Diane  02-Feb-06


We know that our messages are sometimes repetitive, but as we rapidly approach the time of change we emphasize the need for you to be prepared. We also keep re-assuring that all will be well, as these are very volatile times and there are still ups and downs to be experienced. Our allies are well versed in the part they are to play in bringing about the removal of the last cabal. You may sense the great occasion is near, but it will happen with surprising quickness. It must be so, as a long drawn out situation would only benefit those opposed to our actions.


The pieces are in position that will enable our plan to go ahead, but as always our timing has to be exact. One day in the future you shall learn the truth behind our activities, and undoubtedly be surprised to know who have been working with us. It is not always wise to show your true colors, and we can adequately protect our allies. The stage is set, and we are all at readiness for a series of quick developments that will follow the first action on Earth. We are so keen to get going, and end your frustration and sometimes impatience at the delays.


The dark are trying hard to rush through reams of new legislation to gain a firmer hold over you. They look for extensive powers that virtually give you no rights at all, so that they can use the iron fist against you. They try to stem the impetus that is growing daily and calls for an end to the oppression, and instead peaceful negotiation to put an end to all wars. You are turning against those who are staring into the abyss, yet like lemmings race headlong to the cliff edge. They cannot admit to themselves that their plan is now breaking up, and they try to grasp what is left with one last attempt to maintain their position.


We have to let this last act play itself out, but we know that each time your senses are assaulted by the deeds of the dark your opposition to them grows. They now target the Internet and will try to curtail or prevent the free exchange of information. This task is beyond them at present, but they do target some individuals who are at the forefront of freedom of speech. You have already reached so many people through this medium. Without it you would not have been able to provide the people convincing proof of your Government’s involvement in 9/11. It is too late for them to close this door and it will be instrumental in their downfall.


Meantime we closely watch events, and will act if they give any indication of getting out of hand. We do not sit idly by and are very much aware of what is happening even behind the scenes. We are as usual holding the balance, whilst allowing the outworking of Karma that must necessarily be allowed to clear itself. However, you have brought things to a head and the Light is assured of coming out victorious. We know that so many of you inwardly “feel” that the coming events will lead to the final conclusion.


There are many brave souls now that are so bold and not afraid to stand up for their principles, and the rights of others. They find their strength and courage in their beliefs, and know that many others walk with them and protect them. We often accompany them to inspire them and guide their actions because they are receptive to us. Many have awoken to their soul contracts that have come into play specifically for this very time. Some have spent their whole life preparing for this final thrust, and they stand out like beacons of Light.


We have the advantage of knowing who has undertaken to serve the Light at this time. We come to you in your sleep, and sometimes you come with us to prepare for your part in the action. I tell you that you are formidable forces that carry no arms except for your powerful light emanations, and your love for humankind. You have the most powerful energy in the whole of creation, and it will be used to clear the way for those who follow. Each Lightworker makes a unique contribution, and all is according to their ability and equally as important. Never feel that you have little to offer, as each contribution is essential to the whole.


When you begin to understand how evolution takes place, you will also appreciate the wonderful opportunities it affords each and every one to progress. No one else can do it for you, and this cycle that is about to close has enabled you to step up your vibration in relatively short time. At this stage we are allowed to assist you, as the Hierarchy of Heaven desire that as many of you as possible go forward to the higher levels. Our presence and help is similar to that given by your Guides to all who are incarnated upon Earth. The difference is that we come specifically to help you and Earth lift up, something that we are experienced in carrying out.


I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, just one of millions privileged to be here at this time. We want you to succeed and will do everything we can to ensure you do so. Let me say again that we are your family, and you are linked to us as you have been for eons of time. Would it not follow that we should be here to assist at such an important time for you and Mother Earth? We Are One, and do not judge us by our outer differences as you will see that many of us have a great similarity to you. When you ascend our Oneness will be more apparent, and you will have acquired bodies like ours that comprise more of Light.


I leave you with the promise that we are with you every minute, and none shall be harmed that are doing God’s work. Perhaps you have not considered what motivates all of us, it is our Love for All Life, the creations that are Holy and carry the essence of the Creator.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.


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