Atmos  11-Feb-06


Have you ever wondered why when you are brought to account for your actions, that thoughts are also included as part of your responsibilities? I talk of Karmic Laws that you acknowledge that cover what you have done whilst upon Earth. Thoughts are personal and would seem harmless, although you sometimes choose to share them with others. Perhaps you may have heard of the _expression that “first comes thought followed by energy and then action”. They are not as harmless as you have suspected, even although you may not have initially intended them to be so.


Thoughts are energy and by the Laws of Attraction are drawn together, so that eventually they become a force to be reckoned with that at some time will manifest. Some of you innocently think harmfully of another person, and if sufficient numbers also gave strength to the thought it would have an effect. It is a matter of degree, but those who understand learn not to think ill of others.


Clearly not all thoughts are negative in nature, and take for example those of who constantly desire to see First Contact manifest.  The numbers who do so are increasing all of the time, and it helps to ensure that this reality takes place. It would be so in any event because it has been thus ordained, but what your thought energy does is to give it much more power so that the action fully manifests.


Now, there is a factor that not everyone is yet aware of and that concerns fear. It is in respect of that which you fear, and through that continually create the very conditions that you do not want to manifest. Take the scourge of Humanity which is Cancer, it matters not that you fear getting it or affirm that you do not want it. Those very thoughts if continuous create a thought form that attaches itself to you, and can bring into your life the very thing you are desperately trying to avoid. I do not want to cause more fear, and assure you that it would require intense thoughts to create the power to bring it about.


Another factor is the Karma that you have brought with you, and as you know sometimes problems can be thrust upon you from out of the blue. There is little if no thought concerned with the bringing about of Karma, as it is written into your soul contract with each life you have. However, some have an underlying feeling deep within their consciousness, and have what you call a premonition of what is to happen. In these instances they give more power to that very manifestation.


Looking at the more positive side, some people are so single minded that they have a focus on what they want out of life as soon as they born. Can you now see why such people are successful in creating what they want? Some of you are already thinking of something you have continually wished for that has so far not materialized , and I have to say that there are some things not due to you in this lifetime. Karma is about creating around you the conditions that will enable you to experience the lessons you came to learn. You cannot become rich if your Karma required that you are poor. You may not knowingly choose such a life, but sometimes living in poverty and suffering lack is a great teacher.


When you evolve and that is rapidly taking place now, Karma still exists but in an enlightened state it becomes more refined and subtle. You are all aware of occasions when someone has interfered in your life, and you may have objected. It may have been a family matter and the “interference” may have been with the best of intentions. However that action will have to be understood and eventually the lesson will be learnt that you must not interfere with another’s will to do something even you do not approve. Now it can get complicated, as you also know that if you are aware of someone being abused you should try to do something about it. Perhaps commonsense would be applicable when it comes to deciding when it is right or wrong to “interfere”.


You have a very good example of what can happen, when whole nations create a powerful thought form such as happened in Germany . They were ready to conquer the world, and their energy brought them the leader that could do it. However, just like the Romans before them they became the victim of the very fate they planned for others. Of course in any society there are always people who will present an opposing view, and this also included some of Hitler’s Generals who were removed because of their opposition to his plans. There will always some kind of balancing between the dark and the Light.


In your great country there is at present a battle between the plans of the Illuminati and those of the Light. After eons of time the Light has finally gained the upper hand, and the dark hang on knowing that they are fighting for a lost cause. The positive energy for change has been growing for a very long time and it must now manifest, and the edicts of Heaven say this must be so. Your powerful thoughts of visualizing the future lifting up, and a return of your freedom and sovereignty are of immense help in this respect.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and I have followed your progress for a long time, and it is wonderful to see how you have moved into the Light. A new dawn has started and the New Age of Love and Light is beginning to manifest, and your positive thoughts and actions are speeding it into being. Live the new now and you will easily move into the transitional period. In reality it is happening now, even if for many it is not apparent. We are soon to be with you, and it will be a marvelous time.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.    

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