Ela  14-March-2007 

Whilst upon Earth you have great difficulty in imagining the peace and tranquillity that exists in the higher realms. Because you have been on Earth so many times during the cycle of duality, you easily drop into the constant conflict between the Light and dark. You touch upon tranquillity in your moments of withdrawal from the outer senses, when for example you are able to immerse yourselves into a meditation. These times of relaxation and inner peace are so important to you. It releases you from the daily assault upon your senses and allows you to find time for Self. 

In these present times when so much is happening, you are often attempting to cope with so many demands upon you that you become overpowered. For the time being this will unfortunately continue, as while events are speeding up to their conclusion the pressures increase. In the circumstances it is as well to be prepared for what will be a hectic period of activity following the occasion of First Contact. Of necessity matters must proceed rapidly to enable the final period of changes to take place in good time. 

The Galactic Federation will have no problems in fulfilling their part of the plan, and ensure that you are fully prepared for Ascension. However, it will be advantageous to you if you can find those moments of quietness and retrospection, to steady yourselves for what will be the greatest and most wonderful event ever experienced on Earth. You will take to it more easily if you have allowed for the changes, and reassured yourselves that they are totally in your interests. 

It must be apparent even to those who have no knowledge of what is planned, that the Earth and its life forms cannot continue to exist on their present path. It is one of destruction and deliberate decimation of the very foundation of life that supports you all. Fortunately the Galactic Federation have the power and the authority to hold matters at a certain point to ensure that it does not get out of hand, People generally are waking up to what has been happening, and see through the double talk and lies that your leaders present you as the truth. 

It is time for those who lead you astray to relinquish their positions of power, and be replaced by those who care for the people rather than themselves. You can clearly see the result of centuries of conflict, and the loss in human life has been phenomenal not to mention the effect of mass destruction. The desire to destroy has followed Man around since time immemorial, as your history will show. 

Out of all your experiences a new Man is emerging, who has recognised his Godself, and looks to create a world of Love and Light. Whilst the challenge of duality is still active, it is impossible to fully achieve it but the intent will ensure that it manifests when the opportunity arises. That time speedily approaches, and it is desirable that as many as possible give power to that thought form. Visualise the new Earth with all of its imperfections removed. Renewed and restored to its pristine condition, in readiness for its upliftment. Picture Man also lifting up and becoming one with each other in the understanding of the Oneness that enfolds All that Is. 

You have so many kind and loving souls that are ready to emerge, but held back by the last attempts of the last cabal to stay in power. Their place is working with the coming changes, as it would be counter-productive to present the current administration with plans that do not support their own for global control. Many young people are so aware of what is wrong, and feel powerless to make themselves heard above the noise of weapons of war. Have no fear or doubts that their time will soon arrive, and repressed talents and ideas will come to the fore. 

The Plan of God is perfect and no mortal shall prevent it from manifesting. It is supported and protected by millions of dear souls who comprise groups both on and off Earth. They use Love and gentle persuasion to bring awareness of Godís plan, as even now there is no force used to make people comply. As always, the feature of your lives is the freedom of choice given so that you may experience to your hearts desire. However, when the truth is made known of Manís purpose in life and the goal that he is working towards, we fully expect many more to become enlightened. 

The truth has been hidden from you behind the false religions and teachings that have denied you your understanding of the sovereignty of Self. You need no one else to dictate the path for Man, although guidance by those who have passed beyond your levels is worthy. All knowledge and understanding is within, and if you open up to your Higher Self you will find it to be so. You are great Beings that have allowed your true identities to be lost through succumbing to the dictates of others, who have taken it upon themselves to show you the way. If any teachings regardless of their source do not resonate with you, let them go. Carry only your truth with you, and you will eventually find out when you need to move on should it be necessary. 

When the Masters return the world religions will be shown for the errors that have crept into their teachings. Some through misconception and others by deliberate intent to deceive and exercise power and control over you. Naturally people desire to come together to discuss their beliefs, but that is far removed from having them imposed upon you and often from birth. Fear has no place where the truth is concerned, as it is the story of service and love to others and asking nothing in return. 

I am Ela from Arcturus representing the Galactic Federation, and will be involved in helping you through the changes. I will bring my knowledge for your upliftment and understanding of what it means to prepare yourselves for the Golden Age. I along with many others will delight in revealing the beauty and perfection that awaits you. I come from such dimensions that reflect all that can be achieved by you. Your potential is enormous, and you will take your place alongside us in your higher expressions of Self.    

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.