Atmos  16-Feb-06


We frequently come to you with our messages, and you should know that current events are going to have a profound affect on the timing of the first changes that are so important. The international reputation of your Government is being further tarnished by more revelations about the treatment of prisoners in Iraq . It is also increasing the resolve of those who are against foreign troops, who they view as occupiers of their land, and not the liberators they originally claimed to be.


There are also increasing problems at home, and we foresee a clamor for your present government to be removed. The harm it is doing to the reputation of the U.S. is bound to result in a backlash that will affect many people. The enquiries held in respect of the help program for Katrina victims is already confirming that there was a lack of action, and it has gone right back to the top. This whole scenario is creating cracks in the set up of the Illuminati, and they no longer have firm control over events. The opportunity is therefore soon going to arise when those of the dark can be removed, and we expect to see some movement before very long.


The emphasis for the moment depends on the action that you are taking to bring about the changes. There will come an optimum point when the actions must proceed without delay. We can cover for you and will silently ensure that you are given every possible help. We work behind the scenes, and be assured that we are well aware as to the obstacles that will be placed in your way. Some of our allies are directly influenced by us, as you will need our guidance as you come out into the open with your plans.


There are options available to you, but each one is dependent on circumstances that are not totally predictable. Our function will be initially to back you and ensure that we are there to enforce the law. By that we mean your laws, which will be invoked to bring the perpetrators of crimes against Humanity to justice. From thereon we shall be announcing First Contact, and we shall openly assist in placing the guilty ones in places where they will be unable to exercise their authority any longer.


It is unfortunate that we come in such circumstances, but our past offers to join you and help your development have always been rejected. You have been denied world peace, and advances on many fronts that would have ensured that you put behind you the problems you have today. There would have been no energy problem, and the millions dying of starvation would have long been released from such difficulties as there really are ample foodstuffs for everyone. Care would have been arranged that overcame the medical deficiencies you now experience, and the whole question of good health would have operated on the basis of preventative medicine. There is so much that has been delayed that would have been part of your normal development, but so many advances have been suppressed.


You are to rightly claim what should have been shared all around, and you will still have those benefits. This time you will do so as the one Humanity, as it is your destiny to become One again before Ascension presents itself. It is not that you necessarily need these advancements, as you could otherwise still make your way to Ascension  regardless of any situation. However you are to have what has been withheld from you, as it was intended to be part of your experience as you entered the end times. It needs to run its course and it will do so.


Life is orderly although it may not seem so just now, there is always an underlying plan and higher forces are in charge to ensure that it works out. All of this occurs within the framework of your freewill and Karmic responsibilities. All is carefully directed to give the opportunities for your continued evolution as planned by The Creator, and no one outside of Earth can directly interfere with what has already been ordained.


Very soon those of you that are of the Light will come into their own, and you will be banding together to play your part in the changes. It will be a great release from the machinations of the dark, and people everywhere will find that they have a stronger voice in what takes place. Life will become pleasurable and enjoyed, as you will see that your efforts are worthwhile and to the benefit of everyone and not just the few. At present you cannot imagine how quickly all will change, and for many it sounds too good to be true.


Dear Ones, I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and you have been given a lot of information of late, so that when we come you are prepared for what will happen. It has been an intense period of communications, as the minds of the people must as far as possible be prepared for the event of First Contact. Our craft by and large are quite familiar to most of you, even if there is some dispute as to where we come from and why we are here. We feel that the groundwork has been completed, and we will be favorably received. We inspired the idea of the Internet and it has proved invaluable in getting our messages to thousands upon thousands of people at the time. They are passed on and we know that they reach many new people every day.


We are very happy with the position at present, and whilst we would wish the circumstances could have been more peaceful it will not deter or delay our coming much longer. We are able to look beyond the difficulties, and see for you the wonderment and happiness that we can bring to you. Some day into the not so distant future you may well find yourselves serving others, as we are doing for you. Life becomes one of joy and great satisfaction as you move into the higher realms. Oh yes, you will get the chance to see and experience all of those things we tell you about, and more.


You will be free souls and visit our home planets or wherever your fancy takes you. Heaven may not quite be as you have been told in your earthly teachings, it will be far more exciting, rich in colors beyond your present perception, and presenting harmony in all possibly expressions. You are Beings of Light, and into the Lighted Realms you will go! Everywhere there are the energies of Love present, and you will compliment them and use them for your own creations. Joy of all joys, we Love you all.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.         

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