Ag-agria  17-Feb-06


As happens when the mass consciousness grows, it occurs quickly and we see the Light strongly glowing out from Earth. There is no doubt that more people are turning to the Light. From our point of view this is exactly what we have been working towards, as this is your time to show the power you have to mould what occurs upon Earth. Hitherto you have left all decisions to your elected representatives expecting that they would acknowledge your views and opinions. Instead through stealth and corruption they have ignored you, and now find to their chagrin that it has been thrown back at them.


No governing body lasts very long once they have lost the support of the people, and you have a typical example in the U.S. Their allies in war are feeling the same objections that are being voiced stronger than ever, and you will note how the leadership of Tony Blair of the United Kingdom is also coming under fire. These developments are a sure sign of how matters are rapidly changing, and something clearly has to give. Normally an unpopular leader will resign, but it is typical of those who have abused their position to have to be forced out.


What is occurring is having a worldwide affect, and the outcome is so important for everyone’s future. Short of interference we will do whatever is required to ensure that there is not a contrived situation to alter the outcome. The power of the people is at last determining what is acceptable, and the demands for change will not go unheeded. Matters of this nature have a path that usually results in them escalating and we see this to be the case. You are winning this battle against the intentions of the dark, and you have an ailing government that cannot keep control for much longer.


When you find yourselves in such a position, it needs the pressure for change to be sustained. All of the time you are creating the energy for such an outcome, and you have the added strength of ours which is making a formidable difference. Keep the pressure on those who are controlling your destiny, as it is to be removed from their hands. Your destiny is written in the stars from whence you came, and greater powers than those on Earth are preparing to assist you on the last part of your journey. Things are pretty chaotic, but out of it will emerge a clear path that will allow us to finally commence the next stage of our tasks by arriving on Earth.


At present it is difficult for you to put aside what is happening all around you, but you can still watch events without becoming directly involved. Your greatest service to your fellow man is to keep bringing the Light to Earth. Send it to those areas where it can help reduce the emotional outbursts, that threaten to result in hasty actions that may have repercussions all around the world. All of the problems will be sorted out in due course, but for the meantime you are prominently involved in holding the balance.


You may wonder how we feel about what is happening all around you. I will say that because we know it is akin to a game between the Light and Dark, we know the result has been pre-ordained and we can play our part accordingly. We lessen as far as possible any impact that may be placed upon you, and we always have in mind the part that Mother Earth has yet to play in the final outworking. Unlike the dark, we do have knowledge of every event that may materialize, and so armed we are allowed to intervene as long as it does not go against any Karmic outworking.


We know that powerful Light is continually being beamed to Earth, and we see how it is lifting you up. It is a process involving changes that are essential to your preparations for Ascension, and we are very much involved in them. Our presence is not out of some idle interest or curiosity like some visitors to Earth, and we come as a fully organized group that you know as The Galactic Federation. We are comprised of those planets that have evolved to the point where they live in peace and Brotherhood. You are now a member, as it is seen that soon you will have brought permanent peace and Love to Earth.


Outside of Earth there are conditions and situations that are not unlike what you have been used to experiencing. However, these are confined to the lower dimensions which you are rising out of if you have chosen Ascension as your path. Those who are not ready will continue to receive guidance in a similar environment to what you now have. However, they still have lessons to learn and every single individual will be accompanied by their Guides. It is no shame upon these ones who are not ready, they simply require a longer period in which to complete their experiences.


Do you not think it wonderful that there are Beings who preside over your evolution who have such Love for every single soul? One’s who have compassion and great understanding of your trials and tribulations. Who can provide the means to continue your experiences in a way that is hardly noticed, and all groups are equally catered for exactly according to their needs. The Heavenly Hierarchy are indeed absolute pinnacles of Love and Light, and are truly aware of all of your needs. Have faith and leave the details to those who oversee Earth, and you will have no concern about your future.


As you stand in your own space and begin to assimilate all of the knowledge you have gained over eons of time, the truth begins to emerge. No longer do you need others to dictate your thinking or your needs, go within as you hold all of the knowledge you will ever need. Be guided by those who have gone before as they have much to offer, but let the decisions be yours as to your future. Force or coercion is never used by those who are truly in the Light, so do not succumb to fear or control. You are all free souls and you can only give that up by knowingly forsaking it.


I am Ag-agria and marvel at your strength in adversity, and I see why you cannot fail to bring in the beneficial changes that are now needed. You have been to the lowest points and back up again, and you are wonderfully prepared for this particular time. With it you have grown immensely in your ability to Love all life around you, and you have reclaimed your place in the higher realms. I say come and join us, there is a place already prepared, and it is called Terra and is to be your abode in the Golden Age. Well done Earth people, you have drawn the admiration and love of many Star Nations.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.


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