Atmos  24-Feb-06


You must sense by now how near you are to remarkable changes that will signal the beginning of the end of your last cabal. They have of course already started, but on Earth matters that are of a legal nature do take an immense amount of time to be concluded. It is like all energies that follow thought, and it must manifest itself at some time.


As you are beginning to understand, everything around you is energy and that includes yourself. All is subject to certain laws that determine how it holds together and conditions that allow for transmutation. A simple law ensures that the energy of Light will always be superior to the dark, and in this New Age you are using it in that way. The Light continues to increase in spite of any outward appearance that would suggest the dark is the dominant force. This is an illusion created by the fear tactics used and the chaos that usually results from their actions.


Hear the voices that speak out for peace and freedom, they cannot be muted forever. They are beginning to get the attention they deserve, but the media is still controlled through those that are determined to keep the status quo. This situation cannot be really altered until those who own the Press and T.V. outlets are removed.  A freedom of _expression will be returned to you quite quickly, and we shall use all forms of contact to reach you everywhere. We will ensure you are all well informed as to the reasons for our presence, remembering that many are totally unaware as to the historic meeting that is soon to take place.


Those who already know much about our activities will be our bedrock. We need many ambassadors to move amongst the people that can assure them of our truthful intentions. For a long time we have been very careful about how we have made contact with you, and avoided any contentious or inadequate occurrence. We still have to battle with the “little green men” impression, and those fearful stories and films that depict us as conquerors from Space.


Never mind the potential problems as we have them all under control, but we will need our allies to move amongst you and bring calm. When we have laid out our plans and the populations of the different countries see what we propose, it will be evident that we come as friends who fully understand your problems. Furthermore, it will be re-assuring to you that we can bring changes in very quickly and you will not experience too much inconvenience. If need be we will place you in a created Earthly environment on board our massive ships until you can return to Earth. Our plans are well thought out, and our concern is for your safety and well being at all times.


You are in fact protected and have been for eons of time, and no outside visitors have been allowed to interfere with your evolution. You are often informed as to how special you are, and you are shortly destined to complete your time on Earth. There have been other visitors that would have colonized Earth, and taken away her valuable resources but they have been prevented from doing so. Imagine for one moment how your own civilization would act if able to travel to far worlds. Already they talk of mining your Moon and Mars, and they would destroy areas in a similar way to what they have done on Earth.


Many of you are ready to conform to a new way of living, one that will release you from the drudgery of your daily life. You will be able to exercise your creative skills, and through new methods of teaching you will advance rapidly. You will have new techniques at your fingertips and methods that will be quite astounding to you. Food and housing are a priority and in short time no one shall be assailed by the elements and be without adequate protection. Be assured there is no task that we have not carefully considered and have not found the answers to already.


We will enjoy our coming together and it will be a wonderful occasion when all can be revealed. Meantime your dark forces press on with their agenda, but they are in disarray and no longer have the control they desired. It is obvious that whatever the outcome you will need our presence at some stage to ensure your safety. We cannot allow destruction for the sake of it, and we are aware that we are dealing with dangerous people who support your Illuminati. As we have informed you before, we track them and their activities and we are ready to curtail their actions until they can be totally removed.  


Slowly but surely through various channels you are beginning to learn a lot more about yourselves. Most important, you are also learning about the other dimensions and the type of life to be found within them. One not referred to very often concerns the people of to your Inner Earth who are also coming out to greet you. They are connected to you as your family of old and stories of their existence can still be found in your archives. These Beings were your fabled Lemurians, and they continued their evolution inside the Earth when danger threatened and they lost their continent. They too are now very advanced and you have seen their craft in your skies that are very similar to ours.


Some of you have heard of people who have come across the Inner Earth entrance at the Pole, and it has been photographed from Space. Certain individuals have been allowed to make contact with the Beings inside the Earth, and you should read about Admiral Byrd’s experiences if this is new to you. The entrances have been protected, as you have set out to penetrate them and that is not allowed. You cannot just walk into the abode of another civilization without their approval, anymore than visitors can impose themselves upon Earth.


The truth has so often been held back from you, and you will be astounded as to what has been hidden away from your eyes. You have been mislead for thousands of year. In recent times you have been denied new knowledge and understanding that we shall provide you with quite quickly. History, Religion and Politics have all been presented in a way that is intended to hold you in the power of the few who have so far controlled your destiny. That is all about to change and the truth shall come out and you will know it to be so.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and know that when we arrive we shall be open to your questions and happy to put your minds at rest as to our intentions. Remember that you are now also a member of The Galactic Federation and we are joined in a common cause to bring Light to all life forms in the Universe. You are not different to us because you already have the potential to reach our levels. We are going forward together in service to the Creator who has decreed that it is your time to be raised up again. We look forward to working with you and the Masters who will also walk upon Earth once more. What marvelous times beckon, and how wonderful it will be to share our love and friendship with you.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.

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