St. Germain  13-Feb-06


As you are probably aware, events in the Middle East are reaching a climax and more than one country has the potential to become further destabilized. The outcome lies somewhat in your own hands, although it is the powerbrokers that pull the strings. Changes are inevitable and Israel holds the key to determine which way events work out. There are all kinds of pressures upon her, not least of all from your own Government who sees them as a tool to achieve their own aims in that region.


We are trying our hardest to guide our allies along a path that will overcome the potential for an extended war into other countries. As individuals you will wonder what you can do to assist, and as always your role is to pour oil on troubled waters. Visualize the Middle East area as coming under an umbrella of Light, and imagine it raining down on all of the different countries. The whole area needs to be steadied and brought back into some kind of balance, before it gets out of hand. The dark are fomenting situations that are calculated to stir up the passions of people that are already volatile.


Dear Ones, you have to face these challenges head on, and there are sufficient forces for good that can make a difference. I come back to the fear that is intended by putting the emphasis on likely terrorist action against you. Do not become part of the fearful response that will inevitably occur, stay in your Light and use the God given power that you have to change it. As time has  moved on you have become more powerful than in any previous period, and you can weight the scales to the benefit of the Light. It will be your combined effort that will eventually bring calmness to the disturbed areas of the world.


Make allowances for your Light to have an affect, as miracles are not quite within your grasp at present. However, it will not be long before you will see the results of your dedication. The future of Humanity will be determined in the Middle East , and we foresee that some dramatic changes will take place. This is the last area that has the potential to write the final lines to the history of Humanity.


Let it be said that regardless of what happens in the meantime, the time of Ascension will come as a conclusion to this cycle of duality. All that is happening, or has the potential to happen is part of the grand cleansing of energies that you have created. As with individuals, so with Humanity and there must be a clearing out of energies that will have no place with the new. The next two months should enable you to see the shape of things to come, and there is a certain inevitability about it as you will begin to understand. The dark are desperate to continue their agenda, but the Light is creating a resistance that is weakening their stance.


Is it not sad that those parts of the collective whole that masquerade as the dark are part of you all? Souls that have dropped so low in vibration, that they no longer recognize their own divinity or source from the Supreme Creator. Yet, their Light will one day come alive, as in the course of time everyone finds that path back to source. Bear in mind that you all came into duality quite voluntarily, and it is in no way a form of punishment. However, you have of course had to play the game according to the rules, and accept the consequences of your actions.


The Creator is All Love, and as such has decreed that your experiences shall be finalized with the glorious opportunity to ascend. Many of you have already taken the decision to completely leave this cycle, and are preparing for Ascension by living your vision of what it is to be. Do not concern yourself if you are not sure of what you are doing, and whether it is achieving success. Very soon the changes will manifest that allow many Beings to join you from the higher realms, and they will help show you the way forward.


As these last few years ebb away the change in your perception will change dramatically, and you will see for yourself that you have been living a dream. You are not your body, so what are you – I would say without doubt that you are wonderful souls who have left your true reality to give service to others who will follow. As Beings of Light you normally move in “light” vibrations and not with the encumbrance of physical bodies. Only those of you who have had an out of the body experience would truly understand the wonderful and exhilarating feeling of being free.


What is to come is more natural to you than you could possibly imagine, and memories of distant past times are being roused. It may seem a strange idea to leave all behind that you are familiar with, as many pleasant memories are associated with Earth. However, could you but see and experience the paradise that awaits you there would be no hesitancy on your part. You have been told about the beauty of the higher realms many times, and would not the mere mention of a Golden Age excite you.


I am St. Germain, and with other Masters and Angelic Beings prepare for the most wonderful reunion with you all. We have walked together many times, and this time we will travel as equals as we move into the higher realms in preparation for our next cycle of experience. Our Love goes with you every step of the way.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.    


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