St. Germain  25-Feb-06


There has never been a time in your current cycle such as now, when the Light has formed such a strong grid around Earth. Knowingly or not, you have drawn the Light to yourselves and grounded it so that it is a permanent energy flow through the Earth itself. From afar the glow upon Earth is also beaming outwards and we see the transformation that is taking place.


The Light will release you from the lower energies, and it is showing the way for others to follow. As you progress so you bring up others with you, and this pattern continues as you go higher and higher into the Light. There is a point where you leave the dark energies behind for good, as they cannot exist in the higher vibrations. Now you have the promise that soon you will leave this dimension, and through Ascension return to the wonderful worlds composed of Light.


As you bring Light to yourself, you begin to create a new physical body as it raises your bodily vibrations. It is in effect a form of self healing that will bring balance to energy centers of your body. Some who are aware of the functioning of the Chakras use visualization to do it, and once they are in balance the energy can flow unrestricted or impaired. You also have Psychics and healers who can either see or” feel” them, and can treat them accordingly. Through such abilities it is possible to recognize the onset of illness and prevent it from manifesting.


Slowly but surely you are being acquainted with new forms of healing. It is leading more to preventative methods, and these will eventually mean an end to the need for surgical operations as you understand them. Michael who records these messages has been reading about David Dvir and his healing centers. These already use skills that are the result of a liaison with many different  Extraterrestrials, and “operations” are carried out without the need to cut open the body. These concepts will be completely new to you, but signpost the way to the future.


All of these types of advancements will be short term; inasmuch that as your body is “lightened” and changes to a crystalline structure it will no longer suffer illness at all. You are already beginning to experience these changes, and it will also result in a slowing down of the aging process. You should generally begin to notice a feeling of well being, as you absorb more of the higher vibrations. When we tell you that you are leaving the old behind, we really mean it and it will not be too long before it becomes more apparent.


At present you have a very unsatisfactory health program, as it is not directed at the cause but rather the symptoms. To address the cause and prevent disease would result in major changes all round. Many of your problems are due to the ingestion of additives that are in your food chain, and these build up in your bodies and cause illness. There are so many problems that you would have to live a completely different lifestyle to overcome them. You suffer forms of radiation from many different sources, and these can cause a breakdown of the body cells.


Everything is made up of energy including your body and you can see that if you distort or destroy its energy, it will have a damaging effect. Energies surround you the whole time, and even come to you from deep in space. However, not all energies of this nature are destructive and some are positively beneficial. At this time you are beginning to enter the photon belt and here is an energy that will be instrumental in uplifting you towards Ascension. Once you start to go along this path you will feel less of the present heavy vibrations that are associated with Earth.


Having spoken of your body it must be said that it is a wonderful vehicle that serves you so well. In spite of the abuse it gets particularly through the use of drugs, and given the chance it has the ability to bounce back. Think of the deprivation that some people suffer, such as when they are dying of starvation. Yet you can see how given the chance how miraculously the body can be nursed back to health. If more thought was given to your bodily requirements, you would certainly raise the quality of your health.


Let me say that water is a most versatile liquid, and it would help your bodily functions if you drank more of it. How valuable it is, yet little care is taken to keep this resource plentiful and clean. Pollution is endemic, and water is affected through the many chemicals that are used agriculturally and run off the land. However, your experiences are intended to teach you lessons that you invite upon yourselves. Your whole reason for being on Earth is to find out about the role of matter and spirit.


I am St. Germain, and as one who has had many incarnations on Earth I know how hard life can be. It has been your choice to come to this beautiful planet, and you have undoubtedly also experienced some wonderfully enlightening moments in your life, it is by no means all drudgery and strife. It is because you have experienced the extremes upon Earth, that you can appreciate and enjoy those moments of sheer joy and happiness. However, you can now look forward to the approaching times of change that shall lead you to the heavenly dimensions of perpetual bliss. You have yet to know what it is like to be totally surrounded in the vibrations of Love, and live in complete harmony.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.    

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