SaLuSa 21-March-2007 

Let it be known that every person on Earth has an equal opportunity to advance themselves, and gain a foothold on the path to Ascension. There is no picking or choosing by us or other Beings in the Higher Realms. It is you who make that decision, but if you are ready we will certainly give you every encouragement. Naturally some of you have come into this life period with a plan that excludes Ascension, because you have not deemed yourselves sufficiently evolved to go that far. Nevertheless, it is always your prerogative to take a giant step forward if you suddenly feel inspired to do so. 

Because of the open choices given you, there should be no feeling of being left out or denied the chance to Ascend. The circumstances will be fully explained well before Ascension, and it should enable those of both paths to see the sense and fairness of allowing Beings to move into a vibration that suits them. Although there would be an attraction to the benefits of the higher vibration, clearly those who are at ease in the lower vibrations would feel uncomfortable going into it. 

Laws of Attraction are your assurance that as you evolve you will always be in the company of similar souls. Although Earth is an exception because duality allows for all level of souls to intermix, nevertheless you do tend to separate into specific groups. As you cross each otherís paths, so you embrace their ideas and ways and sometimes conflict results. The challenge of duality is intended to pitch you in with others, so that you experience the reality of Manís creations. 

Although you may now be one who has found the ability to stand fast in your own ways and beliefs, somewhere in your past lives you have contributed to what now exists. Your achievements that have enabled you to reach your present level are carrying you ever onwards. You can leave the old ways behind where others are still very much attached to them, and it has taken the power of your will and intent to overcome them. 

What you have learnt is to put others first before Self, recognising the Oneness of the Human Race. Acknowledging the undeniable link that binds you all together, and understanding the power of love that is from the Supreme Source. You are expressing yourselves as emissaries of the higher realms, and spreading your kindness and gentleness as a facet of your love. By example you show others what can be achieved through the growth of your soul, that is a continual expression of Love and Light. 

There is no more that you need to know or do, as evolution is not about knowledge as such. Once you realise how to carry and conduct yourself as a shining example of an enlightened soul, your evolution will speed ahead as you attract the higher energies to you. It then becomes easier to find your true path back into the higher realms. People incessantly search everywhere for the key to advancement yet it lies within, and is totally within your power to find it. The meek and the gentle have already found it, and happiness and joy is their mien. The idea of seeking a life of material gain will no longer have its appeal, and contentment is found knowing that all you will ever is provided. 

Set your sights upon your goal, as you must direct your intentions in such a way as to bring your reality into being. Dream it and think it, and your vision will come true. You have more power to achieve it now than at any other time previously. 

Life will be fulfilling as you find the ability to freely give of your love. In giving, it is returned many times over, and that is the Law of Attraction in action. The collective consciousness of the Human Race has dictated your course for millennia of time, and still it empowers the changes in your reality. However, this cycle must end successfully with Ascension, and the Higher Forces are divinely inspired and instructed to make it so. 

You naturally concern yourselves with earthly matters, as they determine your day-to-day existence. However, their power to deflect you off your path is no longer possible, as they are losing their cohesion and purpose. They see that their plans have been thwarted, and are left to play out their last days as best as they can. They face the inevitable defeat that comes to all of the dark forces. It is the Light that not only survives, but also increases exponentially. 

This period in your life is an incredible experience, and you are all affecting the final outcome. There is no measure of each individualís contribution, as each play their part in the completion of the whole. All of you have planned your role for these last days, although many ignore the stirring of Light within. Evolution never ceases, but the pace of it will slow down once you have ascended. 

It is in the cycle of duality that you have learnt your hardest and sternest lessons. Never again will you have a need to plumb to such depths, and never again will you have to lose your identity in the darkness of the lower vibrations. It is almost time to rejoice as your sojourn is nearly over, and be assured that every soul that has participated in duality will eventually find their experiences of value, and their way back home. 

I am SaluSa of the Galactic Federation, and we understand you only too well. We will soon come to you and ease your last days, so that you may enjoy the time that is left. Law and order will replace chaos, and the Light will reach into the darkest recesses of the mind of Man. Cleansing will take place in many ways, until all is restored in readiness for the next challenge that will be presented to you. We meantime send immense waves of Love to all of you.   

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.