earth. Rest easy and still apply yourselves to your own special skills, and do your best to make it clear that we present no threat to the Human Race. We come with great love, and we see you and treat you as our Brothers and Sisters which you are. We Are ALL One and brought into creation from the same source, the Creator of All That Is, and Ever Was and Will Be.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey                     

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