Ela  22-Feb-06


Around your world people watch the developments intently as the war of words and threats grow. The future has always lain at the door of the major powers, and decisions they make do not just affect their own people. The focus is therefore on the U.S. but other key players are not idle and use their influence to keep the peace. We try to bring those together who can have a say in what happens, and the immediate problem is to diffuse the Middle East situation.


Unfortunately passions play a part, and certain religious groups are being taken advantage of because of their sensitivity to ridicule. This plays into the hands of those who manipulate events so as to proceed with their secret agendas. The American people have a great responsibility to others as well as themselves, and if they allow matters to go unchecked they could get out of hand. It would be easy to ignore what is happening, as after all you are told it is in your own interests. It really is time to put your political and religious preferences aside, as if the dark are not stopped it will benefit no one except their own.


In the higher realms we settle matters by sitting down with each other, and sensibly discuss the problem. All parties are intent on a peaceful solution, and its effect on each one is carefully considered. These are quite different meetings to yours, inasmuch that they are working for a result that satisfies all of them. It is carried out in an atmosphere that is cordial and where each person is putting forward views that are given totally in truth. Much attention is given to ensuring that sovereignty is maintained, and this is where it differs greatly from your meetings.


You have agendas that are set up for selfish reasons, and you give only where you get something back in return. Sometimes you collude with others using bribery so that you get your own way, and as a last resort use threats. Sanctions and withdrawal of help are also used to force people into your way of thinking. Is it no wonder that your different countries and people find it so hard to get on with each other. In the circumstances how can there be trust and honest agreements reached, and who really cares about the people themselves.


You will realize that you will not get far at all until those that represent you are chosen for their integrity, honesty and spiritual understanding. Your problem is that you do not readily know who comes into this category. Often you are voting on very limited knowledge of the people put forward, and a good orator will often sway your opinion. However, your political campaigns usually concentrate on destroying the reputation of others, rather than considering their suitability to represent you.


When you move into the higher realms, each and everyone is known in truth for what they are and for their spiritual evolution. There is no hiding the truth or pretence as you are seen for exactly what you are, no more and no less. It would be pointless to tell lies as they dim your light, and your thoughts cannot in any event be concealed. It is not that people intrude into each others thoughts, but you cannot say one thing and mean another without it being known. Do not be worried at this prospect, as by the time you ascend you too will have moved beyond the double standards of Earth. If you had not, your vibration would not match that of the higher realms.


Try keeping to the truth now and see how you fare, of course it is difficult and I realize that in some matters it is better to maintain your privacy and keep views to yourself. That arises from the reactions you get from others, and you may even suffer punishment for your views. You choose words carefully and they do not always carry the ring of truth. Already some sensitive people pick up the vibrations and “feel” uncomfortable about them. Why is it you cannot speak openly with each other, I would say it is sometimes the fear of being rebuked or ridiculed. People can be cruel to each other, and it is often inspired by an ego that is too inflated with self esteem.


Dear Ones, you do not live a real life, you have been reduced to a shadow of your true potential. Over millennia of time you have been placed into a mould dictated by different cultures and religions, and pushed all over the place by political dictates. This is all about to change and many have already broken away and found their true path. They have lifted themselves up, by recognizing the way in which humanity has been pulled down by allowing and encouraging their dependence on drugs, alcohol and sexual perversions. Some have stood back and recognized the trap they have fallen into, and have created their own fortress of Light around them. Free of other people’s impositions and restrictions, they have ”seen the Light” and drawn it to themselves.


It is true that the Creator has given you freewill so that you can experience whatever you desire, but it comes at a cost if it impinges on others and interferes with their evolution. There are Universal Laws that apply and override any of those that are man made. The biggest price you pay, is by allowing yourself to lose touch with your Higher Self as you lower your vibrations. However, when you are ready you will be given a hand back up, as no one is left in the dark forever or indeed wishes to do so. The Light of your soul will forever shine and it is your guarantee of immortality.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and I know that if you could see and experience what waits you in the higher dimensions, you would find the impetus you need to rise up. The peace and tranquility you seek is here, and the stress and tiredness you experience in the lower vibrations is non-existent. Harmony between all energies and Beings is perfectly normal, and illness and imperfections are only found in your vibrations. Let your thoughts wander in those moments of utter peace and relaxation, and you can be with us and see in your minds eye the picture that we have painted.


One day not too far away, you too will be in the higher dimensions and your memories of the cycle of duality will have passed into obscurity. If you wished you could now start to walk a different path, as many already have who are on their way to Ascension. It is possible to be on Earth but not in it, by staying centered within yourself and allowing all else to pass you by. If you are successful, you will have gone a long way to raising your vibrations, and many Beings of Love from those higher dimensions will go hand in hand with you. I wish you success and know that our Light and Love is ever with you.


Thank you Ela.


Mike Quinsey.

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