Diane  14-Feb-06


Each day brings forth a new set of possibilities, and the mass consciousness is continually changing. People have a tendency to react to what goes on around them, in a way that goes back eons of time when your strongest instinct was for your survival. With the threats that are now made against various countries that are pictured as a danger to you, it is easy to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust. The peace that you seek sometimes seems elusive and so far away.


There is however a great movement into the Light and it is destined to fulfill your dreams in the very near future. It quietly creates the conditions and opportunity to bring the changes that are necessary so that you can further proceed. As ever, your part is to keep your focus on the outcome and live that vision now. We tell you this often so that you are not distracted by the saber rattling of your leaders. The dark is making its last stand, but it is ultimately doomed to fail.


Have you considered how you will accept the far reaching changes that are due to happen upon Earth? The old is going to be replaced by the new, and already the new energies are bringing the first changes that are needed. In the gradual lifting up the old cannot exist in the higher vibrations and you will become aware of subtle changes that are occurring. On a grand scale you must first realize that the Earth must cleanse itself, and this will become more noticeable as Mother Earth carries it out. The Human Race is also greatly affected, as the time of choice has long arrived and two distinct paths are being carved out.


To those of the Light it is perhaps easy to choose the higher path, as you have been preparing for it for eons of time. However, there are others who are still held down by the attractions of the lower vibrations and they lack the preparation to carry them forward. One major problem for many is that you cannot take your possessions with through to Ascension, anymore than you could at any other time of transition. Ascension takes it a stage further, as some of those souls who are part of your family and friends, have made a decision to stay in the 3D and have no desire to move on as you do.


Ascension means a letting go of all that is of the earthly vibration, as it cannot exist in the higher vibration. It is a simple Universal Law that allows only that which is of the same vibration to be drawn together. Having regard to the rewarding changes that accompany Ascension, there is really no necessity to feel sadness or regret over that which you leave behind. You will have everything you could possibly need to maintain a wonderful quality of life, and want for absolutely nothing. In the higher vibration your needs will in any event change quite considerably to what they were. You will be a free soul able to create for yourself whatever you desire.


On Earth you have been used to acquiring wealth to pay your way through life. That will no longer be necessary as there will be no necessity for payment when all you need is freely available. Health is no longer a problem, as you will be in a body that has been perfected through the affect of the higher vibrations. It will no longer be heavy physical as you experience now, but light and not subject to any adverse affect from outside influences. All around you will be uplifting energies that will interplay with your own, and the most noticeable change will be in the feeling of well being, peace and harmony with all else.


It is as well that you begin to accept that all changes are for good, and trust in the higher forces that have your best interests at heart. Know that Godís plan is perfect, and that it desires for you all that is a reflection of the highest manifestation of Godís Love. Those of the Light have found a way to make the best out of their time on Earth. It has not come without sacrifice, but in their understanding of the higher truths they are able to put it aside.


Dear Ones, there is only one thing that you take with you when you leave the old Earth behind, and that is experience. Love has always been with you, but at times you have allowed it to sink in the morass of the dark energies. Personal love has grown into Unconditional Love, and this is a growth that takes place as you rise higher in the vibrations. Take the time to meditate on these matters and you will find yourself at one with such ideas. They should come naturally to you, as you are returning to the higher state that you left eons of time ago to enter duality.


This cycle is now drawing to a close and everyone has a designated level to go to, and none are left without direction and opportunity to continue their upward journey. Freewill is a marvelous gift that has allowed you to create exactly what you have wished. However this has applied to both the dark and the Light who have fought each other for supremacy. The Light has not always been used in its pure form, and sometimes has been passed off as such simply to ensnare people in the lower vibrations. You have been tried and tested in the fires of conflict and the power battles of Man. Now it is time for all of that to cease, and Heaven has decreed that the end of this cycle now takes place.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and like all of my fellow travelers I come to Earth to lift your spirits. I also desire that you see us as your Brothers and Sisters because you are us, and we are you. Our God is Universal and One of Everlasting Love, and our God is your God. We are not strangers, but from one big family that seeks to bring the Light to all forms of life wherever they are. Let us share our love together, and the joy and happiness it brings.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.     


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