SaLuSa  20-Feb-06


It is amazing how much things can change in such a short time. Just in a few weeks so many new developments have taken place. On the one hand the dark are more menacing, but at the same time the Light is growing so rapidly. We see a greater picture of how the Light has created a powerful grid around the Earth. It is giving even more power to those who are at the forefront of the various groups that are bringing the changes into being.


There is now so much evidence against the dark that reveals the true intent of their schemes to subdue and control the people. As soon as the legal actions bringing charges against the Illuminati are processed, the floodgates will open. No one will be in doubt as to the culpability of those named. Meantime evidence is still being amassed about 911 and an irrefutable case now exists. The most daring and arrogant act to dull the minds of the American people, has now come back with a vengeance. It is as you know simply a matter of time before those involved in 911 are made to answer for their actions.


In the circumstances you can leave the matters of trial and prosecution to take their inevitable path to conclusion. It is best to keep in focus the ongoing work that is required upon Earth. With the occurrence of more natural disasters you have much to occupy your relief agencies. The Third World still suffers form hunger and lack of medical supplies, and yet the response is still inadequate. See here a lesson and opportunity to show your love and compassion for your fellow beings.


Are you amazed if not saddened at how ready countries are to go to war, and funding seems to present no problems. Personnel and equipment can be quickly moved to any area throughout the world. Yet when people are the victims of disaster the slowness to react is very noticeable. Even where financial support is promised it is a fact that it is rarely given in full. It is too easy to make empty promises and words of sympathy are not enough. Deep down you will all have had life experiences of the want for food and particularly water. Help those that are in need now, and show the Spiritual Brotherhood that you have learnt your lessons through your own experiences.


You are inextricably linked  to each other, and all through history your actions have affected All in one way or another. You continually create your reality as you go along, and you are placed in the very situations that you have perhaps previously failed to respond to or deliberately ignored. The challenges that you face will not go away, and particularly at this time they are repeatedly coming back to you through your media. Your conscience will keep bringing such matters up until you make a firm decision about what you are to do.


At heart you are compassionate and loving beings, but the clamor of life and your focus on your own problems often puts others in the background. If you think back to WW11 and how the threat of war brought all types of people together, you see situations where differences can quickly be put aside when survival becomes a key factor. When the changes commence this year and people realize what is about to happen, we see a similar activity starting up. It will be as much the result of relief that after a period of intense pressure from the threat of escalating war, that peace can at last be achieved. Take away the pressure and see what an immense difference it will make. Stress in particular is the root of so many illnesses, and once the future plans are revealed it will be greatly reduced.


It is your right to live in freedom, and not be under the continual threat of restrictions that would take it away. Over a long period of time your military have been given far too much say in decisions that have disrupted your lives, or taken away loved ones. You have little or no say as to what is done in your name, and that is certainly undemocratic. Soon you will be represented by a new breed of people that get their priorities right, and base decisions on what is best for all. You will have your say and be consulted, and those in charge will soon have your confidence take decisions that reflect your well being. Much that has been taken away from you over many years will be returned to you, and your Constitution will be restored. It will be a model for the rest of the world who will adopt its creed.


One of the biggest changes will concern your acceptance of other races of people. The differences that have tended to keep you apart will disappear and the Oneness of all that is will be accepted. You do not really have far to go to achieve such changes, as there are few countries now that are not cosmopolitan in nature. Movement around the world had become so fast and easy, and through modern communication systems you understand a lot more about the ways of others. In short time it will advance at a tremendous speed as you are introduced to the new technologies of transport and communication.


Do not concern yourselves too much about the restrictions and controls that are being put in place now. They will not last for long, and will be removed once we arrive and can put the right people in charge of your future. The terrorist threat has been used as a means to put you under stringent controls, yet you have not been under any greater one than usual. Just think upon the question as to who are actually posing the greatest threat to world peace, and perhaps you will be surprised at your answer.


It is obvious to almost everyone that things must change, as you cannot go on much longer the way you are. The resources of the Earth are depleted, and pollution goes on virtually unchecked along with environmental changes that are exacerbating the situation. Without some change of direction you are bringing Mother Earth to her knees, and you are now seeing her response. You are recognizing that you must all work together, and you are your Brothers Keeper. We come to you out of Love knowing that we have this responsibility for you, and it would gladden our hearts to see you emulate upon Earth what we are doing.


I am SaLuSa and you know me now as a member of The Galactic Federation. This is my way of serving others, and our focus is upon you and the glorious changes that are about to be implemented. The fact that we are here, is your proof that the Creator has kept a promise to you that you would be lifted up again at the end of this cycle. The end is here now, and it signals a new beginning that will open a pathway to the stars, which is your real home.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey                    

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