SaLuSa  15-Feb-06


Your traditions such as commemorating certain events like Valentines Day have an immediate effect upon earth. Not just for those exchanging greetings, but for anyone who comes in touch with you. Your energies are heightened for a short period and your love extends much further than you imagine. This is very beneficial by lifting you up, and takes away the attention seeking activities of the dark. With so many of you now able to keep within your own center, there are promising signs of a further upward movement into the Light.


What we feel is a wonderful development, is your realization that as Lightworkers you have the most powerful weapon to combat the negativity upon Earth. You now understand the power of the Love energy and have the belief to use it on a daily basis. The energy carries forward with your prayers and desires, and when sufficient of you get together it is most powerful indeed. As events unfold and the truth behind them becomes common knowledge, your greatest asset will be your ability to hold back judgement. Many of you strive to achieve it, but it is has been a normal trait of human Beings to freely comment on the actions of others.


I talk not of objective discussion when you have the facts, but the partial news or intended misleading news that comes from your media. You need to be very discerning when you receive information, and avoid if possible making a snap conclusion. A shocked reaction to unpleasant news is unavoidable, and as emotional Beings it is difficult not to register a response. Stay calm when the time arrives for great revelations about those who have lead you into chaos. History cannot be changed, but with our help you will be able to see beyond the generally accepted version.


You are surely becoming aware that your history is written to suit the image of those involved. It conveniently leaves out the parts that it does not want you to know about, and recounting war usually glorifies killing. Now you are becoming wiser, and you see through the hollow words and feeble excuses that are given. You see how people and events are manipulated for the benefit of the few, and the truth can no longer be hidden. You have a different measure of truthfulness, and you can read between the lines. With discernment you can also determine whether it is spoken in Love and Light, or intended to ensnare you and divert your attention from elsewhere.


With the increasing Light around you all, there is a natural reaction to everything you see and hear. Now you are moving into the higher vibrations there is a closer tie with your Higher Self, and you are more sensitive to negative energies. A lie carries low vibrations and for some it allows for the immediate realization as to what it is. You are becoming more sensitive to the energies around you, and in time you will expect and receive the correct impressions. This is all part of the changes as you break away from the old pattern of Self, and become more the Being of Light you really are.


You will always be asked to live your life to the highest perception you have, and the more you do so the quicker you will become a fully Lighted Being. This is a perfectly natural development and part of your evolution back to the higher realms. Periodically through your time on Earth you have been gradually moved into the Light vibrations. Hitherto the changes have been very slowly introduced, but now you are capable of absorbing them quite quickly. This will continue and become more apparent when we can join you and start to draw a close on your past era.


You are growing more powerful by the day, and you will recognize the awakening within. Your life will be guided in a manner that ensures you closely follow your chosen path. Remember that there is Karma clearance taking place and you will have undertaken to deal with it in this lifetime. Because of the speeding up of time, you will be finding some Karma instantly returning to you. There is no longer time to return to Earth again to clear it, and it is for this reason it has to be transformed immediately.


Dear Ones, you have turned the corner, and the Light of the New Age is beaming down to Earth. Do not look back as the old ways no longer serve you, but focus on your glorious future. You are learning more about it as you get nearer to the point of change, and when we arrive we shall have so much to share with you. We have first to clear up the inaccurate history of your past so that you may truly understand the truth of who you really, and claim back your freedom. As incredible as it may sound, you are Gods in the making and you shall understand how you first came into being as God Sparks.


Our message for you is to be patient and ever vigilant, as our contact with you is so near. The conditions upon Earth are shaping up in a way that will finally put an end to the rule of dark forces. It is time to call an end to your experiences in duality, and those who have taken part will now move on to different levels. Everyone upon Earth is affected, because as many of you know Mother Earth is also involved in the Ascension process.


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation and send you greetings of Love from all of the members. There is an enormous fleet of ships waiting for their instructions to carry out the plan for Earth, and First Contact looms ever nearer. We come at the behest of those who are in council for the Creator, and carry out the Creator’s bidding. There has never been a time when you have been alone, and your progress has always been closely followed by those charged with this responsibility. You have been surrounded by Love and Light and attended to by many Beings from the higher dimensions.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey .  

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