St. Germain  18-Feb-06


Often I talk about Lightworkers, and it is usually evident that their activities are involved with the bringing through of Light and its use. Some of you may wonder how this comes about, as you may yourself aspire to do that type of work but may find that you are not fully ready. Let me explain that many souls have come to planet Earth over eons of time to help with your evolution. When a situation calls for help and the circumstances are ideal, Lightworkers will incarnate with the sole purpose of bringing knowledge that will enable a move forward. It may not always be in the nature of spiritual guidance, but could for example be knowledge that will improve health, or the growing of foodstuffs.


Since there has always been a plan for the evolution of Earth and its peoples, you will understand that progress is essential to maintain its forward movement. The 19th Century brought you into a period where development was speeded up, and many able people were inspired with inventions that took you into the Industrial Age. Progress of this nature also meant that the weapons of war were becoming more lethal. It has always been the way and beneficial discoveries in one field are also used for the purposes of power over others. In this same Century you saw the start of spiritual organizations, that allowed an alternative to the orthodox views. Man was moving ahead at a rapid speed and the balance between the Light and dark had to be kept.


This is why there was a sudden influx of more advanced Beings, who came out of Love and service to Earth. Can you imagine what a shock it was to some of them to find themselves in such a heavy vibration? At the time of Birth the affect was one of harsh light, and often rough physical handling, and entry into a world almost devoid of the Love vibration. Lightworkers really do make a sacrifice to come to Earth, but it is without complaint as the overriding importance is to lift people up again. It is the energy they bring along with them, and the knowledge of how to use it. Notice how they seem to find exactly the right people, or groups that they can work through because making the right contacts is not left to chance.


Lightworkers come from numerous planets and sometimes from within this solar system. Some come with special skills, and often these are techniques hitherto unrevealed such in areas as healing. In this present day many are performing their particular roles in bringing enlightenment to you, and never before has there been so much importance placed upon it.  No one will be able to say that help was unavailable, as if anyone has had the inclination to learn there is always a pathway to knowledge. The emphasis of late has been intentional, as time runs by so quickly and it is reaching a point where major changes are due.


It would be preferable that those who see Ascension as their goal should have already made some progress towards fulfilling it. It can be said that it is never too late, but the reality is that you must get started and start to shift into the new vibrations. With it comes responsibility to yourself, to live your visualization of what Ascension means to you. You would in normal events have drawn up a soul contract that would have included for guidance onto the Ascension path, and unless you failed to take it up you should now be well advanced. You have been building towards this time for many lives, and with commitment and determination failure is not to be contemplated.


You can look back at the last century or so, and see very chaotic times and indeed the older generations have lived through major wars. You wish for peace, yet what you have experienced is the manifestation of the negative energies created by Man. Even now they reach a new crescendo when you perhaps think it cannot get worse. This is a paradox as the negative energies are still there to be transmuted, and yet there has never been such an influx of Light for millennia of time. This is how matters are cleverly planned, as the end times are predictable and it is ensured that the Light is proportional to the dark.


Now you hover at that point where the scales of justice are moving towards the Light, and they will not move back this time. Events are almost dreamlike, as the dark try to create more chaos, at a time when the Light is so powerful and there is a clear distinction between the two. No longer can the Light be subdued, and it will continue to gain strength until critical mass is achieved. Then shall you be at the door to the Golden Age, and the dark will have been consigned to a fate of its own making.


Dear Ones I am St. Germain, and I have nothing but praise and Love for anyone who decides to share their Light in the cause of enlightening the people of Earth. No matter how small you may deem your contribution to be, please remember that it is your unique offering. Every one of you are a part of the whole, part of Humanity and what you do for one, you do for all. You originally came as one family from the higher realms, and eventually everyone will finally be lifted up again. The Creator envisioned the cycle of duality, and as it draws to a close you can reflect on the fact that you have served your time out of great Love for the Creator.


The Creator in turn will empower you with Light, and you shall go on to greater and more wonderful experiences in the never ending kingdoms that stretch into infinity. You will be coming out of your dream world and the unreal, into the beautiful Light that will welcome you home. The illusion that has held you down, no longer has the power to keep hold of you as you start to break away into the Light.     

I shall leave you with these thoughts, and know that if you go within you will find the truth for yourself.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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