St. Germain  10-Feb-06


Dear Ones, the battle moves on and you sometimes wonder how it will be won. I say it is already won, and all you are required to do is to continue bringing the new energies to Earth. The more you visualize the coming together, and peace coming to Earth the sooner it shall manifest. The hard work has already been done, and you have been coming out of the great sleep for at least the last century. It was when the first real glimmerings of understanding surfaced, and so began a climb into awareness that has been remarkable in such a short time.


The awakening spread slowly at first, but with the coming of souls whose destiny was to bring enlightenment the new understanding gained ground. Now there is a glorious glow coming from Earth that signals a new Humanity that has begun to find its way into the Light. Put one enlightened person into a room with others that are receptive, and they are all lifted up. Their auras merge together and there is a sharing at a higher level of understanding. This so to say rubs off, and once the awakening commences the old mould has been broken and growth will continue.


People will not necessarily know what is stirring within, but it will continue as they start to search for answers. You have a saying that “Many roads lead to Rome ” and most certainly there are many different paths that can lead to spiritual progress. The one you are on will depend as to which ideas you are receptive to, and it does not matter how many times you change course. The only important thing is that you finally gain full spiritual understanding.


Karma very much plays a role in the path you travel, as there are lessons to be learnt that are best experienced in certain religious orders. At present on Earth there is much contention over extreme Muslim beliefs, and by bringing these fully into the open they can be cleansed. God is pure Love, and it is only distorted human beliefs often fuelled by the teachings of the lesser gods that are leading people astray. What you are beginning to understand is that it is extremists that grab the headlines, and their views are not representative of the main line religious beliefs.


Can you see how matters that require your attention are brought to the forefront. They land on your lap as you watch your televised reports and read your newspapers. You cannot avoid these issues and they come to you for cleansing. You cannot do that if you add to the argument by adopting a negative stance. It is time for an appraisal of many beliefs of Humanity that are held in error. The question is will you take this opportunity to find a peaceful solution, or make matters worse by adopting a fighting stance. What a wonderful opportunity exists to start overcoming the prejudice and threats against others that is based on wrong thinking.


You will have to come together at some time, and there is nothing like the present to seize this chance to show what you can do. It is leadership that is required on both sides to calm the flames of agitation and anger. Will these people be allowed to come forward, or will those with a different agenda resist such an opportunity. Somewhere there are more spiritually aware people who can move you on and remove the influence of the extremists by peaceful means. Unfortunately, there are others who will choose to deliberately enflame the situation to keep you in fear, and cause more chaos.


You must not succumb to your passions, as religious differences can cause the ugliest confrontations. Step back from the arguments and do what is required of those working for the Light. Send that Love and Light to those who express anger and help diffuse the situation. There is a challenge here which will help prove how far you have really come into enlightenment. Do not let yourselves down and realize that you are witnessing another battle, that takes place on a higher level between the dark and the Light.


You have many problems to solve, but as always you are being helped. The answers are always within, and your Higher Self will guide you to the correct solution. What you see now is just but one area of negativity, and they will keep coming at you until they are cleared. This is what this particular time is all about, and you ALL knew that when you incarnated. It does not matter that some have not yet awakened, and they will find it gets harder for them to avoid the upsurge in new thinking that calls for peace and an end to the old ways.


I am St. Germain and I am pleased at the number of you that have come into the Light. The more that join you so the power increases and the dark energies start to break up. This is happening now, and it is a process that will finally release you all from the hold of the dark. Think of the fear engendered by threats of terrorist attacks, wars, earth changes and even ones from outer space. They hover over you but so far you have ensured that they have only manifested on a small level. I hasten to add for anyone still unaware of the facts, that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack, but as you say “an inside job”. This alone shows you that you are winning the battle and you must not ease up in your attempts to remove the last cabal. Everything they stand for is calculated to hold you down in abject fear and obedience.  Do not let them succeed, and never let up in your efforts to claim back your freedom and sovereignty.


I close with much joy and happiness as I survey the Earth and Humanity, as you are succeeding in bringing Light to everyone. Soon you shall see the reward for such dedication, and this will certainly be a year that will bring much to celebrate. Go in Love and live up to your highest ideals and do not waver. You are almost at the end of your journey, and a new one of glory and golden opportunity awaits you. I leave you the energies of my love to help carry you ever onwards.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.


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