St. Germain  21-Feb-06


You have been standing at the crossroads for some time, and decisions now have to be made. We observe that there are still many who waver and know not which way to go, and some are scared to accept the path of Light. There is understandably a familiarity with Earth that holds them back, and in spite of the chaos they cling to what they know. These Dear Ones are having their heart strings tugged by the Light, but sometimes deny what they deep down know is true. When you have spent your life in denial, it is difficult to open up yourselves and go straight into beliefs that do not come naturally to you.


Those who have not yet found their path clutch at straws, and are likely to be repulsed by the idea of organized religion. They fear to give away their own freedom and have beliefs imposed upon themselves. However, first and foremost you may inform them that there is comfort in knowing that life is infinite, yet this idea can also be frightening. It is the feeling that you have no control over your destiny. The idea that you are accompanied by guides can also seem an intrusion that somehow invades your privacy.


Those of you who have found your truth can help those who are still unsure and still searching. You are the living proof of how the Light is improving your life, and giving you a calmness and peace which shines out to all around. It is also truth that whoever you meet you are touching them with your Light, as it spreads out from you as a beautiful aura. Without a word you can awaken people to their own possibilities, as everyone has the same potential. Your vibrations give others a “lift” and even if they are not consciously aware of it they enjoy having you around them, although they may  be unable to give an explanation for it.


In the giving of your Light you momentarily bring people into your center where you have created peace. They feel good to be near you and enjoy having you around. In these moments of relaxation they are open to your help, and the opportunity can be taken to plant thoughts with them that may stir them into a greater understanding. It is a simple comment that is packed with possibilities that will make them think about themselves. Many are obviously concerned as to what they see as the perilous state of the world. Consider that when the subject is raised that you can share your beliefs that higher forces than those on Earth are looking after you. Let people know that everything is destined to work out for the good of all.


You cannot expect to bring someone into your way of thinking by overstating your beliefs. If you are with people you know, you should be able to gauge how far you can go. This is in no way imposing yourself upon them, but simply starting a train of thought that may bring them to the beginning of an understanding that will open their eyes. The truth is remarkably simple although having lived through many lives without true guidance, some are still held in confusion with false ideas. Lightworkers do not cajole or force people into their beliefs, and it is certainly true that they are known by their work. It is by example that others are drawn to consider what it is that brings about your peaceful demeanor.


Fear is the biggest enemy of the truth, and it is up to Lightworkers to dispel it where they can. The dark use it as their power and to overcome resistance to their plans, and it is a well used ploy that has worked for millennia of time. However, there are so many people that now view life from the center of their being. They are no longer blinded by the rhetoric or threats of the misguided souls, that presently lead you ever more into the chaos of their own creation. Stand aside and concentrate on your ability to see the path beyond and stay focused in the Light.


Have you ever met a stranger and found yourselves talking about matters that are spiritually based, and wondered how the subject came up. Yes, it happens often and people are guided to you, because they can for those few moments speak freely about matters they would not discuss with people they knew. If you are of the Light you will be used in this way, and even when you meet with like people as you do at your meetings, how many times do you meet someone who is searching for what you can offer. Spirit is creating opportunities for growth all of the time, and yet it is hardly noticed. It is much like following your intuition, and finding it leads to opportunities to serve the Light. When great numbers of you do so, you can create the circumstances in which miracles can take place.


Life is not subject to chance, but is highly organized in this great panoply and intertwining of your lives. It must seem quite remarkable to you that with the millions of people on Earth, that the interplay actually works out. It does because with every single person there are Guides who ensure that the important phases of your life take place. You also have Angelic protection to ensure that your contracted life span is completed, and it is absolutely safe in their hands. Now you can expect miracles through your Angelic helpers, and be aware of their presence and call upon them when you need their assistance.


People can recount many stories of life threatening moments that are overcome in “miraculous” ways. Think about it and know that you are loved and cared for by these great Angelic Beings. They come from the Godhead to serve Man, and their delight and joy is that you acknowledge their presence. There is so much that you do not see and have little awareness of, but in the immediate future you will learn more about the “unseen”.


I am St. Germain and come to remind you of your responsibility to each other. You are One, and try to see that link when you are confronted with the dark ones who wish to divide and conquer. Send out your love and kind thoughts to calm the troubled waters of life. Love is all you need to help transmute the dark energies that presently abound upon Earth. With you goes our love and we give you added strength in your work, and soon it shall reveal your success.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  


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