Ker-On  16-March-2007 

For you each day is another period in your life that is full of new potential. In reality everything is ongoing and never ceases to move in accordance with its designated path. As individuals amidst a multitude of happenings, you will find that events will involve you because of your desire or intent. What is projected by you is what you attract, although you may not consciously be aware of it. Furthermore, your overall life plan is a deciding factor in many ways that also dictates what happens to you. Certain key events are destined to occur in line with what has already been decided, and the lessons to be learnt are inescapable. 

As this cycle closes the importance of clearing your karma becomes paramount, and you may be sure it will come to you regardless. This applies all round and is essential for those that aspire to leave duality for the opportunity of Ascension. You will therefore need to be firm and totally committed by ensuring that you fulfil your life plan as soon as possible. Some of you have still much to do in this connection, but be assured with higher guidance there is every reason to believe you will clear it. Lightworkers will not therefore need to be concerned, if they become involved in matters that appear alien to their goal. Accept that you still have the dark and Light to contend with, but the more you cut your ties with the dark the less they will figure in your life. 

Your greatest help comes in a way that is hardly perceptible, and is the great outputs of energy that are being beamed to Earth. These increase the nearer you get to the final days of duality. They can be felt, and their effect on you will make you realise that changes are happening within your body. Sometimes they can leave you feeling exhausted, while on other occasions you can feel positively uplifted. Both are to be considered natural responses, and how it affects you will indicate the level of activity that is taking place within. Rest when necessary, and use cleansing exercises or remedies to clear your body of any excess toxins. 

The preparation for Ascension is an individual affair; so do not concern yourself if your experiences are different to other people. You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution, and carried a lot of baggage with you. Therefore, from many lives the residue of karma is presented to you for clearance, and it is not important to know the circumstances in which it came about. Simply accept that the degree of changes needed to ascend, preclude you from taking the lower energies with you. 

Your physical body is changing and as it is gradually lifted up into the higher vibrations, your life style will also change. What satisfied you before will no longer do so, and that can apply to many areas of your life. Your eating habits will undoubtedly change, and you will find yourself drawn to finer foods that are wholesome and unadulterated with chemicals and other additives. Understand that your body is a conscious vehicle that knows what it wants, or perhaps more to the point what it does not. Your interests will reflect a new found view of life, and you will aspire to those things that are positive and not tainted with the lower vibrations. 

You are becoming a new “Self” and with your awareness of what is happening, you can enable the changes to take place smoothly and harmoniously. For those who have no idea that changes are occurring, they will nevertheless have an effect that may be disconcerting and upsetting. It is as though there is resistance to them, and the new energies are battling to find their place. The bodily functions and general health can be upset, but if the changes are acknowledged and allowed to manifest it can be different. It is not that there has been inadequate warning, particularly in the area of food intake. There have been a multitude of successive investigations into finding foods that are acceptable to the body and maintain good health. 

All food has its own particular vibration, and therefore affects you in ways that determine your health levels and well being. However, there are other factors equally important, and a priority is your ability to control your negative emotions. Each time you lose control, you cause a state of being that damages your body through imbalances in your hormone levels. All manner of problems can arise and in a society that is prone to treating such conditions with drugs, all manner of additional complications can arise. Keep healthy, and as far as possible avoid treatment with unnatural remedies. Natural treatment can be slower, but usually has little or no side effects. 

Think and act at a level that is calculated to keep your faculties in harmony and balance. Aim for all that is the highest perception of yourself that you can visualise. Know that you are powerful beyond your present understanding, and your power of thought is growing all of the time. Accept that you are changing from the person you were when you came into this life. With awareness and guidance, you will quickly become a reflection of your Higher Self as the link is opened up. Become Love incarnate and nothing will be able to touch you that is of a lesser vibration. There is no reason why you cannot be a wonderful example of what can be achieved, through your intent to bring the higher energies into yourself. 

You are slowly but surely becoming that Being you will be when the preparations for Ascension are completed. Gone will be the attachment to the negative energies, and you will become one of Light that is ever expanding. Each of you will be contributing to the changes as catalysts to others, who will be drawn to you through your calming effect. Your God consciousness will shine out, and Lightworkers collectively will knowingly or otherwise be contributing much in bringing more Light to Earth. 

I am Ker-On from Venus and represent the Galactic Federation who are working with the Love Ray. As ascended Beings who are the Christed Ones, they carry the highest energy that expresses the Love of the Creator. They come to you in service, and out of love for you as your Brothers and Sisters. 

Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.